Elevate Your Vacation When You Book at The Alpha Suites Makati

The Alpha Suites Makati Review – We booked a 3-days 2-nights stay at The Alpha Suites Makati during the Lenten season. And even though we stayed mostly inside the hotel, we had a blast. Besides a wide variety of restaurants, The Alpha Suites Manila also offers many amenities. 

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Updated: January 14, 2024

The Alpha Suites Address

Located at the Ayala Avenue Extension in Makati, The Alpha Suites is an accommodation that offers suites complete with a gourmet kitchen, dining, and living room. It has many sports facilities where you can sweat out. 

You can find The Alpha Suites location using the Waze app, and it is located in front of the Makati Police Station. It’s just an 8-minute walk from the MRT Ayala Station. You won’t have a hard time finding the Makati hotel with pool building because it has a large name on the front. 

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Our Room

We booked The Alpha Suites 2-bedroom suite for our stay. Upon arrival, we requested for an early check-in, and since our room was already available, they obliged. It was lunchtime when we arrived and we got lucky to rest in our room even though The Alpha Suites check-in time was at 3 in the afternoon.

alpha suites lobby
There weren’t many people at the reception when we were checking in.

There weren’t many people checking in when we stayed during the Holy Week. Thank goodness that the reception wasn’t too crowded to avoid contact with so many people. Without waiting long, we received our card key and off we went!

The suite hallway was quite humid and it seemed to be lacking in ventilation. Nevertheless, we were astonished when we entered our suite. Upon opening the door, we were greeted with quite a view.

dining room, table, chair
Bar-high tables and chairs? Why not?

The room was equipped with large glass windows allowing you to enjoy a wonderful city view. You can spend hours looking outside while sitting on the window bench. But you can also put the blinds down if you want a dimmer room.

kitchen, oven, stovetop, induction cooker
Cook whatever you like using the stovetop or the oven.

Not all hotels in Makati for staycation have the complete look and feel of The Alpha Suites.

The dining and kitchen were all complete with everything you might need. There is a dishwashing liquid and detergent and you can have a refill if you need more. The bar-height table and chairs added to the room’s aesthetics.

alcoholic drinks, alcoholic beverages, wine,
Make sure you are ready to pay when you open one of these…
snacks, chips, pringles, piknik, nuts
… and the same goes for these tempting snacks!

It’s my first time staying at one of Makati hotels near Greenbelt. Without a doubt, we’d love to be back at The Alpha Suites Makati because of the wide array of amenities it offers.

You can conveniently heat your leftovers in a microwave oven, or you can heat them on the stovetop. Cooking pots and pans are found in the cabinet beside the oven. Cooking utensils like tiensi and kitchen scissors are just in the drawer for easy use.

microwave, kitchen, refrigerator
You are also free to use the refrigerator and microwave.

You don’t have to worry if you bring only a little change of clothes because there’s a washing machine. And no need to hang your clothes to dry because the dryer will do it for you. All that’s left for you to do is fold them or wear them.

washing machine
Never run out of clothes because you wash them in this machine.
dryer, drying machine
And dry them here all within a day.

Of course, a Makati hotel staycation won’t be complete without a coffee maker! While this might be true only for coffee lovers, but hey, who doesn’t love coffee? You also do, do you not? Just choose among the available flavors of coffee capsules, and your cup will be ready in a few minutes!

coffee, coffee capsule, coffee addict
Coffee anyone?

Coffee creamers and sugar are also available for your convenience. I even made an iced coffee one morning! (of course, with only a little bit of sugar for a tastier and healthier drink!) 

The Alpha Suites 2-bedroom suite also includes a living room with a 40” LED TV and a Cignal cable subscription you can enjoy. The furry carpet gives that luxurious feel as you relax on the sofa. 

I bet you would agree if I say that The Alpha Suites is one of the best hotels in Makati.

living room, carpet, hotel room
I won’t get bored if I can sit in this living room all day, every day!

Beside the sofa is a table and office chair for those who have unfinished business (literally!), and who have to work while taking a break from the office setting. Hubby fully utilized that seat and it almost felt like it was his office chair!

During our stay at The Alpha Suites, 1 bedroom had a 32” LED TV and we stayed there. On the bed was a special edition Royce chocolate shaped like Easter eggs for free to celebrate the season. The bed was very comfy and anyone will surely have a good night’s rest when once you lie on it.

bedroom, bed, window

There’s an office table and chair also in the room, so you can write or work whenever. However, when I tried to turn the lamp on one night, it didn’t work. I’m not sure if it is broken or I don’t know how to operate it correctly.

office chair, office table
Work wherever, whenever!

Another thing that I loved about our room is the bathroom. It has 2 sinks (perfect for small families like us) compared with other hotels which have only one. And the shower and toilet are spotless so you can comfort yourself without worrying about insects.

bathroom, comfort room, toilet, shower
I wish I had a bathroom like this at home!

The second room also had the same relaxing vibe only it had no windows and TV. It’s the perfect room for people who love a room away from all the noise and light. And the bathroom is great for 2 people sharing the room.

bedroom, bed
The other room is great for people who want a dim and quiet night.

Complimentary Gifts

alphie, stuffed toy, chocolate, royce chocolate
“Alphie” is given by the staff as a compliment.

Upon check-in, the receptionist handed over a cute stuffed bear called “Alphie” which delighted my toddler. The brown bear was wearing a purple outfit that looked like a butler and it had the letter “A,” which was the logo of The Alpha Suites.

Our booking also included 2 coupons of complimentary frosty treats for 4, which can be claimed at the Balesin Island. You can choose between halo halo, mais con hielo, or banana split. Sadly, the banana split wasn’t available during our stay, so we only got to try the other two.

halo halo, mais con hielo, mais con yelo, dessert

The Alpha Suites Restaurants

While waiting for our companions to arrive, we took a stroll around to see what The Alpha Suites Makati has to offer. We went to the 4th floor first to have a look at the available restaurants. We heard that the Balesin Island restaurants are also found in the building.

I took lots of photos of The Alpha Suites restaurant menu prices for you to check out.

The first thing that we saw was the Tang Palace. And for us, it’s one of the best Balesin Island restaurants there is. But, that’s just us, because we’re fond of eating Chinese dishes.

We found that the Alpha Suites restaurant Tang Palace menu was way cheaper compared to when we dined at the Balesin Island Resort. And sure enough, when we had our late lunch on our first day, the servings were big enough (well as far as the Balesin food menu is concerned).

tang palace, chinese restaurant, balesin

After Tang Palace, we saw a familiar restaurant called Salathip. Judging by its exterior, you’d know that it’s the counterpart of Phuket, which serves Thai food. And true enough, you will find Pad Thai, Satay chicken, and Tom Yam Goong on its menu.

And yes, it’s also a must-try Balesin Island restaurants menu!

Here’s a glimpse of the Balesin Island!
thailand restaurant, salathip

Mark’s Prime Rib is the next resto and you’ll instantly know what it serves. Steaks, salad, and baby back ribs are some of the things Mark’s Prime Rib serves its customers. You can even have Carmen’s best ice cream for dessert after a full-course meal. 

Sadly, we did not find it on the Balesin Island map.

mark's prime ribs, steakhouse, steak

The next one we saw reminded us of the Greek village called Mykonos. The restaurant’s aesthetics very much resembled the one in Balesin. You can have gyros, grilled lamb chops, or even roast leg of lamb

mykonos, greek, greek restaurant

The Oyster Bar is where people can have a drink while enjoying natural or baked oysters. It has sake or cocktails so you choose which one suits your taste. Have a chill night when you try them out near the lobby of the 4th floor.

oyster bar, bar

Toscana and Costa del Sol are found right after the Oyster Bar. When you are in for a pizza or pasta, just dine in at Toscana, but if you want to have a taste of Spain, try Costa del Sol. You can have croquettes, salpicao, and paella at Costa del Sol.

toscana, pizza, pasta, italian
costa del sol, spanish, paella

Sakura and A Taste of France end the selection of restaurants on the floor. Sakura is a Japanese restaurant that offers a 5-page menu of food for you to choose from. But if you opt for Italian cuisine, just walk past Sakura to get to A Taste of France.

sakura, japanese restaurant
french, french restaurant

The Alpha Suites restaurant price might be a little too pricey, but the food is good, so I think it’s worth trying them out if you plan to overnight.

The Alpha Suites Amenities

In this Makati hotel review blog, I’d like to share with you why we consider The Alpha Suites a cheap hotel in Makati. It’s not really because of the cheap price, but because of the things that make you enjoy your stay more!

We found many facilities and knew that we’d be able to enjoy spending hours indoors. Just beside the Costa del Sol, you’ll see a reception wherein you can book a court for your favorite sport. If you play tennis, badminton, basketball, or even squash, there’s room for you!

tennis, tennis court

Do take note that court fees are not included in The Alpha Suites Makati rates. For basketball courts, you have to pay 1,200 PHP for the court rental. And according to the receptionist, there is an additional charge for every outsider player.

basketball court, shooting

Since I missed playing badminton, we paid 300 PHP for an hour’s use of its court. You can also borrow some used shuttlecocks if you forgot to bring them. I enjoyed 2 hours of play during our stay and it felt good to play my favorite sport again!

badminton court, shuttlecock, racket

We moved to the 5th floor to find out what else was there. There’s a boxing tool in The Alpha Suites gym and you can do martial arts, pilates, and yoga in another room. There’s even a room for dancing and aerobics.

gym, dance room, pilates
exercise room, working out

Moving along, we found 2 billiard pools and a virtual golf facility. And we even saw foosball – something we used to play in the office of our previous employer. Another gym is also available for people who want to lift weights and run the treadmill.

billiards, pool, billard
fuzball, foosball
gym, workout, weightlifting, weights
gym, treadmill

Even young kids can kill time in a small playroom on the same floor. There’s a mini slide, basketball court, and seesaw. As always, my toddler got attracted to the colorful playground equipment The Alpha Suites Makati has.

playroom, toddler, toddler playroom

For older kids, you can find a larger playground just beside the pool. Go to the 6th floor and walk past the Balesin Bounty, which sells cakes, pastries, and other goods, and you’ll find a more challenging playground for older kids.

pastry, cakes, donuts, balesin bounty
tart, pastry, pastries, cake, pie
outdoor, play, play area, jungle
swimming pool, swimming, pool

The Alpha Suites Makati Hotel Review Philippines Conclusion

We’ve enjoyed our 2-night stay and you can surely feel that in this Alpha Suites Makati hotel review. Our toddler also had a great time as we took a rest over the holidays. If you finally decide to book on Klook, you can use the voucher code “HotelOnApp” or “BetterOnApp” for more discounts! 

Both voucher codes apply to first-time bookers using the Klook mobile app. The first one is for first-time hotel bookings and the latter is for first-time app bookings. I hope you can use them to save 5% on bookings!

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