Widus Hotel & Casino: An Experience That Will Blow Your Mind!!!

Widus Hotel Review – We went to Clark, Pampanga to experience a relaxing vacation, but we encountered an unexpected happening that led us to pack our bags in no time. Thankfully, Widus Hotel staff was kind enough to assist us in making up for the untoward incident that night. 

After having our late lunch at SOUQ Pampanga, we immediately headed to Widus Hotel to check in. There weren’t many people when we checked in at Widus Hotel Clark even though it was a long weekend.

Clark Marriott Hotel is one of the hotels near Widus Hotel and Casino. It has a connecting hallway between the 2 hotels, so you need not go out of the one to enter the other.

A few months after staying at Widus Hotel, we also spent 2 nights at the Marriott Hotel Clark. Make sure to check out my review!

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Junior Suite Room

We booked a Junior Suite Room for a 3-day 2-night stay at Widus Hotel and Casino in Clark, Pampanga. The Pampanga Resort Junior Suite Room had a king-size bed, a sofa, and a minibar. There’s also a 32-inch flat-screen TV wherein you can enjoy shows from the Cignal cable.

One of the Widus Hotel amenities that I liked in the room that we booked is the bar-high table which added to the room’s aesthetics. In them, you can enjoy chitchatting with your friends while you enjoy a cup or 2 of your favorite food and drinks.

The only downside is you have to watch out for young kids when they sit on the chairs because of unwanted accidents.

junior suite, kitchen, bar

Our room at the Widus Hotel in Pampanga had a kitchen beside the refrigerator and microwave oven. You can also make use of the electric water kettle and instant coffee/tea on the side for your caffeine needs.

Of course, Widus Resort Pampanga won’t be complete without a safety box, which is found inside the cabinet, for you to keep your belongings when you leave your room.


An iron and ironing board is also there to straighten clothes that got wrinkled during travel. And wooden hangers are there to hang your clothes after ironing them. So, if you happen to be staying at Widus

On the balcony, is a great view (although not scenic) to just breathe in fresh air.

widus hotel, widus casino, widus clark
This was the view from our balcony.

The bathroom is equipped with a bathtub and a showerhead, plus toiletries such as shampoo, soap, and toothbrushes. A pair of clean bath towels is provided, so you don’t have to add them to your luggage when you go there.

bathroom, comfort room, bathtub, toilet

Of course, another thing to consider when booking Pampanga hotels is the WIFI connection. And at Widus Hotel, you wouldn’t have to worry about a faulty internet connection. You can even work smoothly by connecting through their WIFI. 

Hotel in Pampanga with pool

swimming pool, widus pool, widus hotel, widus casino
I like their big swimming pool!

After checking into each of our rooms, we took a rest and decided to take a dip in the pool. It’s a great way to refresh yourself when you swim due to the hot weather in Pampanga. You can choose between the 2 Pampanga swimming pools when you’re there. 


The adult Widus swimming pool in Pampanga is big enough to accommodate many guests, so you wouldn’t be afraid of bumping into one another during your stay. It has a loop so you can enjoy a different view as you put your swimming skills into practice.

widus hotel, widus pool, swimming pool

There is even a slide for kids, however, it was closed when we visited for unknown reasons. But not to worry, as there is a 2-ft deep kiddie pool so you can relax without worrying about your kids not enjoying their time.

kiddie pool, swimming pool
There’s a kiddie pool that’s 2 ft deep.

After Six Lounge and Cafe

after six lounge and cafe, cafe, coffee shop, widus restaurant, widus cafe, bread, pastries

Since our booking did not include a breakfast buffet, we bought our toddler’s breakfast at After Six Lounge and Cafe. After scanning through the Widus Hotel menu cafe, we decided to buy something we knew our toddler would love.

We ordered Ube Ensaymada because it’s one of our son’s favorite pastries.

ube ensaymada, ensaymada, ube
We’d order the Ube Ensaymada over and over!

For the price of 85 PHP (4.94 USD), it was all worth it. Besides having an ube topping, there is also an ube filling in the middle. And because our toddler was very happy with his breakfast, so were we!


After Six Lounge and Cafe also offers many other pastries that are very cheap and they all seemed very tasty. There are different kinds of sandwiches, pies, and muffins. I was almost tempted to buy Pan Au Chocolate, but since we weren’t that hungry, I resisted the urge!

pastries, bread, ensaymada, pie, muffin, sandwich

Sweet tooths can also satisfy their cravings there because there is a wide range of cakes to choose from. From cheesecakes to carrot cake to white forest cake, name it and you can have it there.

cake, cheesecake, white forest cake

A cafe isn’t a cafe if there is no coffee, is it not?

At After Six Lounge and Cafe, you can choose between standard coffee or flavored ones. There’s even a frappe version of coffee too! Children can even enjoy milkshakes and smoothies to pair with their pastries.

pan au chocolate, cinnamon roll, coffee, tea, after six lounge and cafe

An experience like no other

On the second night of our stay, it rained very hard. It was as if there was a typhoon because the roads looked like they had flash floods. However, it only seemed that way because the roads were under construction. 

Nonetheless, we were thankful that the rain stopped pouring during dinner time. While there were still drizzles, it wasn’t as frightening as when we left the hotel to eat dinner.

We were even doubtful whether we’d have a hard time going to Spanglish Mexican Restaurant, one of the restaurants near Widus Hotel Clark, because of the downpour of rain. 

Thankfully, while we were eating, the rain stopped.

After dinner, we returned to our rooms, and some of our friends even spent some time in our room. They had quite a few drinking sessions and some chitchats while I spent some time writing while the memories were still fresh. 

Our friends left and hubby dozed off on the bed while browsing through his phone. And since my toddler still wanted to play, I joined him in building a house using his LEGO blocks. Suddenly, I heard a steady ticking sound, which I don’t know the source. 

ceiling, rain drops
Ack! Drippings from the ceiling!

I tried to shrug the sound off, thinking it was just some noise from the neighbor or somewhere else. Until I felt that something was ticking on my bedroom slippers. When I looked down, I saw droplets of water splattering all around the floor after they bounced from my slippers. 

So I looked up and found that the water droplets were coming from the ceiling. Que horror! It was quarter to 11 during that time. “What should I do?!” was the first thing that came to mind. 

I woke hubby up because 2 minds are greater than 1, and then I whispered that the ceiling was leaking. Since we were staying on the topmost floor of the Widus Hotel, it seemed that the roof of the hotel was full of water that was leaking into our room!

So, we called the front desk and asked for help. However, since I was too tired to pack our things and move to another room, I hesitated to switch rooms. But while we were thinking of the best way to do, the dropping water sounds made me very uneasy. 


Finally, we decided to move to a new room.

The receptionist was very kind to check for any vacant rooms and told me he’d call me back soon. In less than 5 minutes, he returned the call and told us to pack our things, because we’d be moving to a Family Room.

family room, complimentary upgrade
Our room for our 2nd night.. From Junior Suite to Family Room!

After a while, someone knocked on the door, and it was the service to pick up our things. We moved to another room, and it was the best decision we made during that time. In an instant, hubby was asleep again in his space.

bathroom, shower, toilet
No bathtub though!

I went to take a shower and was surprised to find my toddler also asleep on the queen-size bed on his own! It was the first time I’d seen my son sleep without me by his side. I had a quiet me time that very night too!

Widus restaurant

Widus Hotel Review Philippines Conclusion

We can’t expect hotels to be perfect all the time. However, it’s the actions of the hotel staff that make guests return to the place. The Widus Hotel and Casino owner hired the correct staff to respond immediately when guests encountered problems during their stay.

bride, bridal gown

Have you ever encountered untoward incidents during your hotel stays? I’d love to hear about them! If not, I hope this Widus Hotel review blog has helped you decide to spend at least one night at the Widus Hotel Clark.

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