The Rockyvalley Cafe and Lodge: Comfort Food and Breathtaking View in One

The Rockyvalley – We’ve been on the search for the best places to eat in Baguio and we found a gem that not everyone has known yet. A breathtaking view while enjoying comfort food is what you’d experience when you go to The Rockyvalley.

The Rockyvalley Parking space

The first time we went to The Rockyvalley, it was almost empty. Now that we’ve come back, there were quite a few occupied tables already upon arriving. The passageway to the parking lot would instantly make you feel nature.

Luscious greens all around, the big parking space can accommodate more than 10 vehicles. Once you get down from your car, the rocky road is a great way to be at one with earth. Not too hard to walk on, the rocks are just enough to get your mind off the city.

The Rockyvalley Cafe

To get to the restaurant, you have to follow the arrow sign that states “Cafe” and turn left from the parking lot. Then a staircase will lead you to the second floor of the building which is The Rockyvalley Cafe. 

A homey feel is what I would describe dining at The Rockyvalley. The floorings, roof, tables, and chairs are all made of wood. Everything is varnished and maintained well by the management. The clean vibe of the resto will make you feel like staying for hours as you enjoy the scenic view.

We checked the menu to see what to order. And found that the new menu consists of only a few selections. The Rockyvalley Cafe offers appetizers, all day breakfast, soup, entree, salad, pasta, pizza, desserts, and some add ons. It also serves coffee and iced teas.

We ordered the Quattro Formaggi, Garlic Butter Chicken, and a Kiddie meal set, that is composed of 2 pieces of fried chicken and spaghetti. We wanted to order Beef Tapa for sharin, however they didn’t have it.

The server immediately suggested we try Honey Cured Beef and said we’d not be disappointed with it. So, out of curiosity, we followed her suggestion and waited for all our orders. 

Garlic Butter Chicken

When the Garlic Butter Chicken arrived, it looked like it was overcooked. You can immediately see it drenched in butter with a few bits of fried garlic on top. The chef used chicken fillet and fried to crispiness, then cooked in garlic butter sauce.

I took a bite and the crunchiness gritted through my teeth and I liked it. The buttery flavor sends a nostalgic feel down my memory lane. It reminded me of my childhood days when you enjoy spreading butter over your pandesal or any other bread.

The Garlic Butter Chicken had a hint of sweet taste that balances the little bit of saltiness in the outer coating of the meat. The serving was just right for us 4 and not too pricey. You should try it out when you visit The Rockyvalley.

Quattro Formaggi

A few minutes after the Garlic Butter Chicken arrived, the Quattro Formaggi was served. From the looks of the pizza, you instantly know that it tastes great! My toddler was also fascinated with the cheesy flavor of the pizza. 

The crust wasn’t that chewy nor too hard so it wasn’t hard to eat. Quattro Formaggi was great with a few drops of chili oil and a sprinkle of chili powder. We were able to finish the whole pizza during lunch! 

Honey Cured Beef

We weren’t expecting that the Honey Cured Beef was what we received. In our minds, it would be cooked like a Western style way, but what we got looked somewhat like Chinese style cooking.

Thin strips of beef were cooked together with carrots, broccolis, and sweet peas. Very intrigued, we each got a spoonful of the Honey Cured Beef and we were right about it tasting like Oriental. A little bit sweet, and oystery sauce, the beef strips were best enjoyed with rice.

Not that it didn’t taste great. It’s just that we were expecting it to be more special because of the advertisement of the server. Anyhow, we gobbled up everything quickly before the fly lands on our food first. 

Kiddie Meal Set

The Kiddle Meal Set arrived along with the rest of our orders. I was afraid for it to arrive much later than the rest as the servers warned us that ordering the set meal for kids would take long. But we pushed through with it nonetheless. 

A big round plate with a huge serving of spaghetti and 2 pieces of fried chicken legs filled the plate. The amount of pasta was quite big for children, and so we understood why the menu indicated that the set was good for 2. 

Creamy tomato sauce covered each spaghetti noodle and topped with a generous serving of cheese. My toddler didn’t like the pasta that much since it was on the sweeter side. He doesn’t like sweets too much.

But he liked the fried chicken and even ate some of the garlic butter chicken. For me however, the Kiddie Meal Set was perfect for children as there wasn’t even a hint of sour taste for its tomato sauce. 

If you child loves sweet Filipino style spaghetti, then you should order this kiddie set meal for her. Otherwise, you can try other pasta for other flavors.

The Rockyvalley Lodge

When you walk further through The Rockyvalley Cafe, you will reach the middle part where the comfort room is located. You will see stairs going down which will lead you to The Rockyvalley Lodge. 

We saw quite a few rooms along the hallway but there seemed to be no guests. We haven’t tried staying over so we couldn’t say whether it’d be good here. However, guests staying would surely have a relaxing night because of the breathtaking view. 

It would probably be cool during the evenings as the breeze is great even during the daytime with the scorching heat of the sun. 

The takeaway

It wasn’t our first time dining at The Rockyvalley Cafe, which means that we’d surely be back again in the future. If you are heading to Baguio, you should try it out and see why we love coming back.

You can find The Rockyvalley Cafe and Lodge at 381 Purok 5, Baguio, 2600 Benguet, Philippines. If you are using Waze, you can easily search it in the map by just typing “The Rockyvalley.”

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