Ramen Nagi PH Promo Alert! Eat for Less with Payday with Nagi

Ramen Nagi PH Payday with Nagi — Noodles is life! I love noodles, whether Chinese, Italian, Filipino, Korean or even Japanese! And when I saw Ramen Nagi PH’s post about the Payday with Nagi promo, I couldn’t help but grab the chance to eat the first authentic ramen I tasted here in the Philippines. 

We used to enjoy the Ramen Nagi birthday promo until it became seasonal – meaning, sometimes the ramen resto offers it, but sometimes, it doesn’t. So, thankfully, restaurants sometimes provide a different kind of promo to make sure customers keep coming back. 

This leads me to the reason I made a post right now. 

Yesterday, as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed, I found a sponsored post from Ramen Nagi PH and saw 2 bowls of ramen in one picture. It said that you can get 1 Butao King, 1 Black King, 3 pieces chicken karaage, and 3 pieces gyoza all for 999 PHP!


Upon computing, you can save up to 300 PHP when you head to any of the Ramen Nagi branches and celebrate your payday with them! The catch is that the offer is valid only from April 26 to May 1, 2023. 

So, without further ado, here are some pictures of what we enjoyed for dinner last night. I hope you can get to the Ramen Nagi branch near you before you drool over the pictures!

king butao, ramen, authentic ramen
black king, ramen nagi
chicken karaage, fried chicken
gyoza, dumpling

Of course, besides the payday special, we ordered more from the Ramen Nagi menu. Since our toddler loves chicken karaage, we ordered another plate and a bowl of gohan (plain rice) for him.

karaage, japanese fried chicken

We also added chashu (braised pork belly) for our ramen toppings to ensure that we have our bellies filled for dinner.


There are many condiments available to add flavor to your ramen. You can add the marinated bean sprouts to add a bit of peppery and smoky flavor to your noodles. There’s also a jar of pickled mustard to add saltiness to your bowl. 

condiments, ramen nagi condiments

There’s just this one thing I’m a bit disappointed in the Ramen Nagi near me where we availed the promo. My fave sesame seed grinder wasn’t on the condiments tray. Anyhow, I just enjoyed it plain and some of the mustard and bean sprouts. 

The restaurant wasn’t jam-packed when we had our dinner. It could probably be because it’s a weeknight or not many have seen Ramen Nagi’s ad yet. Whichever it is, we’re thankful we didn’t have to wait for a long time to enjoy the payday promo. 

I hope that this post has helped you decide on where to have lunch or dinner over the weekend, or on Labor Day! 

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