We Visited Starbucks Reserve Hiraya to See If It’s Worth the Hype

Updated: January 26, 2024

Starbucks Reserve Hiraya – On July 21, the biggest Starbucks Reserve Tagaytay opened and people have been lining up to check it out. We had the chance to go there a few days ago, so I’m sharing with you a glimpse of what to expect if you plan to go there. 

Starbucks Overlooking

One of the things Tagaytay takes pride in is the view besides the cooler weather compared to the metro. And the newly opened Starbucks in Tagaytay also boasts a great view of the Taal volcano plus relaxing seats for the best experience for the customers. 

However, during our visit, the relaxing cushion seats are covered due to the bad weather. It was raining very hard that night so no one was able to fully take advantage of the great view and chill weather along with their hot cup of coffee.

Hopefully, we can go back again in the future to be able to enjoy our coffee more at Starbucks hill slope Tagaytay while viewing the breathtaking view and chilling (literally!) to release our stresses away!

Starbucks Tagaytay Overlooking Opening Hours

If you want to visit Starbucks Tagaytay Hiraya, you don’t have to worry about getting closed doors when you arrive there late. On Mondays through Thursdays, the store opens at 7 AM until 1 AM.

During weekends (Friday to Sunday), Starbucks Hiraya Tagaytay opening hours is from 6 AM to 2 AM. Compared with other Starbucks in Manila, this Tagaytay Starbucks closes a bit later, so many can enjoy more of the cool weather.

But just because the store closes a bit later than others, it doesn’t mean you can stay there the whole day. Starbucks management limits each customer to stay for up to 2 hours to give others a chance.

There’s also an additional charge for parking if you stay there for more than 2 hours. So, make sure not to go over the time to avoid paying more! Your 2 hours starts after you placed your orders to the barista.

How to go to Starbucks Reserve Hiraya

If you frequent Tagaytay, you won’t have a hard time locating Starbucks Reserve Hiraya. However, if you don’t go there often, you must be one of the people who must be asking, “How to go to Starbucks Tagaytay?” 

It can be easily seen when you pass by the road where the most famous restaurants in Tagaytay are located. There used to be a small Starbucks Tagaytay downhill Aguinaldo Highway with a very rocky road.

That old Starbucks Tagaytay coffee shop was built 20 years ago, and now, it’s where Starbucks Reserve Hiraya is located. With a bigger space, more seats, and 63 parking spaces, Starbucks Reserve Hiraya can accommodate about 250 coffee drinkers. 

You can find Starbucks Reserve Hiraya at Aguinaldo Highway, Silang Crossing West, Tagaytay City. Waze also knows where it is located, so you can use a little help to get there at the soonest possible time. 

What to Expect

After we had early dinner one rainy weekday in Tagaytay, we decided to check out Starbucks Hiraya Tagaytay to see what’s the hype about. Even though the wind was strong during that time, we still pushed through since we were already in the area. 

We saw a long line of cars near Leslie’s Restaurant and realized it was where we should queue to get to Starbucks Reserve Hiraya. We waited for a few minutes and the line didn’t budge, and we almost left.

Thankfully, quite a few cars left, so we had a bigger chance of getting in for a shorter waiting time. After waiting some more, alas, the guard finally let us in! Upon entering, there were a few empty parking slots.

After parking our car, we saw a long queue outside of Starbucks Hiraya, so we quickly lined up before others went ahead of us. At the end of the line, the staff will divide you into groups of five before they let you in.

It reminded me of theme parks where a staff divides people into groups of 2 or 4 (depending on the number of people for the ride)! In the same way, you also have to wait in line before you can enter the famous cafe in Tagaytay.

After almost 30 minutes of waiting in line, the guard finally let us into another line to place orders. While I lined up, hubby and my toddler went to find seats, and thankfully, we brought our son’s bag so we can reserve the seats as we placed our orders. 

We waited for another 20 minutes before we reached the counter to order the food and drinks we wanted. Then another 10 minutes of waiting before our orders were finally ready for pickup. Our toddler was very excited when we got our orders that he was jumping with joy!

All the queueing took us about an hour before we can finally enjoy our dessert and coffee. However, you have to expect longer waiting times when you go there on weekends.

Starbucks Reserve Hiraya menu

It was 9:30 PM, yet there were still people lining up to order!

Instead of ordering my usual Matcha drink, I decided to try a drink I don’t usually see in other branches. I dunno if that was a drink only available on the Starbucks Hiraya menu because we seldom order from Starbucks Reserve.

Little did I know that the drink from Starbucks Reserve is something I should be ordering because it’s different from the usual sweet coffee drinks in Starbucks. What caught my eye was the Dark Chocolate Mocha.

Where you will pick up orders from the Starbucks Reserve menu.

At first, I didn’t appreciate the drink I ordered. It tasted more watery and the fragrant mocha flavor I’m looking for was missing. I even opened my cup and stirred thinking that the mocha flavor had all settled to the bottom of the cup. 

But the stirring didn’t help with the taste. Hubby even suggested we had the drink changed. But since I didn’t want to line up and wait for a new drink, I decided to just finish my cup.

I drank almost half of my coffee when suddenly, the taste changed. It seemed like someone replaced my cup with a new and tastier one! For some reason, I found myself smiling with every sip.

It had a similar taste to my mother-in-law’s Starbucks Cafe Mocha during our recent trip to Japan! The drink was not too sweet, which is perfect for people who don’t fancy sweet things!

Maybe, it’s about time we visit other Starbucks Reserves when we go back to Manila! I hope they also have the same Dark Chocolate Mocha drink I had at Starbucks Reserve Hiraya. 

Among the Starbucks Hiraya Philippines menu which is not available in other Reserve branches is the Hiraya Latte. However, during our recent visit, it was gone from the Starbucks Reserve Hiraya menu.

Some pastries to try while you’re at Starbucks Reserve Hiraya..
Or you can try tartlet and pie…

But if you want to try something different from the usual Starbucks menu, there are also other pastries such as croissants and tarts baked on-site.

Starbucks Reserve Hiraya Review Conclusion

After we finished our orders, I decided to check out the back part of Starbucks Reserve Hiraya. And the view was indeed breathtaking despite the darkness covering everything to see. The yellow indoor lights were enough to give brighten up the al fresco space. 

And although it was rainy, some of the guests were also checking out the view. Some were posing in the dark to have something to post on their social media, while others were just enjoying the nice cool breeze and the serenity of the place. 

If ever you go there, let me know if you waited a shorter time in the comments section below! 

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