7 Genius Hacks on How to Travel Light

how to travel light

The countries have been opening up to tourists, and everyone is excited to go on their first trip since the pandemic happened. When was the last time you packed for a flight? Two or three years ago? 

It could have been ages since you last left for a vacation. If you are planning on going to that dream destination, you have to learn (or relearn) the basics of traveling: and that is how to travel light. 

Think you already know how to pack light for a week? Why don’t you check out how to further lighten your load (pun intended) by packing less, so you don’t have to sweat it when you come home to unpack? Here are tips on how to travel light. 

7 hacks on how to travel light

You have booked your favorite hotel or hostel, made your itinerary and found the best places to eat. The next thing you have to do is to prepare the things you need to bring to make the most of your trip. 

You want to bring everything to get the best photos to share on social media. But bringing all your branded accessories, shoes, and bags will not fit into that extra large luggage you have just bought. 

While it is your choice on what things to bring, you know that leaving some of the good stuff behind will benefit you more. Here are tips on how to travel light. 

Carry a light bag

When shopping for luggage or travel bag, choose to buy lighter ones. Hardside luggage is very lightweight and very resistant to cracks. Ensure that you check that the luggage is made of materials that are sturdy and flexible. 

I prefer softside types as they could expand more than hard side types. Most softside luggage are also very durable, and some are even water-proof. Choose whatever fits your budget and find a sturdy one you can use many times. 

Bring travel towel 

Or better yet, do not bring it at all. Hotels offer towels in rooms, so you might not need to bring one. However, I bring one lightweight towel for emergencies, especially because we are traveling with a toddler. 

I have seen travel towels that are super absorbent and dry up pretty fast. If you must bring a towel, choosing one that is big enough and light is one of the best ways how to travel light. 

Do not bring all your favorite shoes

You are never complete for your ootd without your favorite shoes. However, bringing every pair of shoes in your shoe rack will not only make your bag heavy but also leave no space for other essentials. 

Bring only two to three pairs of footwear: comfortable walking shoes, sandals, and flip-flops. You would be wearing one pair, so you only have one or two pairs in your bag. 

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Pack light clothes

Choosing the best clothes to wear is one of the tips on how to travel light. You might want to bring five extra outfits just in case you need them. However, if you like to pack light, you have to give up on bringing that lovely long dress. 

Pack light for a week, then have the clothes laundered if your stay is longer. Make sure to pack the clothes that you wear most of the time. You are less likely to wear clothes that you do not wear daily. 

While cotton is comfortable clothing to wear when traveling, they are very absorbent to sweat and odor. If you need to wash your clothes in between, you might have to wait longer for cotton shirts to dry than synthetic fabrics. 

Bring clothes that are thin enough yet comfortable to wear. It also helps to pack more light clothes to wear as layers especially when traveling during the winter. 

Travel-sized toiletries are your best friends 

You might think that buying travel-sized toiletries is a waste of money. But think again if you need to throw them out when you exceed your baggage limit. If you do not want to splurge on expensive travel-sized bottles, you can reuse empty old ones. 

One of the hacks on how to travel light is by using the toiletries provided in hotels. Not only are you saving up on toiletries costs, but also saving up space in your bag or luggage. 

Wear heavy items

Sometimes, you do not have a choice but to bring heavy clothes or shoes when traveling. If you need to bring bulky coats and boots when you travel during the winter, wear them instead of them eating up half the space of your bag. 

how to travel light, how to pack light, wear heavy items

Leave unnecessary things

If you are planning on wearing different pairs of earrings for every ootd but also want to pack light, don’t bring 5 pairs. Either bring one or two pairs, and the same goes for jewelry. If you plan to bring makeup, limit to what you usually wear, say powder and lipstick. Then leave the rest at home. 

If you can, hand wash some of your undies so you can bring less. You might also want to bring disposable undies so you can throw them away after use. You can exchange those extra grams of undies for souvenirs you have been eyeing.

People who know how to travel light will use blow dryers provided at hotels instead of bringing one. Do not bring a hair iron (okay you can pack a portable one) as it adds to the weight. You might notice that even the smallest things weigh so much when traveling. 

How to travel light – the summary

Many have been sharing tips about how to travel light for a week or two. However, there is no better person to decide about the things to bring for the best trip ever. This article is only a guide on how to pack light when traveling. 

No matter what you bring, always remember that no material things can substitute for a memorable trip. What is essential is that you enjoy every part of your traveling journey, including packing luggage. 

I hope you have learned a lot from this post. I will be featuring more posts about traveling soon. Enjoy your next vacation, and make sure to travel light! 😉

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