Sneak Peek of the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotels

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotels – You’re planning to go to Disneyland Park but are reluctant to book a hotel in Hong Kong Disneyland. But did you know that there are perks to staying a night at the Disney Hotel Hong Kong?

Let me give you a brief overview of what I know about the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and a glimpse of the different themes you can choose from. 

Check out my review of Hong Kong Disneyland Explorer’s Lodge, where we had a blast! But since we also bought the Klook dining offers at Hong Kong Disneyland, I also wrote about our experience. And all I can say is that it’s a must-buy especially if you plan to stay in the park the whole day!

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Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Themes

Before we booked our Klook Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, we learned there are 3 themes, with each one showcasing a different vibe. The first one I’m gonna talk about is the main and (I believe) the most extravagant hotel, which is called the Disneyland Hotel.

In the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, the theme of the rooms is focused on princesses, so your princess will surely adore any type of room you book there. It’s the 2nd hotel to be created and started operating in December 2005.

Before the princess-themed Disneyland Hotel and the Disney Explorers Lodge, came first in September 2005 was the Hollywood Hotel. Just like the name implies, the hotel is Hollywood-themed, so expect to find Hollywood movie decorations as you stroll inside the hotel.

Hollywood Hotel also showcases a larger area and more rooms than the other 2. And we found lots of picture-worthy spots inside the hotel when we took a look during our visit.

Care for a photo shoot with a vintage car?
And another one?

The newest and our chosen one, the Disney Explorers Lodge was opened in April 2017. Inside, you’ll feel like you’re on a mission to find a hidden treasure because of the wooden finish and all the vintage look and feel of the hotel.

There are also different themed gardens inside the Disney Explorers Lodge so you’ll have lots of time enjoying your explorations when you’re not in Disneyland Park. Just make sure to wear your sunscreen and sunglasses to protect yourself from the heat while you venture out.

There’s even a bonfire place to complete your explorations!

Also, make good use of the insect repellent sprays located just beside the door that will lead you to the garden and pool. Gnats or sun flies might be lurking in the bushes especially during the hotter days, and they leave very itchy bites. Better be safe than sorry!

One for the kids, but of course, one for the adults too!

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Check-In Time

Just like in most hotels, The Disneyland Hotel’s check-in time is 3 PM, but even so, you can leave your luggage beside the entrance if you ever arrive earlier than that. 

I found so many real-life hidden Mickeys!

And you can also check all the other hotel lobbies by riding the FREE shuttle that runs all day every day every 10 to 20 minutes. 

Why stay at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel?

If you’re in doubt about why you should stay at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, either you’re not that of a fan of Disney or you don’t know the perks you’ll get with Disneyland Hong Kong Hotel.

So while I know that a night at the Disney Hotel can’t be earned overnight (well, at least in my case), there are more reasons for you to book that stay, especially if you’re traveling with children to visit the theme park

Here are the things that you’ll get by staying at Hong Kong Disneyland Hotels: 

No need to wake up early

Going to Disneyland Park from the city takes time, so by staying at the Disneyland Hotel Hong Kong, you need not to wake up too early to get in line fast. Because it’s Disneyland, you know that lines get very long even before the opening of the park, right? 

Stay in the park until closing

Witness the Momentous Nighttime Spectacular without worries! (Watch the complete video below!)

It’s hard to stay late in the park and make every penny you paid for your Hong Kong Disneyland tickets worth it if you travel with young children. However, when you know you’ll be sleeping 15 minutes after enjoying the park, you can let all the visitors leave the park before you go. 

You can rest when you get tired in the park

Large room for a well-rested night, or any time of the day!

Traveling with children isn’t the easiest, especially when you’re bringing young ones who need to take a nap just when the weather gets better at the park. 

But when you’re checked into one of the hotels near Hong Kong Disneyland Park, aka the Disney-themed hotels, you have one less thing to worry about! 

Leaving the park and getting refreshed when you go back to your room and have a shower as your little one takes a nap is one of the things you can’t do when you don’t secure a booking at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotels.

Meet Disney characters

My friend who was waiting for us in the lobby met Minnie Mouse and had the chance to take a photo op. She didn’t even have to wait for the Disney character at the Disneyland Hotel Hong Kong buffet! 

Isn’t meeting characters one of the best experiences at Disneyland? 

Lots of activities for kids

Kids get bored easily but at Disneyland Hong Kong Hotels, you have fewer tantrums to worry about because of the many different activities the hotels offer. Make sure to check out the activities in advance as some require bookings. 

Free shuttle in the area

Going to and fro the different areas of Disneyland may be a hassle for tourists, but it’s something that Disneyland Resort doesn’t want its clients to experience.

Shuttle buses are available in the area for 24 hours, so you can swing by any place you want. 

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Prices

All the 3 hotels have unique characteristics in each of their rooms. But you can score great Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel deals when you book via Klook! 

Starting from 2000 HKD++ and up (256.21 USD or 14,297.73 PHP) for a Standard Room per night, you can get a very spacious Disney room which is good for up to 4 pax.

You can also get Disneyland Hong Kong tickets and food vouchers, so be sure to check the different packages before you book at Klook. 

We also purchased dining vouchers, and we’re sooo glad we did! Because, even though the queue was long, what we got was super worth it! But before you buy yours, do check out my review of the food that we bought during our Disneyland park visit!

Check out some of the photos of the lunch we had:

This is the kid’s meal.. and the Roasted Chicken was superb!
This one’s also good!
With the Meaty Pizza, you can’t even see the dough because it is packed with all sorts of meat. Definitely a must-try!

Hong Kong Disneyland Tickets Price

A stay at the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel isn’t complete without a visit to the park! And that’s actually the reason we stayed at one of the Disney hotels! 

Here’s where we booked our tickets: 

Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Comparisons Conclusion

I have read from others that the 3 Disneyland Hotels don’t differ that much. But if you’re a fan of princesses or the Hollywood movies, the aesthetics will probably affect your choice of hotel theme. 

We enjoyed our stay at Disney Explorer Lodge. Stay tuned for my review of the hotel and for more of our trip to Hong Kong!

Have you been to any of the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotels? Which one is your favorite? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comment section below! 

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