Satisfy Your Guilty Pleasures at Dusit Thani Mactan Cebu Resort

Dusit Thani Cebu Philippines – When we booked a room at the Dusit Thani Resort Cebu, we didn’t know we’d be this excited about it as much as how we looked forward to our vacation at the Widus Hotel & Casino

It was my second time going to Cebu and it felt like the hours and days only passed by as we had a blissful and well-rested stay in the Queen City of South. After taking a one-hour flight from Manila, we reached Mactan Cebu International Airport where a family friend of our friend fetched us.

He took us to a nearby Rico’s Lechon Restaurant so we could fill our empty stomachs before checking into our accommodation. It was 3 PM when we reached Dusit Thani Mactan Resort and we were glad that not too many people were checking in despite it being a long weekend.

Our Room

We booked a Deluxe Room with twin beds (not the one with a beach view), so what we got was a quiet view of the nearby condo. Our toddler was excited when he saw the playground from the window.

The view from our window at Dusit Thani Mactan Cebu.

The 32 sq. m room is equipped with a cable TV and a mini-bar (of course, you have to pay if you consumed the chocolate bars and drinks in the ref). All the needed toiletries are also present so you need not bring any if you stayed there.

However, there’s this one thing that’s unclear to us. We booked 3 rooms, and only one of the rooms we booked had a bathtub. Ours and the other room of our friend had shower space instead.

Nonetheless, the room was very spacious and we had a great time during our stay. I was even fascinated by the bedside lamp because me and my toddler used it during our bedtime book reading.

This is what Deluxe Room with king size bed looks like.

It made reading more fun for my son! He was excited to turn the lamp on before he turned in on the night. I hope we can find more like that in future rooms we’d be staying at.

Dusit Thani Mactan Restaurant

Dusit Thani Hotel is a place not too near to other establishments, however, if you have a car, you can easily go to places from it. Since all we wanted was to take a rest from our normal lives, we spent most of our time inside the hotel. 

Tradewinds Cafe

You don’t have to travel far if you want to eat quality food during your stay at Dusit Thani Resort Cebu. Because inside, you’ll find different cuisines aside from the Filipino dishes Tradewinds Cafe serves.

It’s where you will have your breakfast buffet after a restful sleep in one of Dusit Thani Philippines’ rooms. I love how relaxed the ambiance is in Tradewinds Cafe. Even though the restaurant was packed during breakfast, it wasn’t as cramped as how other hotel breakfast buffets are. 

The View

At the center of the Dusit Thani Hotel lobby is The View where you can enjoy a stunning view of the sea. We enjoyed watching the waves while enduring the heat of the weather but it was a great way to breathe in some fresh air because I know that I won’t have the same view every day at home. 

You can even enjoy your favorite alcoholic drinks made by the bartenders in The View. Otherwise, you can just sit and chill at the table you have chosen and watch the serenity of the sea if you are not an alcoholic drinker. 

The Deli

Beside The View, you’ll find The Deli, which serves coffee, tea, juices, and even ice cream! You can have your coffee hot, iced, and frappe. There are lots of tea types to choose from, and you can also buy milk teas.

Chilled juices, sodas, and ice creams are also available for those who don’t like coffee or tea. My toddler got to try the Ube ice cream and loved it because it wasn’t too sweet. 

Sunset Bar

Walk past The Deli and you’ll immediately find the Sunset Bar. And as the name implies, it’s a bar where you can enjoy the sunset view while people swim in the 100 m infinity swimming pool. It’s a big place where a big group of diners can enjoy having dinner while witnessing the magnificent sunset.

Sunset Bar is also equipped with a billiard table so you can spend more time with your friends. You’re sure to have a blast as you enjoy the sunset vibe while having a drink or two at the bar or at an al fresco table in front of the pool.

Rami Korean Restaurant

Walk a little further from the Sunset Bar and Rami will soon greet you on your left. Kdrama lovers will surely be enticed to try out Rami as it serves authentic Korean dishes! We couldn’t help but try out Rami to see if we can imitate the faces of the Korean artists that we watch. 

And true enough, my face lit up upon tasting its tteokbokki (savory Korean rice cakes). We seem to have ordered a bit too much, but sooner than later, we also finished everything on the table.  


Benjarong is not found on the same floor as the three other restaurants, but you’ll find it on the 2nd floor. The Thailand restaurant had a very classy ambiance and the food is surprisingly great.

We tried out a lot of the food on the Benjarong menu and we weren’t disappointed. The refreshing taste of the different flavors of the dishes was a great diversion from the usual food we eat.

Dusit Thani Mactan Facilities

We took a tour around the hotel and found many facilities to help you unwind from all the stresses of the city. Of course, the first thing we checked was the pool because it’s what our son has been looking for. 

Swimming Pool

There is a 4 ft infinity pool and a 2 ft kiddie pool where you can cool off from the hot weather. A cool showering place is also available for when young children don’t want to splash in the pool. In the infinity pool, there was even a water aerobics instructor and loud music to promote people to do exercises.

Anyone can join in on the fun and if you don’t want, you can just lazy around the pool or do some laps. Our toddler had lots of fun swimming in the infinity pool while showcasing his newly found skill. 

Fun Zone

One of the things that we look for when going places is if there is a kid’s play area. And Dusit Thani Mactan is one of those places that offer a fun zone for kids to enjoy. However, we were disappointed when we saw some adolescents entering the kid’s zone for unknown reasons. 

What could they be doing inside? We also saw that the staff wore her shoes while collecting the balls after the kids misplaced them. We weren’t sure how they sanitize the area, so we decided not to let our son play.  

The Beach

The sand and the beach are some of the things we look for when spending a rest day at resorts. And at Dusit Thani Mactan Beach you’ll find a beach that’s a bit smaller than other resorts in Cebu (or even in other places we visited). 

The shore was more of tiny stones than sand, so our toddler wasn’t able to make a sand castle on it. However, he did enjoy digging out the tiny rocks and we had to call him many times just so we can go take a dip in the pool. 

Dusit Thani Mactan Room Rates

Dusit Thani Mactan room rates differ depending on the room type you want to book. Choose the one that fits you and your family so you can have the best experience at Mactan, Cebu. 

Dusit Thani Mactan Reviews Conclusion

Although it was a short and quick getaway, we surely had a great time at Dusit Thani Mactan Cebu. If you want to take a break from city life and just watch the dancing of waves, then Dusit Thani Mactan Cebu is the place to go. 

Have you visited Dusit Thani before? Tell us your stories through the comments section below!

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