Awesome Hotel: A Relaxing Staycation with Captivating View

Awesome Hotel, La Union, Elyu

Awesome Hotel, La Union – Known for its surfing spots, La Union is a place where people enjoy a relaxing beach getaway while basking under the sun. We went there two months ago to visit our close friend and stayed at Awesome Hotel and Resort for three days and two nights. 

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This is one of the Awesome Hotel La Union reviews wherein you can also find the best La Union restaurants to eat at, so make sure to be with me until to end!

Awesome Hotel

The 4-star hotel in La Union San Juan Awesome Hotel showcases a relaxing view day or night. Its orthopedic mattresses will ensure well-rested sleep at night, so you are fully charged for your adventures the next day. 

Thanks to a non-lagging free WIFI, you can update your social media once you have checked into your room. Apart from that, you can rest assured that your valuables are safe because the beach resort in La Union’s wooden doors has a high-end locking system. 

Hidden Tourist Spots in La Union, Philippines 

Boasting a land area of 149,770 hectares, La Union is found in the Ilocos Region of Luzon. Besides being famous for its surfing spots, La Union also offers many different activities for you to do.  

While driving along the road, we saw many signs leading to natural attractions in La Union.

People were standing on the side of the road holding placards that read “Grape Picking.” You can try out grape picking on their farms if you have time. We did not stop over since we have a toddler who gets grumpy under the heat. 

Nature lovers should add Tangadan Falls to their La Union tourist spots itinerary. Experience the goodness of nature and water in one when you decide on a side trip to Tangadan Falls. You can even rent a life vest to swim safely in the 50-foot-deep falls. 

Besides these 2, there are so many Instagrammable places in La Union that you need to visit. More about them below!

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Our Experience

We booked the superior deluxe with sea view room at 9K per night. The room consisted of two twin beds and a sofa that could accommodate up to four persons. The Awesome Hotel La Union price we booked is discounted so there is no breakfast included. 

Even so, we did not worry, as many restaurants in La Union offer great food. If you do not want to drive out to eat, you can enjoy hot meals in Awesome Hotel restaurant. They offer Filipino, Japanese, and Western cuisines to match your cravings

We left the city at 7:30 AM and arrived at the Surfing Capital of the North at about 1 PM. Thankfully, we did not encounter heavy traffic even though it was a long weekend. 

Awesome Hotel La Union has an uncovered parking space for about 30 cars right in front of the lobby. The staff greeted us as we entered the hotel lobby. You can immediately feel serenity upon entering because you can see the sea and pool across. 

On the left is the lobby cafe, where you can enjoy pastries, coffee, and hot chocolate. My friend who also stayed before said that the hot chocolate was good, sadly, I did not have the chance to try it out. 

We checked in then a hotel staff guided us to our room. While passing through, we saw that some parts were off-limits because they were still under construction. Once we reached our room, they gave us our welcome drinks: 4 glasses of iced tea. 

The La Union hotel room has a homey vibe and a very relaxing sea view from the balcony. At some point, the air conditioning unit stopped working, so we had to ask for a staff to fix it. Immediately someone came and solved our problem! 

Besides having 2 queen-sized beds, our room also had a sofa from where you could chill if you decided to eat and drink inside the room. You can enjoy watching local TV shows on a 50-inch TV while resting on the bed at night. 

You can even bring a USB driver to enjoy watching shows after connecting to Awesome Hotel’s WIFI. My toddler was happy he could watch his favorite show on YouTube, thanks to modern technology. 

The room was also equipped with a personal ref to enjoy cool beverages. And there is a kettle for heating water if you want to have a cup of tea and instant coffee (which were also included in the Awesome Hotel rates we paid for). 

There is a safe vault where you can keep your valuables and a luggage rack, so you have more space in your room. And since our La Union beach resort room is a non-smoking area, you need not worry about whether your neighbors might cause you to inhale the deadly nicotine. 

Inside the bathroom, you will find the toiletries you need, in case you did not bring any. They offer shampoo, conditioner, and hand soap. However, while they also offer toothbrushes and toothpaste, we had to request the hotel staff to provide them. And they immediately send them to us. 

We also found that there were only 2 big towels provided inside the bathroom, so we also requested another two. Again, the staff sent them after a few minutes. For the toilet part, although it is great they had a bidet, I was expecting a different feature. 

My friend who stayed before us told me they had an automated bidet, the ones you see in Japan. So I was expecting to see the same feature during our stay. Nevertheless, the usual bidet works just as fine, so it’s not something to complain about. 

Another thing to consider when traveling with kids is if the shower has a heater. Unless you want your child to hate showering, it is best to check the water temperature when turning the shower on. 

And we’re glad our room had one, which was working perfectly well!

One thing that the La Union beach resort that we stayed at needs to be improved on is the door. We have to use a lot of force when opening the doors as they seem to be newly painted. However, once you get the hang of it, you can open doors as you please.

We were not able to swim on the beach as our toddler was not a fan of sand. But we heard that the waves are very strong and they might blow you away if you are light. So make sure to be ready when you go to the beach to fight the waves. 

We swam in the pool in the morning on the second day. Our son enjoyed playing in both the adult and kiddie pool. It was nice to dip in the pool as it was very hot during the day. While it was hot in Manila, it was even hotter in La Union. 

One thing I want to take note of is that you have to return pool towels right after using them. The staff did not let us bring the towels to our room. I don’t mind returning the towels immediately, however, since we have a child, we would appreciate it if we could borrow the towel to cover our child while he is still wet. 

Thankfully, our friend brought a towel with her and she let our son use it. Otherwise, we had to run to our room fast before our toddler catches a cold. 

You have to be careful when going back to your room at night time. Insects will race with you to enter your room once you open the door. Make sure to enter as quickly as possible to avoid having to kill them one by one.

Where to Eat in La Union 

Many affordable restaurants in La Union offer great food with a great view! Check out what some La Union food we did during our stay below.

Sunset Bay Beach

If it wasn’t for our friend’s suggestion, we wouldn’t have been able to try Sunset Bay Beach. Because the La Union restaurant is slightly hidden in sight, so it’s something that only locals would be able to find.

Surprisingly, we were able to enjoy our food there because it’s cheap and it was one of the restaurants La Union needs to boast about too!

Snack at Masa Bakehouse

Dinner at Sunset German Beach Resort & Restaurant

Breakfast at Kabsat

The famous El Union Coffee

Lunch at Curo (Curbside Villa)

Awesome Hotel Review Conclusion

Our stay in Awesome Hotel, La Union, was short but nice. It was what we needed to take a break from the hustles of the city. We had a relaxing time at Awesome Hotel even though our room was not how we imagined it to be.

The Awesome Hotel La Union price we paid was all worth it because not all La Union hotels offer a super relaxing place with a great view!

However, I highly recommend them for people who would prefer a quiet stay and a calming view. The next time you go, why not try it out? I would love to hear about your experience when you go to the Awesome Hotel in La Union!

Awesome Hotel Address: 319 Eagle, San Juan, 2514 La Union

You can easily find Awesome Hotel contact number online, but you can talk to the staff here: 0917 597 4978.

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