Clark Marriott Hotel Part 2: Ready To See More Luxurious Amenities?

Clark Marriott Hotel, Philippines – We moved to a different room on our second day stay at the Clark Marriott Hotel. The Executive Deluxe Suite Room gave us a different experience, so if you have extra money to spend, you should try it out too!

On the 1st day of our stay at Marriott Clark Pampanga, we had a Deluxe Room and we were happy about it. The room was big enough for a family of 3, and since we got a free room upgrade, we moved to an Executive Deluxe Room for our 2nd night. 

The Clark Marriott Hotel receptionist advised us to stay in our room and wait for their call so they could prepare our new room. It was about 3 PM when the telephone rang telling us to get ready. Not for long, the bellboy arrived and got all our stuff with the new room key card. 

We left and moved swiftly to a lower floor for our new room. 

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Clark Marriott Hotel Executive Deluxe Room

A wonderful sight welcomed us upon entering the larger and more extravagant room. It’s not always when you get to have a staycation with a living room with an elegant glass center table, and a very comfy sofa. 

Plus, you know that it’s well maintained knowing Clark Marriott Hotel is a 5-star hotel, so you won’t be afraid to immediately jump onto the sofa and get your well deserved rest. 

Our toddler was just as fascinated as us. He kept running around the room and didn’t know where to hang out first. 

Coffee Machine and Capsules

Another thing to take note of with the Clark Marriott Hotel Executive Deluxe Room is the coffee machine it has. While we had drip coffee packets at the Deluxe Room, here, we had unlimited coffee capsules to partner with the coffee machine on the coffee bar.

And you can even choose between classic and decaffeinated coffee capsules too! But, caffeinated or not, we love to sip our coffee day or night!

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Our bedroom also had a bigger space, so our toddler can run around freely without worries. 

On another note, there are 2 Smart TV’s, one in the living room and another one in the bedroom, so we can enjoy watching our channel of choice without fighting. Nonetheless, we mostly let our son watch cartoons beside us.

The king-sized bed is enough to fit us 3, and there’s even a bedroom bench, so you can also put your stuff when needed. 

But what has captivated me the most is the Clark Marriott Hotel Executive Deluxe bathroom! 

Bigger Bathroom with a Tub

Besides the usual shower and toilet, it also has a bathtub! And the bathroom space was quite big, perfect for times when you want to stay there after relaxing in the bathtub, or when you need to apply whatever it is you need to beautify yourself.

And the best part is the yellow lights used. The lights add to the classy look and feel when you’re inside the huge bathroom! They might look white in the picture, but in reality, it has that vibrant feel and look of a yellow light.

There’s a separate set of toiletries in the bathtub, so you can easily access what you need while bathing in the tub. A shampoo, conditioner, and bath gel in the acrylic container are on the side.

Not only that, there’s a shower cap, loofah, and even bath salts for you to enjoy your bath tub experience more!

Clark Marriott Hotel M Club Lounge

One thing that separates Marriott Clark Hotel’s Executive Deluxe Room from other hotels is its M Club Lounge free access. The M Lounge is advantageous especially to those who need to work while on a vacation. 

Apart from the different Marriott Clark Hotel restaurants, there’s another place where you can enjoy breakfast and all-day snacks. Found on the 15th floor is a place called M Club Lounge, where only Marriott Bonvoy members are allowed to enter.

All Platinum Elite, Titanium Elite, and Ambassador Elite members can bring one companion (who is also staying in the same room as the member) and enjoy business-class perks unlike any other. 

The Clark Marriott Hotel M Club Lounge offers dining privileges to members all day. There’s even a cocktail at the end of the day to cap off a hard day’s work.

Breakfast: 6:00 AM to 10:30 AM

Hors d’oeuvres: 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM

Cocktails and desserts: 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM

Above all, snacks and coffee are available all day, so if you’re hungry, you can visit the place and get light snacks like breads, cookies, and coffee whenever you wish. Just go to the 15th floor to avail your free business-class experience at the Marriott Hotel Clark M Lounge. 

Non-members can also avail the same perks by booking rooms that include M Club access

However, do take note that M Club Lounge doesn’t allow children below 12 years old to enter and enjoy the facilities. 

Also, since The Lounge is a business area, guests must wear casual attire to be able to enter. A shirt and shorts is also allowed, but what aren’t are pajamas and hotel room slippers. 

Clark Marriott Hotel Executive Deluxe Room Review Conclusion

Thanks to the free upgrade we got, we were able to experience staying at Marriott Hotel Clark Executive Deluxe Room. Even though short, the 1 night we stayed at the extravagant room was enough to spoil us and make us want to go back for more. 

What’s more, the M Lounge was a nice place if you need a space to work at. Hubby was delighted he could enjoy drinks and some light snacks while he worked. And my son and I enjoyed our quiet time in the room. 

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Have you tried staying at an Executive Deluxe Room? How was your experience? I’d love to hear your story in the comments section below! 

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