Foldable Crochet Market Bag Free Pattern

Foldable crochet market bag – I was checking for great crochet gift ideas when I stumbled upon a foldable crochet bag pattern (free) but somehow, the ones I found weren’t what I was looking for. 

So, I decided to make my very own foldable crochet market bag free pattern. 

When I started crocheting, what I had in mind is becoming a pattern maker. I told myself that I’d be making patterns from how I imagined things to be. 

Yet, when it was time for me to write the patterns down, I learned it wasn’t that easy! 

I have been crocheting for almost 5 years now, and I saw that more and more people are crocheting. When I was starting, crochet wasn’t as famous as how it is today. So, now that many have ventured into it, I decided I’d be making more free patterns to share!

My first written free crochet pattern was the Shelly Bikini Top. And while not many are interested in it, I still shared it with fellow crocheters in the hopes of helping newbies create crochet items without purchasing patterns.

Hopefully, I’d be able to make MORE and share them with you! 

So, without further ado, let’s get to the Foldable Crochet Market Bag free pattern!

Foldable Crochet Market Bag Pattern

Why did I make a foldable crochet market bag? It’s because anyone can use it wherever, whenever! When I made it, I was thinking about the people who are always on the run, those who need to have a bag instantly. 

While I used size 3 yarn for the pattern, you can always use a smaller yarn size for a more portable foldable bag. 

The finished product is 11 x 11 inches excluding the handle. But you can make it bigger by adding more for the base and the net part. 

You can also make the handle longer by stopping at your desired length. This foldable crochet market bag pattern is very versatile and you can make it to the size that you want!

Best of all, you can sell this foldable crochet market bag to your families and friends. But before you do, make sure that you know how to compute crochet item prices so you get what’s best for both you and your buyers. 

Choosing the right yarn for your crochet items should also not be a problem! I have jotted down notes based on my experience and research, so you don’t have to. 

Materials Needed 

Yarn – I used one ball of Dapper Dreamer Summer Navy Blue and Ballet Pink for the accent color(100 grams, 246 yards, or 225 meters) or any Light weight yarn (or whatever yarn size you prefer, but any bigger might make the foldable market bag too bulky)

Note: The green yarn I used in the pictures below is Dapper Dreamer Combed Cotton in Leafy Green shade, which was a bit big and heavier, so I don’t recommend it.

Hook – I use my favorite Tulip Etimo Grey Hook 4.0 mm (for the bottom and top part) and 5.0 mm (for the net part)

Tape Measure

Stitch Markers

Needle and Scissors for weaving in the ends


The gauge for this free crochet pattern for market bag is not important because you can make the foldable crochet market bag in any size you want.

Stitches and Abbreviations

Rx – row number

DC – double crochet

INC – increase or 2 single crochet in a chain/stitch

< > – the number of stitches in each row

Sl St – slip stitch

FPDC – front post double crochet

Rep – repeat

BLODC – back loop only double crochet (below is a tutorial of how to do BLODC)

BLO – back loop only

BPDC – back post double crochet

Ch – chain

SC – single crochet

Special Notes

  • All rows end by slip stitching to the first stitch of the previous row. 

Foldable Crochet Market Bag Free Pattern

Make a magic ring. 

R1: Make 12 DC. Slip stitch to the first DC created. Close the magic ring. <12>

NOTE: If you are not familiar with the magic ring, you can chain 6 and then make R1. However, I prefer to use a magic ring because it ensures no hole in the middle. 

R2: Make increases in each of the 12 stitches. <24>

R3: *Make a DC INC, then make a FPDC in the next stitch.* Rep steps inside * until the end of the row. <36>

NOTE: For R3, R5, and R7, sl st in the BLO of the previous row.

R4: *Make a DC INC, then make a BLODC in the next 2 stitches.* Rep steps inside * until the end of the row. <48>

R5: *Make a DC INC, then make a FPDC, BPDC, and FPDC in the next 3 stitches.* Rep steps inside * until the end of the row. <60> 

R6: *Make a DC INC, then make a BLODC in the next 4 stitches.* Rep steps inside * until the end of the row. <72>

R7: *Make an INC, then make a DC in the next 5 stitches.* Rep steps inside * until the end of the row. <84>

R8: *Make a DC INC, then make a BLODC in the next 6 stitches.* Rep steps inside * until the end of the row. <96>

R9: *Make a DC INC, then make alternating FPDC and BPDC in the next 7 stitches. You will end with a FPDC.* Rep steps inside * until the end of the row. <108>

R10: *Make a DC INC, then make DC in the next 8 stitches.* Rep steps inside * until the end of the row. <120>

Row for the strap for closing the Foldable Market Bag

R11: Make ch5 (counts as a DC and ch2), skip 2 stitches, *DC, ch2, skip 2 stitches.* Rep steps inside *. Sl st in the 3rd chain at the starting ch5. <120>

Continue increasing the market bag

R12: *Make a DC INC in the DC, 2 DC in the ch space.* Rep steps inside * until the end. <160>

Working in the Net Part of the Foldable Crochet Market Bag

Switch to hook size 5.0 mm. 

R13: Make ch8 (counts as a DC and ch5), skip 3 DC, DC in the next. *Make ch5, skip 3 stitches, DC in the next.* Rep steps inside * until the end. Sl st to the 3rd ch of your starting ch8. 

R14: Sl st twice to the starting chain, then make a SC in the third chain. Make ch5, then add SC to the next chain.

R15 to 24: Rep R14 or until you reach your desired foldable crochet market bag size.

NOTE: Your net will have a total of 10 rows if you followed mine.

REMINDER! Depending on the type of yarn you use, your crochet market tote bag might still increase a bit in size because it will stretch with use. 

R25 (or whatever row number you will finish for the R14 repeat): Make a SC in the ch space, then another SC in the next SC. *Make 3 SC in the ch space, then SC in the SC.* Rep steps inside the * until the end. <160> 

NOTE: Even if you don’t get the same number of stitches in R25, as long as you end with an even number of stitches, it will be fine. 

R26 (or what’s next from your previous row): *Make a SC in the stitch, and skip the next stitch.* Rep steps inside the * until the end. <80> 

R27 (or I believe I don’t have to explain any more what row you should be in): Make a SC in each of the stitches of the previous row. <80> 

NOTE: Make sure to count and take note of the final number of stitches in your last row because you will be needing it for making the strap. 

Making the Strap

This, I think, is the easiest part of the foldable crochet market bag. By now, you must already be excited to use your easy crochet market bag! So, let’s not waste any time, and go ahead with making the strap. 

But before we begin with the strap, let’s get the bag ready for the strap.

Divide the total number of stitches in your last row (mine is 80 from R27) into 2. If you end with 80 stitches, divide it by 2, and you get 40. Count 40 stitches away from your first stitch, then place a stitch marker in stitch number 41. 

This is where you’ll attach the strap that you will be making. 

To make the strap, make 5 SC and turn. This will be your first row. If you want a thicker strap, you can make more SC. 

After turning, make 5 SC again, and repeat the steps until you reach your desired length of strap. I stopped when I reached 15 inches. 

Now, find where you attached your stitch marker, and that’s where you’ll attach your strap. You can either make 5 more SC or sew your strap. Do whatever is easiest for you. 

Making the Tie string for Bag Closure

For the tie string that you’ll be attaching to R11, you will have to make a ch long enough to cover the base of your foldable market bag. Once you are done, insert the chain back and forth in the spaces in R11.

You can either tie your strap or add pumpkin cord locks to secure your tie.

And, that’s it! Congratulations! You now have a foldable crochet market bag. I hope you enjoyed making your crochet market bag as much as I did! 

You can sell the finished product, but please don’t sell the pattern. Also, please don’t forget to credit me and tag me on my Instagram account.

Having problems with pricing your crochet items? Fret not! You can check out my post about why crochet items are pricey

Also, if you have trouble choosing the right yarn for your crochet items, you can refer here

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section or send me a DM on my social media account. Happy crocheting!

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