Hong Kong Disneyland Explorer Hotel: Luxurious Amenities for a Bargain!!!

Hong Kong Disneyland Explorer Hotel – My friend suggested we book in Hong Kong Disneyland Hotels since we’re also traveling with our little one. And after checking the 3 Disney-themed hotels, we decided to book the Disney Explorers Lodge. 

Of course, we know that there are many hotels in Hong Kong near Disneyland, but we chose HK Disneyland Hotel so we can give you a glimpse of what to expect should you decide to plan a night or 2 there. So join me in my mini tour of our Disney Explorers Lodge stay!

I also did a comparison among the 3 types of Disneyland Hotel (Hong Kong) here.

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Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel Prices

The 3 Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel deals differ because of the different amenities each hotel type offers. The highest priced among the 3 is the Disneyland Hotel followed by the Explorer, and Hollywood is the cheaper one. 

Upon checking, below is the rate for the Standard Room for each of the 3 Hong Kong Disneyland Hotels:  

Hollywood Hotel price starts at 1,683 HKD (12,054.05 PHP or 215.77 USD) per night

Watch out for many vintage cars and famous landmark depictions around the Hollywood Hotel.

Disneyland Hotel price: starts at 2,337.50 HKD (16,766.29 PHP or 299.68 USD) per night

Explore the Victorian theme of the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel.

Disney Explorers Lodge price: starts at 2,057 HKD (14,754.33 PHP or 263.72 USD) per night

Enjoy playing and basking under the sun during your free time at the Disney Explorers Lodge.

Besides having different themes and Hong Kong hotel booking prices, the three Hong Kong Disney hotels also differ in the restaurants, stores, and recreational activities for kids. So, a Hong Kong Disneyland Explorer Hotel restaurant might not be present in Disneyland and Hollywood. 

Nevertheless, I believe that whichever of the three Disneyland Hong Kong Hotels you choose, you (if you’re like me!) and your children will surely have a blast during your stay.

Our Experience

We arrived at the Hong Kong Disneyland Explorer Hotel check-in time at 3 in the afternoon. And even though the ride was a bit long from where we were staying then, we didn’t mind. The excitement that Disneyland brings surely makes anyone happy no matter if you have to wait long.

Where else would you be able to ride a Disney-themed bus?

I don’t know about you, but the kid inside of me couldn’t wait to see what’s inside the Disneyland Hotel rooms!

Anyhow, when we arrived, there weren’t many people in line to check-in. But we found a mini entertainment place for kids to sit and watch classic Mickey shows so they don’t get bored while waiting for the adults to check-in.

After waiting for a few minutes, we finally secured our room key and we went ahead to check out our room without wasting any second!

While walking to the elevator, we passed by the Dreamer’s Lookout, a pastry shop full of sweets that will want any sweet tooth to try. And each piece will remind you that you’re inside Mickey’s place because not a single boring-designed chocolate was there!

After that, we went to find our room. It might be tricky since the place was big, but you can get a hotel map from the receptionist if you must.

Upon entering the elevator, we felt like we were riding a hot air balloon or some ride. With all the pretty aesthetics during the ride to the room, the explorer in us was instantly activated.

Once we reached our floor, a huge rock welcomed us. 

With some artifacts hanging on the walls, and many other rocks decorated on the side, it’s a waste to not take photos when you’re there.

The Standard Room we booked was spacious enough for 4 people, and the 2 queen-sized bed was all comfy. We had the garden-view and it surely gave a relaxing vibe to whoever was there. 

hong kong disneyland explorer hotel

The bathroom didn’t have a bathtub though, only a shower with glass doors, and a toilet that surprisingly, didn’t have a bidet. 

Just outside the bathroom is a sink with a large mirror for when you need to wash hands or refresh even when someone is in the bathroom. But I found it weird that the wash area was outside the bathroom. 

Anyway, we found it nice that Disneyland Hotels offer something not common in other hotels we’ve stayed at. 

For one, the Hong Kong Disneyland Explorers Hotel had small slippers for children.

Another thing that made me excited about is the toiletry holder they give out as freebies to customers. A tin can the size of a pencil case was displayed in the wash area, and it contained some necessities. It had a pair of adult toothbrushes and children’s toothbrushes, a razor, a shower cap, and a nail file.

hong kong disneyland explorer hotel

It’s cute they have Mickey-designed small toothbrushes to make children get excited about brushing their teeth! It also came with a mini strawberry-flavored toothpaste, but my toddler didn’t like it due to the minty taste.

A complimentary dried pineapple was sitting there beside the bottled water, and there was some coffee and tea in the drawer if you like a hot drink or two.

But what caught my eye inside our Disney Explorers Lodge was the Mickey Mouse plastic cup (which, too bad, we couldn’t bring home). And yes, it made drinking water very easy for our son! 

A Walk Around the Hotel

After checking out the room, we took a tour around the Hong Kong Disneyland Explorers Hotel. We went to check out the outdoors to get a glimpse of the area before the sunset. And we found a basket of bug sprayers right beside the glass doors.

One spray is for children, and another one is for adults, which indicates “Deep Woods.” 

We’ve heard that some insects were lurking behind the bushes, so you should spray bug repellents before you head out. Of course, we did so especially since our legs were exposed during that time. 

And, off we went!

The first spot that we saw was the Disney Hotel Hong Kong swimming pool. Too bad we didn’t bring our swimwear, so if you’re reading this and plan to visit Hong Kong Disneyland Hotels, don’t forget to bring your swimwear, unless you don’t have plans to swim.

But who knows? It’s hot in Hong Kong, and you might just want to take a dip for a few minutes before you continue with your itinerary, it’s not that much to include your swimming attire in your luggage.

We regretted not bringing ours, or reading about the Disneyland Hong Kong Hotels that much, so we couldn’t enjoy the pool. 

Anyway, we left our sadness behind and walked further into the garden. 

After checking out the garden, we decided to go out first since there was still time to walk around the streets of Hong Kong. 

But here’s another great thing about Disneyland Hotels Hong Kong, is that you can visit a Disney store whenever you want! And Disneyland Explorer Hotel store, the Trading Post, sells great Disney stuff (although it doesn’t contain all the Disney goodies you can find in the park).

(Make sure to check out some of the stuff in the video below!)

But what makes shopping more exciting is the discount vouchers you get upon booking at Disneyland Hotels!

Disney Explorers Lodge Activities

Who wouldn’t want a hotel with lots of activities for kids? If you’re a parent, you’d most likely be looking for a place to stay that offers lots of fun games and things to do for your kids. 

And at Disneyland Hotels in Hong Kong, you can never go wrong!

Because even though each hotel showcases different activities for kids, you can always visit the other hotels and register your child if she wishes to play in another hotel’s activity. Just ride the FREE shuttle that runs around the area every 10 minutes. 

Hong Kong Disneyland Explorer Hotel Buffet Price

Usually, we don’t book hotels with breakfast when traveling to other countries. One of the reasons is that we take a lot of time eating (especially since we travel with a very young child), and another thing is that there’s lots of good food outside. 

But, should you wish to try the Hong Kong Disneyland Explorer Hotel buffet for breakfast, it’s priced at 349 HKD (2502.50 PHP or 44.75 USD) for adults and 184 HKD (1319.37 PHP or 23.59 USD) to 239 HKD (1713.75 PHP or 30.64 USD) for children. 

Hong Kong Disneyland Explorer Hotel Review Conclusion

It’s a fun experience being able to stay at the Hong Kong Disneyland Explorer’s Hotel. And while it may be tempting to go back there, we’d love to check out the other Disney hotels in Hong Kong. 

So, make sure to watch out for my review when we have the chance to go back to Hong Kong Disneyland. I hope you liked my Disney Explorers Lodge Hotel review and be on the lookout for more hotel reviews in the future!

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Have you ever stayed at the Disneyland hotels in the past? Which one’s your favorite? Let me know in the comments section! 

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