LEGOLAND Japan Resort: Little-Known Reasons Why You Need to Visit

LEGOLAND Japan Resort – LEGO is one of the toys that kids and kids at heart won’t get tired of playing with. When I learned about LEGOLAND Japan Resort, I instantly knew we had to go there with our toddler.

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We love going to theme parks and we want our son to experience the joy of playing in rides too. And LEGOLAND Japan Resort does more than that! Are you excited to hear about our LEGOLAND Japan review? Then, let’s make the introduction short so we can get started!

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How to get to LEGOLAND Japan Resort

legoland, legoland hotel
Can you imagine what it would look like staying at LEGOLAND Hotel?

You can easily get to LEGOLAND Japan Resort from Nagoya station. All you need is a train card with at least 360 JPY and you will get there after about 24 minutes. By boarding on the Aonami line, you will reach your destination after 10 stations. 

However, you cannot use your Kintetsu rail pass to get to LEGOLAND. You have to buy another ticket before you can enjoy a day at LEGOLAND. Thankfully, it doesn’t cost that much, and you can even the loose change (coins) you’ve collected during your travel. 

Don’t get confused between LEGOLAND Japan Resort and LEGOLAND Discovery Center. LEGOLAND Japan Resort is a larger theme park with many rides and attractions, while the LEGOLAND Discovery Center is an indoor attraction that showcases games to play for children.

lego, lego keychain
Customize your own LEGO key chain and bring them with you always!

You can find LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Tokyo and in Osaka. So, if you are not going to Nagoya, you can still make your little one experience LEGOLAND and play for hours. We’ll also try to visit LEGOLAND Discovery Center in the future so we can differentiate them. 

LEGOLAND Japan tickets

We booked our tickets in Klook and were able to save a lot! But you can enjoy more discounts if you book through the Klook mobile app. If this is your first time purchasing through the app, just input the voucher code “BetterOnApp” or “BetterOnApp2” to get a 5% discount on your booking. 

camel, animal lego, lego
A camel made of Legos?

Booking at Klook is very easy! Once you have chosen the date and you know how many people are going with you, you can get a booking with just a few clicks. If you are ready, just follow the step-by-step guide below.

First, you have to choose the date when you want to visit Legoland. From the dates, you can see if it is classified under the Super Peak Season, Off-Peak Season, or Peak Season. Take note of that because the ticket prices differ depending on the season. 

legoland restaurant, snack, factory sandwich

Next, you will choose between entering the LEGOLAND only or if you also want to check out SEA LIFE Nagoya too. We chose the latter and we were able to enjoy both places within a day without worrying about the time. 

Scroll down so you can indicate the number of adults and children and you can either “add to cart” first or select “book now.” In a few minutes, you will receive a notification in your registered email address about your booking. 

LEGOLAND Japan rides and attractions

lego shop, legoland
Make sure to check the BIG Shop before you leave LEGOLAND Japan Resort!

Upon entering LEGOLAND Japan Resort, a huge dinosaur made of LEGO will immediately greet you. On the left is a LEGO store, The BIG Shop, while on the right is a restaurant, called Factory Sandwich Co., where you can eat your LEGOs.


In the middle, the staff is there to measure the height of the kids. He will provide color-coded bracelets that show different age groups. Children will either be allowed to ride on certain rides based on how scary a ride is by checking on their wrist tags.

Staff checking the height of children to know their eligibility for certain rides.

Meet-and-greet LEGO people

lego, legoland japan
Meet life-sized LEGO people and have pictures taken!

There is a meet-and-greet life-sized LEGO people wherein children and families can have photo sessions. The big LEGO people will appear 3 times based on the time slots – 10 AM, 12 NN, and 4 PM.

Catch the time of Lego people’s appearance.

When we arrived a few minutes past 10, we saw the LEGO people but weren’t able to have photos taken. However, 10 minutes before 12 NN, we returned and were the first to get a number for picture taking. 

Brick Party

carousel, legoland

We decided to try out Big Party, a carousel, wherein the seats and animals are made of gigantic LEGO blocks. My toddler enjoyed the ride, which lasted for about 2 to 3 minutes. He seemed to want more, but we insisted to check out the other parts of the park. 

NOTE: You cannot take pictures once the rides have started. The staff will stop operating when they see people taking pictures.

Observation Tower

observatory tower, observatory, legoland japan
Take a 360-degree view of the whole LEGOLAND Japan Resort.

For about 3 minutes, you can get a view of the whole of LEGOLAND when you ride the Observation Tower. The ride to the top is not as high as the other observatory decks we’ve been through. Yet, it was a great sight to be able to see the park and the other parts of the city.

There is even a miniature of the LEGOLAND Japan Resort after enjoying the Observatory Tower. Of course, it is made of LEGO blocks to amaze all LEGO fanatics. 



The Miniland is one of my favorite parts of LEGOLAND. In it, you will find many miniature iconic places across Japan. And they aren’t just made of any ordinary plastic material, but LEGO blocks!

tokyo station, lego, miniature
A miniature of the Tokyo Station.

Some of the pieces are even run by machines, so they move when you press the button on the side. You will surely be amazed at how the Japanese use technology to keep their visitors delighted.

carnival, legoland
legoland japan resort, shrine, temple
Watch moving LEGOs! 😊
gundam, lego
shibuya, shibuya crossing
See the famous Shibuya crossing without moving from Nagoya to Tokyo.
nagoya castle, castle, lego

DUPLO Valley

duplo, duplo valley, legoland

You can clearly identify that DUPLO Valley is for younger kids. And true enough, our toddler was exhilarated by it. Slides, Duplo building stations, and seesaws are everywhere! Not to mention the space is quite big so children can run around freely!

You can leave your children in the DUPLO Valley (of course with an accompanying adult) and do whatever you want for hours. It’s a place where young kids won’t get bored playing. We were able to stroll around the LEGOLAND theme park for quite a time without our toddler bugging us, thanks to DUPLO Valley.

duplo valley, duplo

LEGO Factory Tour

lego factory tour, lego factory

We forced our toddler to leave the DUPLO Valley so we can check out LEGO Factory Tour. Again, there were no lines to queue so we were assisted immediately by staff inside. For the first stop, you will be seated in a multimedia room and they will show you a brief history of LEGO.


And then, they will let you into a place that seemed like a mini factory that shows how each LEGO brick is made. From the pouring of the melted plastic pellets to choosing the colors, until they produce pieces of LEGO bricks that fanatics enjoy now.

When you reach the end of the factory, you can get a piece of LEGO brick with a print indicating it came from LEGOLAND Japan Factory.

Pirate Shores

pirate shore

The Pirate Shores is composed of different play areas where kids and kids at heart can truly enjoy. There are slides and a climbing area, called Castaway Camp, a boat ride where you can get wet.

castaway camp, lego slide

Children can have a thrilling ride at Anchors Away. Our son didn’t like it, but we saw a child who cried on his first ride, but wanted more! You can also bring your children to play at the Lost Booty Trading Post because it offers carnival games.

anchor's away, theme park
lost booty trading post, lost booty, legoland


ninjago, lego

Ninjago is famous because a movie featured the character years ago. However, since we didn’t watch the film, we don’t have an idea about the story behind the character. Nonetheless, the attraction offered quite a few fascinating rides for its visitors.

Take for example the Flying Dragon, wherein you will feel like a real dragon flying in the air, minus the need to flap your wings. I rode it 3 times and it made me feel sleepy because the ride was a very relaxing one.

flying dragon
I rode the Flying Dragon three times!

On the video, it says that you can rotate when you turn the joystick the right way, but after trying countless times, and moving from one seat to another, it failed me. Still, it was one great ride to chill and have a good rest. 

Ninjago also offers Lloyd’s Spinjitzu Spinners. You can roll like a hamster rolling in the wheel when you try this ride. I was afraid I’d vomit on the ride so I didn’t even try. On the other hand, Kai’s Sky Masters is a safe ride that even young kids can enjoy. 

spinjitsu, lloyd's spinjitsu spinners
Lloyd’s Spinjitsu Spinners

Not following the LEGOLAND Japan map, I skipped to the Flying Dragon first because it gave me the most impression. However, you will find it at the end of Ninjago Park after passing through all the other Ninjago attractions.

theme park, sky masters
Kai’s Sky Masters

The Dragon

the dragon, legoland theme park

Beside the Ninjago is the most thrilling ride we found at the LEGOLAND Japan Resort. Consisting of 2 levels of ride, The Dragon has a shorter and less thrilling roller coaster and another one that was more intense. We rode both rides but we liked the more thrilling one. 

What we liked here is that you don’t have to queue for a long time compared to Disneyland or Universal Studios. Since most of the visitors of LEGOLAND are kids, not too many people are lining up for thrilling rides. 

Merlin rides

merlin's challenge
Merlin’s Challenge

If you want a chill ride, then Merlin’s Challenge is the one for you. It will only move up and down at a slow speed so you won’t have a heart attack. What we want our toddler to try is Merlin’s Flying Machines.

Merlin’s Flying Machine

We want him to experience going up and down by pedaling. However, we weren’t able to try because our son declined our offer. We even showed him how the other people enjoyed the ride but to no avail.

Popcorn buckets

popcorn, popcorn buckets, legoland popcorn
Look at those cute submarine popcorn buckets.

If Disneyland has a variety of popcorn buckets to choose from, LEGOLAND also offers a few of them. During our visit, they had a dragon-shaped bucket (which I found very appealing), and submarine buckets in 2 colors.

How about a dragon popcorn bucket?

The takeaway

Is LEGOLAND Japan worth it? If you ask me, I’d say YES! Because the smile on our kid’s face is priceless. Are we going back again? Definitely! I hope you enjoyed these LEGOLAND Japan photos we’ve shared from our trip. 

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legoland theme park

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