LEGOLAND SEA LIFE Nagoya: Here Are Some of the Best Photos and Videos We’ve Taken

LEGOLAND SEA LIFE Nagoya – On the same day we went to LEGOLAND Japan Resort, is when we visited LEGOLAND SEA LIFE Nagoya. But I knew I had to write a separate post for this because it offers a different attraction for its visitors.

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We entered Japan SEA LIFE of LEGOLAND Nagoya at 3 in the afternoon. Much like LEGOLAND, SEA LIFE wasn’t crowded so it wasn’t hard to stroll around. I liked how LEGOLAND incorporated huge LEGO people into an aquarium with fish and sea creatures made of LEGO blocks.

Shoaling Ring

aquarium, ring

The entrance will lead you to an aquarium showing different sea life helping you to cool down after basking under the heat in LEGOLAND. A circular aquarium, called Shoaling Ring, is filled with small fish and is sure to fascinate young children and adults too. 

More known as Yellow Tail Fusiliers, the small fish swimming in the aquarium will help you relax as they swim in a 360-degree tank. Watch them swim around as you chill after a hot day at LEGOLAND Japan Resort. 


Staff welcome you to touch the starfish.

You will then head to the 2nd floor via the elevator at the end of the place. The first attraction that greeted us was called Rockpools. In it, visitors are allowed to experience touching a real starfish.

blue bat starfish, starfish
The blue bat starfish is the slowest of its species.

Before doing so, you have to wash your hands (available in the area), and then you can softly touch the different starfish in their care. Make sure to wash your hands again after touching the sensitive creatures for sanitation.

blue bat starfish, starfish
Touch the starfish but make sure to wash your hands first!

The blue bat starfish is the slowest creature among its species. And when I touched it, it didn’t budge. It just stayed in place without any reaction at all. If you are afraid of touching the real thing, you can just touch the starfish made of LEGO blocks in the area.

LEGO, LEGO starfish

Seahorse Nursery


After the starfish encounter, the next remarkable thing that we’ve seen is the Seahorse Nursery. In the aquarium, you will see plants, called mangrove, which house seahorses. The plants protect the sea creatures from predators by providing a safe place to hide.

Trivia: Did you know that the male seahorses are the ones carrying their babies until birth? Female seahorses will lay dozens of eggs then passes them to their male counterpart’s brood pouch. After 45 days, the male seahorse pumps water through the pouch to release baby seahorses.

Coral Reef

nemo, clownfish, aquarium
Can you find more than one Nemo?

The next section after the seahorses is a place to amaze the youngsters called Coral Reef. In it, many different kinds of fish swim wherein children (and even adults) can take a kaleidoscopic view. 

I’m sure you and your children will instantly recognize Nemo (or clown fish) swimming alongside all the other fish and coral reef. Coral reefs are very useful for sea creatures because they provide a shelter and maintain a balanced ecosystem in the seas. 

Stingray Bay

Stingrays seeming smiling at the visitors.

Among all the areas at LEGOLAND SEA LIFE Nagoya, the Stingray Bay is what attracted me the most. Besides seeing the cute faces of the stingrays, I’ve watched them in awe as they swam in front of me as I view from a window in the aquarium. 

Did you know that stingrays can grow up to 6.5 feet and weigh up to 790 pounds? That weight is equivalent to 6 average-weighted male human!

No matter how cute they are, stingrays can be fatal to humans. They can produce venom that can remain deadly even after they died. 



When you are done eyeing the stingrays, it’s time you enjoy the company of Mastigias papua etpisoni, more commonly known as the jellyfish. These invertebrates are usually clear, but they also appear in different shades of pink, blue, yellow, and purple.

During feast time, jellyfish use their tentacles to paralyze their preys. They digest their food quickly so they can float and move around to another place. Be careful when swimming in beaches, as some species of jellyfish can be deadly. 

Sunken Shipwreck

Have you been under the sea? The Sunken Shipwreck will let you experience being in one, and as a bonus, you’ll get to see parts of a wrecked ship that have sunk under the sea. Along with the sunken shipwreck and fish, there is a huge LEGO figure wearing a diving suit to make everything feel oh so real. 


urashima taro, ryugu-jo, japanese legend
Ryugu-jo was popularized by the Japanese legend of Urashima Taro.

Ryugu-jo, translated as the Dragon palace castle, is more known in the Japanese legend of Urashima Taro. It is said that Ryugu-jo is a place where Otohime, the Dragon God’s princess, was residing. 

In the legend, Urashima Taro was walking home one day when he saw 3 children torturing a tortoise. The children said they would only stop if the man will buy the tortoise, and so he did. After saving the life of the tortoise, Urashima returned her to the sea.

The next day, after hearing a voice calling his name, he found the tortoise beside his boat as he went for fishing. The tortoise asked him if he has ever been to the Dragon King’s Palace and invited him there.

Upon arriving at the palace, the tortoise revealed she was Otohime Sama, and offered Urashima marriage for saving her life. After living with Otohime as a married couple for a few days, Urashima said he needed to go back to his parents as they were already old.

In anger, Otohime gave him a laqcuer box, called “tamate-bako.” She tied it with a silken cord and told him not to open. When Urashima reached the shore, he found out that 300 years has already passed.

otohime sama, urashima taro, japanese legend
Otohime Sama fell in love with Urashima Taro after he saved her life.

So, in sadness for not seeing his parents again, he decided to go back to his wife by opening the box. However, instead of returning to the Dragon palace, the box produced a purple cloud that made him grow older which caused him to die.

Amazing Creations

At the end of LEGOLAND SEA LIFE Nagoya, is a place where children can bring out their creative juices with technology. Children can choose a sea creature and color to their heart’s content. 

When they are done, the sea creatures can come to life in the big screen with one button. My son had fun choosing whatever he wishes to color then we watched them swim on the screen in front of us. 

The takeaway

Spending a whole day at LEGOLAND Japan Resort and SEA LIFE Nagoya is enough even with a toddler. We had a blast even though LEGOLAND Nagoya opening hours is from 10 AM to 4 PM, and SEA LIFE from 11 AM to 5 PM (Adding an hour later for closing during Saturdays).

We believe that LEGOLAND Discovery Centers in Tokyo and Osaka offer the same enjoyment, so it’s not impossible for us to visit them too! I hope you enjoyed both my reviews for LEGOLAND Japan Resort and SEA LIFE.

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