No Nonsense Reasons To Try Goji Kitchen + Bar Dinner Buffet

Goji Kitchen + Bar Dinner Buffet Review – Dining at hotel buffets costs you money, but at Clark Marriott Hotel, you will surely won’t regret paying for Goji Kitchen + Bar dinner buffet price. We weren’t disappointed with the quality and the vast food choices it offers, so it’s not a surprise if we return there soon! 

On the first day of our stay, we passed by Goji Kitchen + Bar while checking out Marriott Clark Hotel amenities. So, after leaving our things to our room, we decided to check what food it offers so we have an idea whether to try out the Clark Marriott Hotel dinner buffet or not. 

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Goji Kitchen + Bar Birthday Promo

I’m not familiar with other hotel birthday promos in the Philippines, but Clark Marriott Hotel does have one. With the Goji Kitchen + Bar birthday promo, you can bring 4 of your friends on your birthday and get one adult (or you!) to eat for FREE!

Goji Kitchen + Bar Dinner Menu

Upon checking the Goji Kitchen + Bar dinner menu on our first night, we were convinced to try it out the next day. Before the skies became dark, the restaurant staff sent a message to hubby asking which time we prefer: 5 to 8 PM or 8 to 11 PM. 

I was surprised that the Clark Marriott Hotel buffet restaurant had such an arrangement since others don’t have a time limit or schedule for buffets. And since we had our toddler nap that afternoon and didn’t show signs of waking up soon, we decided to choose the later schedule.

And while waiting for our son to wake up, we were even tempted to have dinner at the M Club Lounge, which was a perk we got after transferring to the Executive Deluxe room. However, since I was already lured into dining at the Clark Marriott Hotel buffet menu, we finally came up with the decision to dine there instead. 

When our toddler woke up, we immediately got ready to go down and while it was a few minutes past 7 PM at that time, the staff allowed us to dine too. Thankfully the place wasn’t that crowded yet (people came a bit later) so we happily stuffed ourselves before other people arrived. 

Filipino Cuisine

Ain’t the mini sizzling plates cute?

Same as Goji Kitchen + Bar breakfast buffet, the tables that served Filipino and Chinese cuisines also served the same types of cuisine for dinner. The Filipino dishes they served during that night was a splendid sight. 

There was a large chunk of cooked tuna hanging on the table which added to the aesthetic of the restaurant. Beside it, you’ll find plain rice and salmon sinigang. Oh I loved the sour and the palate cleansing feel I had after sipping on the bowl of salmon sinigang soup!

And then there’s the bilo bilo (which I regrettably unable to try), that’s a famous Filipino dessert. Next, you’ll find sisig, which the cook will happily heat for you on a small sizzling plate. Ain’t the mini sizzling plates cute? 

Korean and Chinese Cuisines

Following the Filipino cuisines, you’ll find what I believe is a Kapampangan food, or maybe a fusion? There’s black pepper pork, beef curry, and then chicken gochu garu. Among these 3, which do you think appealed best to me? 

Of course, it’s the chicken gochu garu! Why? Kdrama is the reason for this! It had the taste of spicy Korean chicken, with a mixture of sweet, spicy, and savory flavor. But it will probably be Korean’s favorites among the Goji Kitchen + Bar dinner weekday menu.

Moving on to the next, you’ll see binagoongan rice, and in front is where all the possible Filipino condiments and sauces are placed. From lime, lemon, calamansi, catsup, sweet chili sauce, patis (fish sauce) to fried garlic, name it and they’re all there!

On the next glass covered table, you’ll see dimsums like siomai, dumplings, hakaw, and beancurd rolls. It definitely is what Chinese would look for when dining at a hotel buffet.

But apart from the dimsum, there’s lo han chai (stir-fried vegetables), japchae (Korean glass noodle stir fry), and fresh lumpiang ubod next to the dimsums.

Next to the healthy carb loading table, is a table that offers a variety of tempura – there’s various seafood and vegetable tempura, all coated with crunchy batter, fried to perfection. And it’s hard not to notice the crispy pata sitting in between the tempura serving dishes!

Western Cuisine

Once you’re done with Asian cuisines, it’s now time to try Western cuisines. On the black table next to the tempura, you’ll get access to baked marbled potatoes, baked salmon pasta, chicken tuscan, and carrot soup.

For some reason, I couldn’t help not trying the carrot soup. Hubby was surprised I was into soups that night, and I also couldn’t explain the reason why. But the carrot soup was so comforting that even the earthy flavor of the carrots was masked by the cream included in the soup.

However, one thing that was surprisingly good for a hotel buffet was the pasta. Hubby ordered carbonara pasta for our little one. And while he wasn’t in the mood for some white pasta, us adults loved every bit of it!

In the pasta section, you’ll find lots of different handmade pasta, and they come in different colors too! Goji Kitchen + Bar even has ravioli, cappelletti, and even ribbon pasta!

But not only can you request for a marinara or cream based sauce, you can also ask for bolognese and aglio olio. And there’s even garlic bread on the side so you can finish off any leftover pasta sauce.

Steaks and Grilled Meats

Opposite the pasta table is where steak and meat lovers would surely be excited about. Roast beef, sausage, and roast chicken is displayed in front. The chef will gladly heat them up for you when you order. 

Beside them are raw meat for grilling, which you can also order, and the chef will deliver them to your table. Choose among chicken tandoori, shrimp, beef kebab, tuna, chicken inasal, cajun chicken, pork bbq, and chicken honey cilantro.

But vegetarians also have a space in the grill station because they also offer vegetables on sticks. 

To the right of the raw meats for grilling, there’s baked chicken wings with honey mustard sauce and baked tuna with dill sauce. I loved the baked tuna in dill sauce! It had the refreshing taste, especially since I tried it first among all the other foods.

And what’s the best compliment to steaks? Sides like mashed potatoes and buttered vegetables are!


On the table that serves bread for breakfast, you’ll also find them for dinner, but with a little less choices. However, you’ll still find some nuts and cheese on the same table if you suddenly crave them.

Japanese Sushi

Another thing I want to recommend when you dine at Goji Kitchen + Bar dinner buffet are the makis they serve. I’ve tried a few and found that they taste great! Without adding too much rice in the Japanese rolls, the chef in the Marriott Hotel Clark buffet will make you want to stuff each one of the maki rolls.


If you love salads, then it’s a must you try them during your Goji Kitchen + Bar dinner buffet visit. Because, not only do they serve vegetable salads, they also have waldorf salad, pesto pasta salad, and even bacon corn and jalapeno salad.

There’s even kani salad, tuna poke, and salmon tartare. I loved the salmon tartare, so if you are adventurous enough to try fresh salmon with spicy mayo sauce, you should also try it!

On another note, if you love vegetable salad, you can choose among the wide selection of greens you’ll find in the salad table. 

Bagel sandwiches

Beside the salad table, you’ll find ready-made bagel sandwiches. So if you’re up for one, you can get them with 2 different bagel types: one plain and another one topped with rolled oats. 


Last but definitely not the least is the seafood part of the Goji Kitchen + Bar dinner buffet. I don’t think I have to repeat, but Marriott Hotel Clark’s seafood choices are also a lot compared to other hotel buffets.

Besides having shrimp and crab in the seafood part, there are also mussels, tuna, oyster, and other types of fish and shells. And you can have them cook in ways you want so long as the chef can.


If you’re like most who always have room for dessert in their stomachs, then this part must’ve been what you’ve been waiting for. Desserts are located near the entrance part of Goji Kitchen + Bar dinner buffet. 

Fruits like kiat kiat (or mini mandarin oranges), melon, watermelon, and pineapple are neatly lined up on the bar. There’s even a chocolate fondue where you can enjoy your fruits and marshmallows covered in a thick layer of chocolate.

Of course, you shouldn’t miss the pastries of different flavors and the halo halo just beside them. But if you don’t like fruits and cakes, you can just have ice cream, which is found after the halo halo ingredients. 

I was surprised to find coconut macaroons beside the ice cream bar, because not all hotel buffets serve them. Not only that, Goji Kitchen + Bar also has maja blanca. But what’s also to be seen in other hotels is the crepe station, which is also available here. 

Goji Kitchen + Bar Dinner Weekday Review Conclusion

If there’s one thing that makes me want to go back to the Clark Marriott Hotel, that’s because of how great food is at the Goji Kitchen + Bar dinner buffet. 

Besides the quality of food, you can also enjoy eating with a great ambiance without worrying about the crowd (of course, it’s a different thing when you go there during the peak season!)

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I hope this Clark Marriott Hotel dinner buffet review has enlightened you about what you’d expect when you dine there. I’d love to hear your comments in the section below!

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