Warning! These Photos from Tradewinds Cafe Breakfast Buffet Will Make You Drool

Tradewinds Cafe, Dusit Thani Mactan Resort – Our booking at Dusit Thani Mactan Resort included a breakfast buffet which is one of my favorites! I loved how cozy it felt when we spent our slow mornings at Tradewinds Cafe. 

One of the best things in life is eating with gusto after spending a night in a relaxing hotel room. So, here I am, writing my first hotel breakfast buffet review for you. I made sure to include lots of photos to get you drooling in no time!

Bread and Pastries

From plain dinner roll bread to pandesal to croissants, Tradewinds Cafe has them all. There’s a whole bunch of bread types to choose from so if you love them, make sure to try out the Tradewinds Cafe breakfast buffet! 

I especially love the chocolate croissant because it reminded me of the one we had in Europe. The chocolate inside was not too sweet and had the right balance when eaten with the crunchy outer crust. 

If you are looking for an American breakfast, you can get them easily on the counter. There are waffles, pancakes, and French toast to enjoy. I also love eating American breakfast meals, but I don’t like to stuff on carbs, so I leave you to try them out.

Although I didn’t try the other bread (because we prefer eating proteins, you’d know by now if you read most of my posts), I’m sure they’ll taste good too, based on the chocolate croissant that I’ve tasted. 

Egg Station

A breakfast isn’t complete without eggs, isn’t it? Or maybe that’s what we believe so. And at Tradewinds Cafe, you can have your egg in any way you want. You can order sunnyside up or scrambled eggs. 

You can also order an egg omelet with everything on the table – whether you like to add veggies and mushrooms – or you can have one only with cheese. Usually, we order one with all the veggies and lots of cheese!

Cereal Station

The cereal station is the least we notice when dining at a breakfast buffet, but at Tradewinds Cafe, I couldn’t help but notice theirs. Besides the usual Koko Crunch and cornflakes, it also has granola, which is a healthier cereal. 

On the left side, you’d find different types of nuts, such as peanuts, walnuts, cashews, and pop beans. Some dried fruits are also available to add more flavor to your cereal, however, if they aren’t enough, you can also add sweeteners found below the dried fruits. 

Japanese Section

Not all breakfast buffets serve Japanese cuisine, but Tradewinds Cafe has some. You can get kani salad, kimchi (this is Korean though), and spicy carrots (also Korean?). Next to the salads, you’ll find assorted makis which they call the sushi bar.

Kids Station

I was fascinated upon seeing a Kids’ Station. The table included chocolate muffins, sausages, and chicken nuggets. Children can also get cornflakes and frosted mini wheats on the same table.

My toddler loved the chicken nuggets and he ate them along with bread and fruits. Chicken is indeed one of the first foods that children will like. 

Filipino Station

Who doesn’t love a Filipino-style breakfast? Because I definitely love having them! At Tradewinds Cafe, you’d have almost (since no beef tapa was there) all the food you’d see in a Filipino household. 

Choose between plain or garlic rice and have chicken tocino, pinakbet, corned beef, and danggit as your main dishes. And to my delight, there was even a chocolate champorado beside the rice.

Tradewinds Cafe served Ube Champorado during the Independence Day breakfast buffet!

Moving on, you’ll see coconut macaroons, torta de Cebu, pandesal, and bibingka. It was really a happy place to have a breakfast buffet at Tradewinds Cafe!

Western Station

On the Western station, you will see loads of different cheese and dips. There are also fresh greens if you want to have salad as a starter. But you can also have oatmeal if you want a guilt-free breakfast.

But since you are on vacation, you might as well try the sausages (they had chicken and beef), bacon, potato wedges, and pork ham leg. They also serve 2 kinds of pizza for you to choose from.

Noodles Station

If you go to the noodles station, the chef will let you choose what type of noodles and toppings you want in your noodle soup. He’ll hand you the tong so you decide how much to get. And after he’s done, you can add seasonings depending on your taste. 

Indian Station

I’m always intrigued by Indian food. So, whenever I’d be passing by an Indian station, I always want to try them out. However, because of one experience that I was disappointed with the taste of “I can’t even remember what dish,” I’m scared to venture out again. 

But I’m still curious because I always see videos of people enjoying Indian food on social media. So maybe I’ll try it out next time if I have the courage again. Hopefully, I’d try something that wouldn’t scare my tastebuds, so I’d learn to appreciate them too! 

Taho and Puto

While we were busy eating at our table, a traditional “magtataho” (silken tofu with sweet sauce and white pearls) passed by. And we got all excited and hurriedly ordered each.

It’s a great way to relive childhood memories because the magtataho even had the same way street vendors sell their taho. He’s carrying the aluminum containers with the taho ingredients in them.

Another server is roaming around giving out puto (steamed rice cake) with cheese. We also got one for ourselves and we were happy with their recipe. 


After all the solid food, it’s time we check out the drinks or beverage section. Tradewinds Cafe offers many kinds of drinks so you can surely enjoy your breakfast. On the right of Cereal Station, you’ll find water, iced coffee, mango, and dalandan juice. 

And if you move further to the right, you’ll see bottled drinks with a tag that says “Healthy Drinks.” We sure didn’t let those healthy drinks pass! They are made of tropical fresh fruits and vegetables, depending on availability.

The blended spinach, basil, lemon, and ginger might scare people who don’t eat them, but it was a really refreshing drink! You should try them because they help release toxins built up in your bodies!

Tradewinds Cafe Review Conclusion

One of the things I always look forward to when staying at hotels is their breakfast buffet. It’s a great way to start the day by having good food in front of you and stuffing yourself until your stomach is about to burst. 

I liked the ambiance of the Tradewinds Cafe because even though the restaurant was jam-packed, you’ll never feel the need to rush to get your favorite food because people weren’t as crazy about finishing off the food on the counters. 

How about you? What is it that you like about breakfast buffets? Share them in the comments section below because I’d like to hear about them. 

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