Rami Korean Restaurant Made Our Cebu Experience Memorable

Rami Korean Restaurant, Philippines– Korean foodies who are planning to go to a resort in Cebu need not find somewhere else to experience authentic Korean Restaurants in Cebu. Because Rami Korean Restaurant Philippines is there to serve you delicious Korean cuisine.

The newly opened Dusit Thani Mactan restaurant, Rami, was on soft opening when we dined there. Besides serving lots of Korean side dishes, it also offers a lot of food we often see at K-dramas, so we will surely be back when we visit Cebu again in the future. 

Korean Banchan

If you are outside of Korea and are looking for authentic Korean restaurants, Philippines is the country where you can find food that tastes similar to what you can taste in Korea. For one, Rami Korean Restaurant serves authentic Korean sides.

After placing our orders, the server told us that he would be giving us Korean side dishes as we wait for our food to arrive. Starting from the top left clockwise, we had stir-fried fish cake, spicy cucumber salad, potato salad, and pickled radish.

Do these Korean side dishes already make you hungry?

The next one is cabbage kimchi, fried tofu cubes with teriyaki sauce and mayo, cucumber salad with mayo, and braised egg. By the looks of the side dishes, you will immediately know if a Korean restaurant is operated (or at least, managed) by a Korean or not.

The side dishes are refillable so you can request more if you want. I liked the fish cake, kimchi, tofu, and the pickled radish. Although I couldn’t ask for more because I was already stuffed with the food that we ordered.

The server also gave each of us a seaweed soup for a starter and our friend ordered another bowl or 2 because he loved the taste! Even my son loved the soup (he dislikes the usual soup we give to him), so you decide if it’s not good enough.

Traditional Korean Food

We dined at Rami at quarter to 8 PM and luckily, the place wasn’t crowded so we didn’t have to wait long for our food to arrive. When we entered, there were only 2 occupied tables and the servers kindly assisted us to our table. 

You might get intimidated by the Rami Korean Restaurant menu because there’s a lot they offer for a very small restaurant. However, you can ask the servers for their specialty if you have a hard time choosing which one to try. 

But since we dine at Korean restaurants quite often, we already have in mind what to order once we enter the restaurant. And Rami didn’t disappoint us because most of their food has passed our authenticity standards. 

Kimchi Jjigae

My eyes lit up when the server finally brought our kimchi jjigae to the table. Large pieces of cabbage kimchi sit comfortably in a hot stone bowl along with soft tofu and pork slices. The hot stone bowl will make sure you finish your kimchi jjigae piping hot to the last drop. 

A bowl of Korean rice comes with the order, so our son had some rice to go along with his fried chicken. However, I wasn’t surprised that the kimchi jjigae tasted even better with rice. So, now I understood why Koreans in K-dramas pour their rice over the hot stone bowl because that’s how it’s best eaten. 

And while we couldn’t do that because we share the food with my friend, I might try it some other time if given the opportunity. In the meantime, I just enjoyed the kimchi jjigae alone even though it was a bit spicy. 


Ahhh.. Tteokbokki.. My all-time favorite Korean dish was a delightful sight when the server finally gave it to us. The rice cakes were very soft and chewy and had the right amount of sauce covering each piece so I instantly fell in love with it! 

As a plus, the fish cakes were not that fishy smelling (some other restaurants have a slight fishy smell in their fish cakes). My friend who shared the dish with me also liked the tteokbokki. I must say that their tteokbokki is my favorite among their dishes!

Onion Cream Chicken

We decided to try Onion Cream Chicken for our toddler and hubby (since hubby is not a fan of spicy food). The chicken was cut into small pieces so you can quickly shove them into your mouth after dipping them into the cream sauce. 

However, the fried chicken pieces taste great even without the sauce, so our son enjoyed the pieces with his plain rice. On the other hand, hubby liked it with Japchae. But if you love the tangy taste of lemon juice and cream, you’d surely love dipping your chicken in it. 

Haemul Pajeon

I was surprised to see chopped chilis included in the Haemul Pajeon. However, upon tasting, I didn’t feel the spiciness, but you’ll probably do if you caught the ones with chilis. If you love savory pancakes, then you should order Haemul Pajeon. 

A soy sauce comes along with a pajeon order and Rami Korean Restaurant’s version is indeed one of the best-tasting sauces that match so well with the pajeon. Even though there were floating chili seeds, it wasn’t spicy at all (or my taste buds have already been burned by the tteokbokki and kimchi jjigae).


Our friend ordered 2 bowls of beef bibimbap and they were certainly satisfied with their orders. My friend who was craving bibimbap was very happy when their bowls arrived hot and full of everything a bibimbap needs to have. 

A generous serving of rice was topped with julienned carrots, slices of cucumbers, scrambled egg, bokchoy, radish strips, shiitake mushrooms, bean sprouts, and of course, beef strips. You add the included gochujang and mix the bowl with gusto. 

I love how everything inside a bibimbap bowl compliments one another with the spicy gochujang. However, I only order it whenever I’d be craving for one because we usually eat meat at Korean restaurants. 


I ordered Japchae because I knew hubby loves it. Rami Korean Restaurant’s Japchae was a big serving of sweet potato starch noodles with lots of beef, mushroom, carrots, and spring onions. The noodles were a bit bland (probably because I ate the spicy ones first) so it’s a great pair with the other spicy viands. 

Rami Korean Restaurant Review Conclusion

If you are hungry for an authentic Korean restaurant, Cebu has what you are looking for. Just go into Dusit Thani Mactan and locate Rami on the ground floor. Do you know where else can I find authentic Korean food in Cebu? Share them in the comment section below!

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