7 Dishes We Tried on the Spanglish Mexican Restaurant Menu

Spanglish Mexican Restaurant – On the second night of our stay at the Widus Hotel & Casino, we decided to eat at a Mexican restaurant. And while it was raining hard that night, we still pushed through with our plan and it made my tummy happy because I couldn’t remember when I last had Mexican food. 

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We left the hotel at about 7 PM and reached Spanglish Mexican Restaurant, 20 minutes after driving. The rain was pouring hard that it seemed like it wouldn’t stop. We saw that Spanglish Restaurant was quite popular among people because there were a bunch of people queueing outside the Mexican restaurant.

But thankfully, our friends arrived there before us and secured a table. I’m not sure if we just went there a bit late or it was just the right time to have dinner so it was jam-packed or it was always like that all the time.

However, we saw that Spanglish Mexican Restaurant was understaffed because it was taking so long for the servers to provide our needs. We had a long table but there were lacking chairs, so we had to ask for the servers so everyone in the group can sit. 

We noticed there were only 2 servers attending to the needs of all the customers. And when we placed our orders, the server asked us if it was okay to wait for 30 to 45 minutes for our food. We agreed and chose our fave on the Spanglish menu.  


Spanglish Restaurant menu

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A lot of starters to choose from.

The Spanglish Mexican Restaurant menu had a peculiar characteristic in that it is in landscape mode. There were photos on top that feature Spanglish bestsellers so you won’t have a hard time choosing if it’s your first time to try Mexican food.

spanglish menu, spanglish restaurant menu, spanglish mexican restaurant menu
Their main entrees are great!

You can choose from a wide range of food including starters, soup and salsa, fillers, gourmet burgers, and desserts. You can even order additional side orders if you must get your cravings fixed.

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There are desserts and other sides too!

Chicken Fajita

I ordered Chicken Fajita because I figured it will be more palatable to hubby. Chicken cubes are marinated and cooked with sliced onions and bell peppers, then served on a sizzling plate. The server will let you choose 3 sides: Mexican rice, refried pinto beans, cheese, and jalapeno. 

And we chose the last 3 as we prefer them to rice. After waiting for 25 minutes, the fajita finally came. Five tortilla wraps came along with the order. And even though my son was busy eating his favorite Chickenjoy, he couldn’t resist the wrap after seeing them on my side of the table.

chicken fajita, fajita, tortilla wrap
Are you already drooling?

He even made his version of chicken fajita: Chickenjoy, grated cheese, and tortilla wrap. He had a blast that night after eating a lot! Hubby, on the other hand, was just meh, because he isn’t really a fan of Mexican food. 

However, I liked the Chicken Fajita. The saucy chicken cubes work so well with the refried pinto beans, cheese, and jalapeno (I only added a few because I was afraid they’d be too spicy). 

Turns out, the jalapenos were pickled, so they tasted sourer than spicy. So, yeah, they added a great taste to the Chicken Fajita. And, surprisingly, I loved them!

But the tortilla wrap wasn’t enough for the filling because we gave 3 to our toddler. Nonetheless, we were fine with eating the chicken because I also ordered Chili Dog. 

Chili Dog

chili dog, chili con carne, hotdog sandwich, frankfurter

Soon after the Chicken Fajita arrived, the Chili Dog also arrived just in time to fill hubby’s empty table. We had the chili con carne separated and had the hotdog and bun sliced into half so hubby and I can share. 

A large cheese Frank was just the right size for the toasted hotdog bun. The not-so-spicy chili con carne also had grated cheese toppings, which made me smile because it was what I was looking for in a Chili Dog. 

And to complete the chili con carne experience, you add a dollop of sour cream into your Frank to counter the salty and spicy taste. It was a joyful night for me (not for hubby, sadly) at Spanglish Mexican Restaurant, because I don’t often eat this kind of cuisine. 


Shredded Beef Quesadilla

quesadilla, cheese quesadilla, beef quesadilla, nachos

Thankfully, our friend, who ordered Quesadilla, shared some with us, which made hubby smile a bit. We enjoyed the Shredded Beef Quesadilla because the toasted tortilla wrap was filled with a generous amount of beef and cheese. 

Two tortilla wrap cut into half is not bad for the price of PHP 395. A side of nachos and salsa is also included in the order. Maybe we can order this the next time we return to Clark, Pampanga. 

Nachos Supreme

I missed taking a photo of the Spanglish Mexican Restaurant’s Nachos Supreme because it went into our tummies as quickly as it was served. A big plate of corn Nacho chips good for sharing will arrive when you order it. The nacho toppings were enough to add flavor to the corn chips, so you’d want more bite after bite.

Topped with ground beef, cheese sauce, and pico de gallo, the Nachos Supreme should be included in your orders on your next visit! There are also sliced jalapenos, black olives, and sour cream in your nacho order, so it’s very flavorful with every bite!

Below are some more of our friend’s orders:

Chimichanga Plate

What differentiates a Chimichanga Plate from the other food on the menu with tortilla wrap is that it is composed of 3 wraps that are deep-fried and rolled for you. Inside the wrap are chicken, cheese, and refried pinto beans. 

And much like the others, the final product is topped with pico de gallo, cheese, olives, and a creamy sauce. The plate also includes a serving of Mexican rice to make sure you will leave the Spanglish Mexican Restaurant feeling full. 


Buffalo Wings

I also like Buffalo Wings but did not order them because hubby might not appreciate the spicy buffalo wings. However, when I saw our friend’s order, I found that 12 pieces are great for sharing with a group of 5 as a starter. 

Don’t worry, because you can choose between mild or spicy variants for your buffalo wings. Every basket comes with celery sticks which you can enjoy with a dip. 

Soft Tacos

Three pieces of soft tacos plated neatly are topped with red cabbage slaw, pico de gallo, and cheese when you order Soft Tacos at Spanglish Mexican Restaurant. Of course, the taco wouldn’t be complete without meat, and you can choose whether to have chicken, steak, or shrimp in them. 

You can either sprinkle lime drops on your soft tacos, or dip them in the sour cream provided with every order, or you can do both! Enjoy your soft taco in whatever way you want. 

Spanglish Mexican Restaurant conclusion

I never knew there’d be so many great food finds in Pampanga. There’s SOUQ Pampanga, Chiba Japanese Restaurant, Cafe Dia, and now, Spanglish Mexican Restaurant. Who knows what great restaurant we’ll find in Pampanga next? 

Do you have any good food suggestions? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below! 

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