Why We Love Dining at Yayoi (Japan)

Yayoi, Japan – We often see Yayoi here in the Philippines, however, we only tried dining in it to see if the dishes have the same quality as Japan. While the dishes here in our country are superb, we found more reasons to return to Yayoi Japanese Restaurant in the future.

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Self-service counters

Just like Kura Sushi, Yayoiken, more commonly known as Yayoi here in the Philippines, also has self-service counters. Self-service counters are usually placed right beside the entrance of restaurants, so you’ll instantly know if no server will take your orders.

yayoi menu, yayoi japan menu
So many good food to choose from!

While it was hard to choose from among the wide array of Yayoi Japan menus, we decided to pick the food we want to eat before entering the restaurant. It helps that you know what to click upon entering to avoid causing delays to other people. 

As we all know, the Japanese value their time, so it would be better not to waste their time by choosing the food you want to order before you reach the self-service counters. Otherwise, some other Japanese might get annoyed when they have to wait too long to place their orders. 


Individual table

yayoi japanese restaurant, yayoi nagoya
Don’t be afraid to dine alone at Yayoi Japan!

Here in the Philippines, we like dining together as a group. But in Japan, you’ll notice that many dine in at restaurants on their own. If you are afraid that other people might laugh at you for eating alone, you don’t have to when you go to Japan. 

The best part is that most restaurants have more individual tables than tables for group diners. We noticed that many dine at restaurants alone but they seem to enjoy their food without company. 

So, if you want to experience eating alone, you should try going to Japan and be among the Japanese, who enjoy their food even if they don’t have company. That way, you won’t be seeing people glancing your way, plus, you’ll have fewer chances of meeting people you know!

Unlimited rice and green tea

rice refills, free rice, unli rice, unlimited rice
Choose how much rice you want, but you can always get more refills if you must!

To enjoy your Yayoi Japan food more, you can get a vegetable side for free at the condiments table. I tried what seemed like a fermented ginger side, and it matched the food I ordered. It helps to cleanse your palate of the flavor of your food.

Besides the veggie side, there is also a soy sauce wherein you can add to the tofu included when you order a Yayoi Teishoku. I only learned to add soy sauce after seeing another customer pour it on her tofu cube.

You can also get free refills of Japanese rice and hot green tea drink. For the rice refills, you can choose whether to get 50g, 100g, or even 200g. If you aren’t sure, try the 50g first to see if you can finish, you can always refill again if you want. 


Pork Cutlet Simmered in Miso Sauce Teishoku

pork cutlet, miso sauce, teishoku, yayoiken, yayoi japan

After thinking very hard, I finally decided on the Pork Cutlet Simmered in Miso Sauce Teishoku. It was the same thing I tried back in the Philippines, so I thought I’d like to see if they have the same taste. 

When my order arrived, I was very excited to try the food out. I liked that the miso sauce in Yayoi Restaurant Japan had a milder spiciness than what we had tasted in the Philippines.

Hubby also enjoyed every bit of the pork cutlet drenched in miso sauce. I also love miso soup, so it was great that most teishokus include it for a more balanced meal.

Plus, it helps to ensure that customers get out with happy tummies when they order teishoku. I finished off with the soft silken tofu topped with a bit of soy sauce.

Of course, I grabbed the chance to get rice refills since I know we’d be able to burn the calories by walking. We don’t usually eat rice because we prefer proteins, but it was an exemption when we went to Japan!


Japanese Style Hamburger Steak with Grated Daikon Teishoku

When I get tired of eating chicken, or other meats, sometimes I like eating burgers. And when I tried Japanese Style Hamburger Steak at Yayoi Restaurant, I unknowingly put on a smiling face. Without any sauce, the hamburger steak was very tasty. 

The grated daikon added a refreshing taste to the greasy hamburger, so they were surprisingly a great pair! However, the pasta in tomato sauce included in the meal was slightly bland, compared to our pasta here. 

Nonetheless, the Japanese Style Hamburger Steak Teishoku was a great deal for only JPY 840 (PHP 337.69 or USD 6.02)! It also includes a cup of miso soup, a serving of french fries, and a little bit of broccoli flower (2 pcs to be exact).

Deep-Fried Chicken (10 pcs)

chicken karaage, fried chicken
Just look at the crunchy outer coat of the deep-fried chicken!

If you have read my previous restaurant review posts, you’d know that a part of our orders at a Japanese restaurant is Chicken Karaage or deep-fried chicken. Part of the reason we wanted to go back to Japan is to bring our toddler to places so he can enjoy his childhood. 

And so, we also have to take note that restaurants without chicken karaage are a no-no at this time (of course, we teach our son to eat other dishes too!). But, while we adults know how to enjoy our travels, we also want our son to enjoy his first ever out-of-the-country trip!


So we make sure to include Deep-Fried Chicken in our orders for our toddler to enjoy! For the cheap price of JPY 930 (PHP 373.60 or USD 6.66), you already have 10 pcs of chicken thighs which is more than enough to fill our son’s stomach. 

And what delighted our son more is that the order came with a mayo sauce. Because of that, he ate more than half of the order! 

Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant review conclusion

I was tempted to try the spicy noodles at Yayoi Japanese Restaurant because it seemed so delicious judging by the picture. However, I was glad I ordered the pork cutlet with miso sauce. It certainly is something worth coming back for. 

The next time we go back to Yayoi Japan, I’ll try a different menu so that I can enjoy more of its authentic Japanese dishes. Have you been to Yayoi Japanese Restaurant? What is your favorite dish to order? Let me know in the comments section!

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