Low Carb Diet: Lose Weight While Eating Your Favorite Food

low-carb diet

Do you love eating but hate gaining weight? Then this post is for you. There are so many diets out there but it’s confusing which one to follow to lose weight. What’s worse is that you end up craving food that you couldn’t eat.

With the low-carb diet, you can eat until you are satisfied with feeling less guilt. Best of all, you can eat what you like as long as I choose what you eat. So, here’s what you need to know about the low-carb diet plan. 

Low-carb diet for weight loss

What is a low-carb diet? How does it help you lose weight? A low-carb diet is a meal plan that limits your intake of carbohydrates. It means that you can eat protein-rich food until you are contented but eating fewer carbohydrates.

When you eat fewer carbohydrates, your body burns stored fat so your body can use them as an energy source. As a result, you lose weight. Eat your proteins with healthy fats, and vegetables to become a healthier you. 

Benefits of low-carb diet

Carbohydrates are needed if you need to use energy instantly. However, when you do not consume this energy, your body turns them into fats for later use. This is not how you want it to happen when you eat. 

When you limit your carb intake, you limit the energy stored so you gain less fat. Not everyone works out right after a meal. When you sit down to work in front of a computer after a lunch break, there is not so much energy you need. 

Then, a low-carb diet is the best meal plan for you. When you exercise regularly and follow a low-carb diet you can lose weight. A study has shown that when you eat the right amount of protein, you can lose weight as long as you limit your sweets and carbs.

Your blood sugar will become stable when you eat fewer sweets and starches. Other than that, it is easier for your body to burn fats because insulin, the hormone that stores fat, drops. Fewer carbs could help suppress your appetite, and when this happens, you lose more weight.

Low-carb diet foods

What to eat on a low-carb diet? Now that you know how eating fewer carbs could help you lose weight, it is now time to know what food to avoid. Starchy food should be the number one on your list to avoid. 

Food that contains starches are rice, pasta, noodles, bread, root crops, and beans. I don’t mean to stop eating them when you are first trying the low-carb diet out. You may reduce your carbs intake gradually. You can try to remove carbs from one of your meals daily.

Try which works for you. And then increase the number of meals or days in a week. You will soon notice that you are getting good at eating your proteins instead of carbs. 

You might ask “What is the best low-carb diet food to eat?” There is not one best meal plan to lose weight. But you can make your menu to suit your taste. Eating meals rich in proteins, like meat, fish, eggs, leafy vegetables, and natural fats, make up low-carb diet food. 

Some make cauliflower rice as their alternative to rice. Others eat shirataki noodles or rice to satisfy their carb cravings. Some others use cabbage to substitute for rice. You may also use eggs to make low-carb noodles if you want. 

You can join low-carb Facebook groups to learn more about their weight loss journey. How about creating low-carb diet recipes out of meat and fish? You can also create new dishes out of the ordinary ingredients. The list is endless. You’ll soon learn that the effort is all worth it. 

Low-carb diet side effects

Don’t be surprised that a low-carb diet has side effects. Not everyone who follows the diet experiences the adverse effects below. But the list is to let you be aware of what you might encounter for the first few days that you start eating fewer carbs. 

You might experience the following: 


According to a study, people who took fewer carbs had higher chances of being constipated than those who consume starchy food. One reason is that you have changed your eating plan so your bowel movement is affected. Another reason is that you are eating fewer root crops so you defecate less. 

What to do: 

  • Drink lots of fluid
  • Eat more leafy vegetables and fruits
  • Eat healthy fats (nuts and avocado)
  • Exercise

Muscle cramps

Same with constipation, changes in your diet could cause muscle cramps. Cramps happen when there is an imbalance in the electrolytes in your body. Make sure to include food that contains calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium in your diet. 


Some people experience headaches when following a low-carb diet, because of the limited carbohydrate intake. However, research proved that a low-carb diet could help prevent migraines. But if ever you get headaches with reduced carb intake, below are things you can do. 

What to do: 

  • Add MCT oil to your diet
  • Eat food rich in electrolytes
  • Drink lots of water


Many have lost weight by following a low-carb diet plan. It might be too good to be true, but you will never know if it works until it does. Why not try it out for a month and see how it affects your body? 

Let me know if you started your low-carb diet journey and how it has affected your life. Why not share this post with your families and friends who also want to lose weight? You might help them reach their ideal weight by letting them know this tip! Let us help one another and lose weight healthily! 🙂

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