A Remarkable Father’s Day Incident at Xin Tian Di

Xin Tian Di unlimited dim sum – We decided to celebrate Father’s Day at Crowne Plaza Xin Tian Di unlimited dim sum. And even though the kitchen experienced some difficulties, the management handled it fairly well making sure that all the diners wouldn’t hesitate coming back. 

Xin Tian Di Buffet Price 2023

Here is the Xin Tian Di Crowne Plaza menu, and the buffet price is PHP 1688 (USD 30.53) per person. This price is a great deal even without the discount.

A Remarkable Experience at Crowne Plaza Xin Tian Di

We arrived at Xin Tian Di, Crowne Plaza, a quarter before 12 PM and a server immediately greeted us and led us to our table. Another family wanted to avail of the Xin Tian Di dimsum buffet but since they didn’t have any reservations, their request wasn’t granted. 

Thankfully, we called in advance (since we were afraid the house was full because of the upcoming Father’s Day celebration) so we were able to eat the unlimited dim sum.

Our table was already prepared because when we got to our table, I immediately saw the Xin Tian Di menu for the dim sum buffet. We immediately placed our orders so we could start eating.

A few minutes after ordering, a small plate of cold cuts arrived. According to the server, all tables are given the starter set, but you can order some more if you want more.

The small plate included asado (char chiu), soy chicken, century egg, and jellyfish. The asado was juicy and the soy chicken tasted great. The century egg and jellyfish had the usual taste at an authentic Chinese restaurant.

The next food that arrived was the Sweet and Sour Pork which is our toddler’s usual favorite Chinese dish. However, that day, we were surprised he didn’t like them because we liked Xin Tian Di’s version of sweet and sour pork.

The outer skin of the pork was slightly crunchy and the sweet and sour sauce’s taste was absorbed into the pork. 

The Peking Duck Roll arrived along with the sweet and sour pork. I found them tasty too, however, the duck inside was kinda small, so it was better to eat the roll in one bite so you wouldn’t leave the pancake (or skin) behind.

The small bowl of Yang Chow fried rice also delighted our tastebuds. Thankfully, only a small bowl arrives per order, so you won’t have to stuff yourself with rice, and you can order more dishes to enjoy.

Not for long, our assigned server came to the table and told us they were having issues in the kitchen. He said he couldn’t assure us that all our orders would be served because he wasn’t sure when the kitchen would resume its normal operations. 

We nodded without knowing what lay ahead of us. In a little while, the server came and offered a spicy shrimp we didn’t order from the Xin Tian Di buffet menu, and we accepted it because the food on our table was almost empty.

Much later, the same server gave us complimentary iced teas.

Thankfully, after a few minutes, all the steamed dim sum we ordered arrived. Chicken feet, spareribs, hakaw (shrimp dumpling), siomai, and xiao long bao came out from the kitchen. The only thing left from our orders is the radish cake.

I especially loved the chicken feet. The chicken skin and meat are soft and chewy and the sauce was a little bit spicy but it had a sweet taste. And we ordered more of it because it’s not every day that I get to eat chicken feet.

The other steamed dim sums had the usual taste so I won’t be elaborating about them anymore. However, as we wait for the radish cake to arrive, our server came back again and offered Steamed Fish Fillet in Garlic Sauce.

Again, we accepted his offer and we weren’t disappointed with it. The dory fish didn’t have a fishy smell and the garlic sauce mimicked how the sauce of steamed fish in a typical Chinese lauriat restaurant tasted.

The next to arrive is the Almond Jelly we ordered. We loved Xin Tian Di restaurant menu’s almond jelly because of the silkiness and distinct almond flavor of each piece of jelly. Each bowl also included fruit cocktails to add flavor and color.

Ten minutes had passed, and still, there was no sight of the radish cake. Our server then asked us if we wanted to have Fried Tofu minus the sauce. Of course, we accepted it because it’s one of our go-to foods when dining at a Chinese restaurant.

Not our order but they tasted great even without sauce!

And to our surprise, the fried tofu tasted great even without sauce! You’ll appreciate the creamy taste of the soft tofu inside because of the chewy outer tofu skin.

And the spinach on top reminds you that what you are eating is definitely good for your body. 

Yet another plate came to our table without us ordering.

Deep-fried fish fillet topped with Shanghai Spicy Sauce was a great way to fill your stomach. The sweet and spicy sauce is great to pair with the fish, but if you love spicy things, you’ll find the sauce to not be enough.

Our server came back again to offer salmon sashimi, which we didn’t refuse. Of course, no need to check the Xin Tian Di menu if it exists there because, logically, they aren’t there. But we devoured each piece as if we just started eating.

They even served salmon sashimi to avoid getting customers going out not satisfied.

After waiting a while, we already accepted that the radish cake wouldn’t be coming out anytime soon. The server then came and gave a plate full of pastries signifying the nearing end of the buffet time. 

The dessert plate had a slice of banana bread, chocolate bread, and 2 ube lemon bread. Of course, our toddler didn’t let the banana bread go unnoticed. But he found the ube lemon bread a bit too sweet so he just had a bite or 2.

They even gave out different pastries to compensate for some of the unavailable desserts.

Overall, we were satisfied with the Xin Tian Di lunch buffet even though our radish cake didn’t come out. And the management did great in compensating for the orders they couldn’t provide. 

Our server also came to our table humbly asking us not to get turned off by the problem they encountered in the kitchen. And it was one thing that I hadn’t seen in other restaurants.

Kudos to the management of Xin Tian Di for how they handled the problem they encountered for the first time! That even though some of the food included in the Xin Tian Di menu price weren’t served, the crew were able to make the customers feel happy.

Xin Tian Di Unlimited Dimsum Review Conclusion

We certainly left feeling full that day, so I must say that the Xin Tian Di lunch buffet price we paid was all worth it! And even though we couldn’t eat the other food on the menu, we ate more than what was offered by the restaurant.

I hope this Xin Tian Di buffet review has helped you decide to try it out. Have you encountered the same problem as what we had during our Xin Tian Di buffet dining? How did the management handle it? Tell them in the comment section below! 

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