Is Chiba Japanese Restaurant Worth it? Find out Now!!!

Chiba Japanese Restaurant, Clark – On the first night of our Pampanga vacation, we had dinner at Chiba Japanese Restaurant.  It was recommended by our friend because the food definitely tastes like Japan!

Even though we had lunch at SOUQ Pampanga, we were all excited to eat during dinner because we heard Chiba Japanese Restaurant was good. After checking in to Widus Hotel & Casino, we left and drove to Chiba before it got crowded.

Look at those delectable Kapampangan dishes!
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Chiba Clark Pampanga

chiba, chiba clark, chiba japanese restaurant

It was half past 6 in the evening when we arrived at Chiba Restaurant Clark. The restaurant wasn’t jam-packed during that time, and we didn’t have a problem parking our car. The server assisted us to our table and provided the Chiba Restaurant menu to order. 

chiba menu, chiba japanese restaurant menu
chiba menu, chiba japanese restaurant menu

There was a huge array of choices on the menu so we had a hard time choosing what to pick. Obviously, we ordered Tori Karaage (Chicken Karaage) for our son because it’s his all-time favorite, but we took quite some time to find the best one to eat.

chiba menu, chiba japanese restaurant menu
chiba menu, chiba japanese restaurant menu

There’s sashimi, salad, yakimono, tempura, deep-fried, and grilled meat on the menu. You can also order Teishoku (or set meal) or bento boxes if you are famished. Of course, rice bowls and a la carte is also available on the menu. 

chiba menu, chiba japanese restaurant menu
chiba menu, chiba japanese restaurant menu

You can also have Teppanyaki or noodles if you’re craving them. Above all these menus, there’s another menu for Makimonos if you are looking for one. For beverages, Chiba Japanese Restaurant offers soft drinks, juices, and soda water.

chiba menu, chiba japanese restaurant menu
chiba menu, chiba japanese restaurant menu

If you want, you can even order beer, Japanese rice wine, or whisky. Besides these drinks, you can also avail white and red wine, or even ask for a cocktail if you wish. There’s a lot to choose from, so I took a photo of the menu for you to get started before you visit Chiba Clark.

chiba menu, chiba japanese restaurant menu

Tonkotsu Ramen

tonkotsu ramen, tonkotsu, pork bone broth

After flipping through Chiba Japanese Restaurant Clark menu, hubby finally decided to order Tonkotsu ramen. Topped with chopped spring onions, thin slices of pork, and black fungus, the Tonkotsu ramen can easily become anyone’s favorite. 

If you love the light taste of pork bone soup, you can enjoy the hot bowl of Tonkotsu ramen when you dine at Chiba. The ramen was not overcooked, and there are 2 pcs of toasted seaweed on the side to add more taste to your noodles. 

Pork Cutlet Curry

For some reason, after we came back home from our Japan trip, I’ve been craving Japanese Curry dishes. So, my eyes glittered when I saw the Pork Cutlet Curry on the Chiba Clark menu.

I was surprised when my order arrived because it had a large serving of rice and big pork cutlets swimming in a pool of Japanese curry sauce. My order came with 4 sides – miso soup, sauteed vegetables, mashed potato, and one pickle which I don’t know what’s called. 

Immediately, I indulged in my order because I was excited to try the authenticity of Chiba Restaurant. And, I was very satisfied with my order! Not even any other of my Japanese favorites could compete with Chiba curry dish.

Karaage Teishoku

karaage teishoku. karaage, tori karaage

Every parent’s wish is to see their offspring happy. And the Karaage Teishoku we ordered for our little one instantly made him elated. Three out of five big pieces of fried chicken made their way to my toddler’s stomach. 

My son ate more than half of his rice along with the chicken. It just proved that he liked Chiba Restaurant’s fried chicken! His set meal also included miso soup, sauteed vegetables, and mashed potato. 


gyoza, japanese dumplings, dumpling

Me, my mom, and my sister all like to eat gyozas. When we dine at Japanese restaurants, it’s usually a part of our order because gyozas are a great way to start your meal. Apart from that, the Japanese dumplings are very filling due to their meat and wrapper. 

Gyozas usually come with a sour sauce that pairs well with chili oil. Since I like to eat spicy food, I always add chili oil to the sauce for a satisfying experience. Whether you eat gyoza on its own or with rice, it never fails. 

Chiba Clark made sure its gyoza tastes just like the ones in Japan. So, if you are a fan of gyoza, make sure to try it out when you go to Clark Chiba Japanese Restaurant. 

Chiba Bento

chiba bento, bento box

All eyes were on the big box that arrived on our friend’s table when the server announced the arrival of Chiba Bento. If I was surprised by how big the serving of my order was, my eyes almost popped out upon seeing Chiba Bento. 

The big bento box had 5 sections of food that will surely be a great meal for anyone who has fasted for hours. Chiba Bento includes assorted Tempura, 4 pcs California Maki, Tuna Sashimi, Tamago, Crabmeat, and sauteed vegetables. 

On top of that, a cup of rice is also included in the Chiba Bento. A boxed meal isn’t complete without miso soup and shredded cabbage salad. I was almost jealous of my friend’s order, but since the curry was good, I shrugged the jealousy feeling off.

Chiba Special Maki

We ordered a Special Chiba Maki and each piece of maki was humongous. The rice roll had mango and crabmeat and was topped with a huge chunk of kani and tempura flakes drenched in a sweet and creamy sauce. 

If you eat with poise, you would have a hard time stuffing one piece of maki into your mouth. I had to finish each piece in 2 bites as a way to avoid turning off our friends. However, to enjoy it more, better to have it all in one bite!

The Chiba Special Maki is a great addition to any order made for sharing. We even ordered another plate because it was a big hit among us. Add a wasabi paste before you dip each piece of maki into soy sauce for an unforgettable experience.

The takeaway

chiba japanese restaurant, chiba restaurant clark

Japanese food will always have a special space in my stomach. And Chiba Japanese Restaurant is a great place to unwind and enjoy good food with friends and families. The next time we go there, I’ll definitely try the Chiba Bento! 

Have you dined at Chiba Japanese Restaurant Clark? Let me hear your stories in the comment box below!

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