Goji Kitchen + Bar: Breakfast Buffet That Will Make You Want for More

Goji Kitchen + Bar breakfast buffet – Hotel breakfast buffets make anyone’s day brighter, because nothing beats breaking the fast with a feast. After a relaxing night at the Clark Marriott Hotel, we indulged in a sumptuous breakfast buffet at Goji Kitchen + Bar breakfast buffet.

Not all bookings at Marriott Hotels & Resorts include breakfast, but ours had. Of course, we stuffed ourselves up, especially since the dishes were such a beautiful sight! 

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You must be looking for Goji Kitchen + Bar reviews (which is why you’re here!), then, you’ve landed in the right place. Besides taking photos, I’ve decided to create videos too for reviews, so readers will have the best experience. 

So, go ahead and enjoy lots of photos and a video of what you’d expect when you dine at Clark Marriott Hotel, Philippines, breakfast buffet. 

Goji Kitchen + Bar Breakfast Menu

We woke up early on the 2nd day so we got ready and went down to Goji Kitchen + Bar to have breakfast. And since it’s a weekday and still very early, the house wasn’t full. 

Upon entering the restaurant, what would greet you is the beverage and dessert area, which is quite different from other hotel breakfast buffets. 

Drinks and Cereals

Immediately, a refreshing healthy drink will say hi to you upon entering the place. Goji Kitchen + Bar had Orange Bell Pepper drink (it differs depending on the chef), and while it might not appeal to everyone, it certainly had the best health benefits.

The next you’ll see are cereals and a hot ginger brew, or more commonly known as salabat. There’s even gluten-free rolled oats on the table. A lot of spices are also there to add flavor to your oats if you like.

Next to the cereals are different types of milk, like fresh, low fat, and even soy milk. Beside them are different fresh fruit juices. Ice cream is also found on the same buffet table, and a jar of infused water to flush away all your body’s toxins.

Filipino and Chinese Cuisine

Moving on to the next, a Filipino breakfast cuisine with a mixture of some sausages will fill your eyes. There’s even a space that offers salted egg, okra, tomato, buro, and bagoong, followed by tinapa and dried squid.

Who wouldn’t love corned beef, chicken tocino, chicken and cheese sausages, and bratwurst? It would definitely make anyone who loves Filipino breakfast jump with joy!

Beside it, you’ll see different sorts of Chinese buns. There’s asado pork buns, plain buns, and custard buns. 

Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without garlic fried rice, or what is commonly called here as “sinangag.” 

Then, there’s vegetable fried rice, stir-fried noodles, and sauteed mixed vegetables. 

Following through, jars of sweets appear to your eyes, where you can decorate and add flavors to your pancakes, waffles, and French toasts.

Yet beside the cute jars, you’ll be able to get champorado, or sticky rice with chocolate, bread pudding, and a ready-made oatmeal. 

Next to them are sopas, baked beans, and plain congee, which are great to warm your empty stomach. Add more flavor to your plain congee by adding some toppings found beside it.

Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is also available at Goji Kitchen + Bar breakfast buffet menu. I was always curious about the dish because I’ve seen lots of people enjoying their food using bare hands on social media.

So I decided to try them out that day, yet I was only able to appreciate quite a few.

Matching the shakshouka along with the naan bread tasted like dipping a bread to red tomato salsa sauce. The hummus had a light flavor, so it wasn’t as scary to try, while the tahini has a bit of a nutty flavor, much like normal nut butter.

Tzatziki is a yogurt with lemon juice and some herbs, which has a refreshing taste. While the muhammara has a savory flavor, and it was a new experience for me to try them out.

I tried samosa again, hoping to like the taste this time. I remember before I was able to try it but got disappointed as the taste was too salty on my first try. Thankfully, this time, the flavor wasn’t too much, and it was just like other fried dumplings in Asian cuisine.

Of course, a breakfast buffet can’t be complete without the egg station. And you can have whatever type of egg you want – hard boiled, scrambled, sunny side up, and omelet. There’s even a tocino omelet on the menu!

Western Cuisine

You won’t regret paying for a Goji Kitchen + Bar breakfast buffet price because they even have 2 types of bacon to serve. There’s soft bacon and crispy bacon, which are separated so you don’t have to check one by one to get what you want.

And if you’re all set for Christmas, there’s a pork ham with pineapple sauce to enjoy, which is not usually present in other hotel breakfast buffets.

The next table will surely elate bread lovers. There’s a whole lot of bread and I wasn’t even able to try them all, because there’s way too many of them! From crossiants, to doughnuts, to muffins, to cheese rolls, Goji Kitchen + Bar have them all!

I decided to try my usual favorites — cheese roll and pan au chocolate.

The cheese roll had the right amount of cheese inside, and the only thing I didn’t like was the confectioner’s sugar on top. Anyhow, I was able to remove them by dusting them out.

Goji Kitchen + Bar’s pan au chocolate, or chocolate croissant was one-of-a-kind! Inside the croissant was a stick of chocolate, which added to the fun! So, you better try it out if it’s one of your favorite bread types!

More Western cuisine is available next to the bread table. It’s where you’ll find an assortment of ham, cheese, and nuts.

On the same table, you’ll also be able to get fruits and yogurts to finish off your hearty breakfast.

Healthy diners can also get their vegetable salads on the last part of Goji Kitchen + Bar breakfast buffet menu.

Goji Kitchen + Bar Breakfast Review Conclusion

To complete this Clark Marriott Hotel breakfast buffet review, I like to commend all the staff for being very warm to their customers. It’s not everyday when you’ll get greetings from all the staff and cooks when having a hotel breakfast buffet.

But at Goji Kitchen + Bar, you’ll definitely get a warm welcome from the staff. So, besides the mouth watering dishes you’ll have at the Clark Marriott Hotel breakfast buffet, you also get exceptional staff service. 

Doesn’t all the food look too delicious? Let me hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

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