Koko Eco-Sponge: A Genius Way To Save the Planet

Koko Eco-Sponge – Being the homemaker that I am, I’m always on the lookout for biodegradable things. And voila! An eco-friendly sponge alternative appears, which can be called Koko Eco-Sponge.

I’m an adventurous cook, so I use the kitchen everyday, except on days we dine out. And since I’m a “protect the mother earth” advocate, I want to use things that avoid hurting our planet. 

Because of that, I switch to products that are made of biodegradable materials as much as possible. And thanks to Koko Eco-Sponge, my biodegradable products list has a new addition!

I also have a review about period undies, one of my most favorite biodegradable product ideas that prevents the use of one-time use sanitary pads!

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What are sponges made of?

When you do grocery shopping, you must’ve passed by the cleaning section where the sponges, dishwashing liquids, and the likes, are found. But, do you know what is a sponge made of? 

Most of the time, cellulose sponges are what we see available on the shelves. 

Apart from cellulose, sponges also contain:

– sodium sulfate

– hemp fiber

Cellulose helps sponges absorb water, while sodium sulfate is used to make holes for your sponges. 

On the other hand, hemp fiber helps make your sponges durable and resistant from tear and abrasions. And while commercial sponges may be cheap and durable, they aren’t really the best when it comes to caring for our planet. 

Biodegradable sponge for kitchen

Biodegradable products manufacturers are now finding more ways on how to save our planet. Thanks to the awareness of the disadvantages of non-biodegradable products, more and more are switching to more sustainable products. 

Just like how I switched to using cloth pads instead of disposable ones, I too am in search of other biodegradable items at home. Thankfully, hubby is also in line with my goals. 

Biodegradable meaning

I bet no one questions “what is biodegradable?” anymore, seeing that the example of biodegradable materials is increasing. But if you’re to ask me the meaning of biodegradable, I’d say that it’s something that won’t hurt Mother Earth. 

But Merriam Webster defines it as something that breaks down after a living thing acts on it. 

Let’s divide the word biodegradable to find the exact meaning: 

Bio – of living things

De – downward

Grad – to step or move

Now, you know what biodegradable means, it’s time you learn their benefits to our life. 

Biodegradable products benefits

One of the reasons why I love using biodegradable products like Koko Eco-Sponge, is that it makes our world a better place to live in. I have a son and I want to save the planet because his future is affected by it. 

And here are some of the the benefits of using biodegradable products: 

Less waste

  • Because biodegradable products are broken down in a matter of time, they leave less waste on the land.

Decompose faster

  • I noticed that biodegradable plastics are easily worn out than the non-biodegradable plastics.

Less harmful chemicals emitted

  • Phthalates are found in plastics, but aren’t in biodegradable ones.

Less energy is used in production

  • Manufacturers need a lot of energy to find hydrocarbons, and when we switch to biodegradable products, we use less of them.

Biodegradable products examples

Besides Koko Eco-Sponge, there are many biodegradable products you can use to help save the Earth. Below are some of them: 

Cloth pads

Cloth diapers

Biodegradable garbage bags

Beeswax cosmetics

Plant pesticides

Paper bags

Eco bags

Plant based cloth bags

Natural fabrics

There’s still a lot of biodegradable examples out there. All you have to do is to learn about them, and while they may be more expensive than their synthetic counterparts, the benefits always outweigh the cost. 

Koko Eco-Sponge: Best Eco-Friendly Sponge for kitchen

One of Eco Warrior PH products arrived in a package one day, and hubby gave them to me. Upon seeing the Eco-friendly reusable sponges, I was delighted because we don’t often see them. 

On the box, you’ll see “Koko, your greener choice” written, and you’ll immediately know they are safe to use in the kitchen. And once you take the biodegradable sponge out, you’ll feel they are just like ordinary washable sponges, but are better!

Can you believe that the white and yellow parts of Koko Eco-Sponges are made of wood pulps, which can safely go back to our nature? The brown part sponge material is made of coconut fibers so they are safe and won’t hurt your pans. 

I cut the sponge in 2, because I feel that using the whole sponge is eating up too much soap.

And after using Koko Eco-Sponge for about a month, the brown part starts wearing off. It means it’s time to change into a new one.

And who doesn’t love the feel and touch of a new sponge?

As a fulltime mom, that’s one of the few things I look forward to – using new kitchen items makes me happy for no reason. 

I just changed into a new sponge which is why I couldn’t help but share with you about this Koko Eco-Sponge! 

Koko Eco-Sponge Review Conclusion

I never knew that the best biodegradable sponges can be easily bought from our local online store – Shopee. And with just a few finger clicks, you can get them and save our planet. 

I hope that this post has enlightened you about why it’s best to switch to biodegradable products! 

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