Discover the Dishes We Love at Tomo Japanese Dining

Tomo Japanese Dining, Quezon City – A new Japanese restaurant (Sto. Domingo, QC) opened last November 2023, and people couldn’t help but try it out. We gave Tomo Japanese Dining a 2 thumbs up after trying it out a few weeks ago. 

We passed by Sto. Domingo very frequently and we’ve seen the exterior of Tomo Japanese Restaurant many times already. And seeing that many people were queueing outside, we knew it was one Sto. Domingo Japanese restaurant not to be missed. 

One Sunday, we found Tomo Japanese contact number online, and wanted to book a reservation so we can finally try it out. Sadly, the staff told me they were fully booked that day. 

Then, another Sunday afternoon, when we were thinking of a place to have dinner, we tried our luck and we got entertained even though there was a long line of reservations that day. What helped was we were only 3 dining so it’s easier to walk in. 

Tomo Japanese Dining Quezon City Menu

Once seated, we immediately browsed the Tomo Japanese Dining menu because we wanted to order food first before the Sto. Domingo restaurant becomes crowded. The vast food on the menu made it hard for us to find quickly what we liked. 

But, soon, we found ourselves ordering what caught our attention on the Tomo menu. 

Tori Karaage

The first thing we found from the Tomo Japanese Dining menu price was our son’s favorite chicken karaage. Of course, it’s one of the prerequisites when we’re dining at a Japanese restaurant. 

However, not all Tori Karaages are the same. 

What we’re always looking for when taste testing Karaages is the distinct gingery taste, plus the part of the chicken that the restaurant uses. The best part we experience in a Tori Karaage is the thigh part, with all the seasonings needed for that tasty Japanese fried chicken. 

And Tomo restaurant didn’t fail us.  

Futo Maki

One of the makis that we like is the Futo Maki. And what made us smile about Tomo Japanese Dining Futo Maki is that there isn’t so much rice inside the roll. 

For us low-carb eaters, we prefer eating protein more than carbs. So it was a win-win when we saw the Futo Maki we ordered didn’t have a lot of sushi rice. It’s a great way to feel full without that guilt feeling. 

Steamed Tofu Steak

It’s our first time trying a Tofu Steak that has steamed tofu because mostly serve deep-fried tofu in their tofu steaks. 

And while it might not look as appetizing as its fried counterparts, what I’d like to commend is that the soft Japanese tofu included in the dish is definitely something worth trying. The soft Japanese tofu melts in your mouth while the sweet steak sauce let’s you crave more of the tofu steak. 

So, don’t be fooled by how bland the Steamed Tofu Steak looks!

Chasu Tonkotsu

It seems that the chef forgot how important it is that the food you serve looks appealing, here comes Chasu Tonkotsu, where all the toppings are deep under the creamy tonkotsu broth. 

We didn’t even realized that there was a ramen egg cut into 2 and a piece of seaweed until we were halfway through the ramen bowl. But what matters is the taste, right?

Don’t worry, because you’ll absolutely love the Chasu Tonkotsu – from the ramen noodles, to the toppings found below, up to the last drop of the tonkotsu broth. Forget Instagrammable pictures, but just enjoy your meal when you go to Tomo Japanese Dining restaurant to enjoy its ramen!

Kaki Gyuniku Steak

After ordering all the other dishes above, we decided we wanted to add Kaki Gyuniku Steak to end our dinner. However, the staff seemed to forget our order or we don’t know what happened, but it took sooooo long before we finally got to try this dish. 

After following up for the nth time, the staff finally put the steak to our table. 

And although we waited long, the steak surprised our tastebuds! The oysters were huge and the sauce blended so well with the meat. The sweet and savory dish was a great way to fill in any hunger that’s left after we finished our first orders. 

So, a tip if you’re going to eat at Tomo Japanese Dining is to order everything at once, so that the staff won’t forget your other orders. 

Restaurants in QC

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Ohayo Banawe (Japanese Comfort Food) 

Another Japanese restaurant Quezon City offers is Ohayo Banawe. What Ohayo offers are Japanese comfort food at a fair price, so you won’t be surprised when the bill arrives after you ordered a ton from the Ohayo Banawe menu. 

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Refuel Specialty Coffee + Bistro

Refuel Specialty Coffee + Bistro is one of underrated coffee shops you need to consider if you want to have a relaxing cafe to go to. 

What we love about Refuel’s coffee is that they are made from imported coffee beans, so you know you are getting more than what you pay for. Above all, we like that it’s not crowded compared to mainstream cafes in the city. 

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Cafe Roo

Another coffee shop you might want to check out is Cafe Roo, especially if you’re looking aesthetically pleasing cafe. 

What’s so delightful about Cafe Roo is that it offers many pastries on display which you’ll drool over. It also serves hot dishes, so you can spend more time with your family and friends during your visit. 

Here’s a glimpse of what to expect before you go there. 

Tomo Japanese Dining Review Conclusion

For me, Tomo Japanese Dining can be considered the best Japanese restaurant (Sto. Domingo). What I hope is that the quality doesn’t deteriorate as time goes by, and it gets more famous. 

These Tomo Japanese Dining photos might have not brought justice to how the food tasted. But I assure you that you ought to try it at least once, especially if you love Japanese dishes. While there are many Banawe restaurants on every corner, sometimes what we want are reviews from real people. 

So I hope my story is one of the Tomo Japanese Dining reviews you consider reliable.

Have you been to Tomo? What are your favorites? I’d love to hear about them in the comments section below!

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