Don’t Miss Out Refuel Specialty Coffee Bistro’s 20% Discount!!!

Refuel Specialty Coffee Bistro – One night, hubby needed to run errands, so he brought us with him, and we decided to try a newly opened coffee shop nearby. He was hesitant at first, but thankfully, he gave in because the place had a lot to offer than just coffee or tea. 

We arrived at Refuel Specialty Coffee, Sgt. Rivera Street, at 10 minutes past 9 PM. The store closes at 10 PM, nevertheless, we still pushed through because we wanted to try it out. 

20% off for the whole month of August

Even before the QC branch opened, Refuel Specialty Coffee is already found in BGC but we never got to try it. So now that it has opened to somewhere near us, we had a chance to go and visit the new branch. 

The QC branch just started operating on August 8, so it was still in its soft opening when we visited.

And we were surprised to find out that everything is 20% off until the end of the month.

So, if you have time, make sure to visit it within the month to grab the chance to try out their goodies while they are still on sale!

Refuel Specialty Coffee Bistro Ambiance

Another thing that makes customers go back to coffee shops is the ambiance besides their menu.

And at Refuel Specialty Coffee Bistro, you’ll keep wanting to go back because the ambiance is very inviting.

The place has a very neat look with simple furniture. There’s even a high bar where you can sit with your friends and colleagues. A couch area is also available for families with small kids.

The wooden design of tables and chairs adds a classic touch to the bistro. The place is also equipped with 3 air conditioning units to ensure customers aren’t hot. 

Refuel Specialty Coffee Bistro Menu

Upon arriving at Refuel Specialty Coffee Bistro, we saw only a few customers, maybe because it was nearing closing time. So we went straight to the counter to check it’s pastry menu.

We weren’t sure about what pastries they had because the only thing written on the Refuel Specialty Coffee Bistro menu about pastries is its generic name.

However, we saw a whole bunch of pastries to choose from on the counter.

There’s cheese puff, chocolate croissant, pork floss bread, New York cheesecake, sugar-glazed puff pastry, and plain croissant.

The server recommended the cheese puff because it’s a bestseller, so we gave it a try. Inside the layers of pastry flakes is cream cheese. And the saltiness of the cream cheese complimented the crunchy sweet glaze of the puff pastry.

We loved it to bits! However, our toddler didn’t appreciate it. 

Hubby ordered Orange Espresso and it certainly made him smile! The sweet and tangy taste of natural orange juice added a bold flavor to the bitter taste of the espresso. 

If you love coffee and want to try a different twist, you should try Orange Espresso at Refuel Specialty Coffee Bistro.

And since the server recommended Spanish Latte, saying it was his favorite, I decided to try it. After my first sip, it reminded me of a drink I have previously tried in other coffee shops. However, I was at a loss about which drink it was. 

When hubby tried it, he said that it tasted somewhat like Starbucks’ White Chocolate Mocha. 

And I couldn’t help but agree after taking a sip the second time around. 

So what’s in a Spanish Latte? Upon checking with Mr. Google, I found that what differentiates a Spanish Latte from the cafe latte is that it uses condensed milk instead of ordinary milk. The condensed milk adds more sweetness to the Spanish Latte. 

However, it’s still unclear to us as to why it tasted like White Chocolate Mocha. 

Nonetheless, I enjoyed my hot cup of coffee that night.

We Visited Refuel Specialty Coffee Bistro AGAIN

On our 2nd visit to Refuel Specialty Coffee Bistro, we decided to try different drinks and snacks.

The owner was there and he even gave our son a Babyccino! It’s basically steamed milk with chocolate powder sprinkles. So while we were having coffee, our son had his share of a hot cup of milk! How cute!

This time, I ordered a Hot Mocha while hubby chose Pour Over Ethiopa coffee. My Hot Mocha was great! It wasn’t too sweet and had the right amount of coffee and chocolate flavor in the drink.

The hot cup I ordered had a great mocha quality that was enough to complete my coffee cravings for the night. And I’m sure that we’ll be back again in the future even if the discount is already over!

Hubby’s Pour Over coffee had a citrusy flavor reminding us of the coffee blend that we bought from Baguio. And even though I’m not a fan of citrusy coffee blends, the black coffee’s taste is great to cleanse your palate off, especially after eating a hotpot buffet.

So, if you want to finish your night with a not-too-dark black coffee, you should try out Refuel Specialty Coffee Bistro’s Pour Over coffee.

We tried our luck by asking the crew if there were waffles (since on the menu, it’s only served during the mornings), and thankfully they have! Our toddler was very excited when he saw the waffles and couldn’t help but finish the whole thing on his own!

Hubby also loved the waffles just as much as our toddler did!

Besides coffee and pastries, Refuel Specialty Coffee Bistro also serves other main dishes so you can also have lunch and dinner there. Not only that, but it also has a breakfast menu to be served only from 8 AM until 11 AM. 

Refuel Specialty Coffee menu also has soups, pasta, and sandwiches. Appetizers are also available as you wait for your main entrees to be served. Non-coffee drinkers can also enjoy smoothies and juices.

But wait, there’s more! Refuel Specialty Coffee Bistro even has cocktails and beers on the menu. Make sure to check them out too! 

On our 2nd visit, Refuel Coffee Bistro had Chocolate Chip Cookies and Brownies. So, maybe the pastries do change depending on availability. The other ones we saw during our 1st visit were also there. So, watch our for more pastries in the future, I think?

Refuel Specialty Coffee Bistro Review Conclusion

I did my best to make sure my Refuel Specialty Coffee Bistro photos have enticed you to go and visit the newly opened store. Because our first visit will surely not be our last. 

Have you been to Refuel Specialty Coffee BGC branch? I’m sure you’ll like the QC branch as much as we did. Let me hear your thoughts in the comments section below! 

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