Ikebukuro Japanese Resto Bar Will Provoke Your Japanese Dish Obsession

Ikebukuro Japanese Resto Bar – While in search for the best Japanese restaurant in Pampanga, I saw someone suggested Ikebukuro Japanese Resto Bar. And we were glad to try it out despite not knowing what to expect. 

We’ve tried many Japanese restaurants in Philippines, but not all are serving authentic dishes with affordable prices. For us, Ikebukuro Japanese Resto Bar price is worth the food it serves. 

We arrived at 12:40 PM, and there were quite a few occupied tables at that time. After checking out the Ikebukuro Japanese Resto Bar menu, we placed our orders and waited. And people didn’t stop arriving even if it’s past lunch time, signifying that Ikebukuro is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Clark. 

Ikebukuro Japanese Resto Bar Ambiance

One of the things that affects our appetite when dining at restos is its ambiance. The cleanliness, lighting, and the surrounding affects our dining experience. And I’m sure you do too. 

Who would want to dine at a place that’s very unhygienic and unclean, right? 

And at Ikebukuro Japanese Resto Bar, you’ll surely have a great time. The lighting was great, considering that it was lunch time, the yellow lights brought out the energy in me and let me enjoy every bit of the food we ordered.

The temperature of the resto was good, especially since it was extremely hot in Pampanga (even hotter than in Manila!). And it was the middle of the day, the sun was the hottest, so it’s helpful to have a decent air conditioning unit when you’re running a restaurant. 

Another thing that adds charm to Ikebukuro Japanese Resto Bar is the live teppanyaki bar, where you can experience exhibitions from the cooks themselves. You can choose to sit near the bar, so long as there’s an empty space.

Free Miso Soup!

What’s one thing that’s hard to pass up is anything that’s free! And Ikebukuro Japanese Resto Bar needs a thumbs up for giving free miso soup to its customers, especially during peak hours.

We were alarmed at first that we got miso soup because we didn’t order them. So, we asked the server first about it before we drank them up. And our toddler was happy to add soup to his rice. It revved up his appetite even though he wasn’t up for eating that time!

After a quick walk outside, me and my toddler came back to our seats and were greeted with the free miso soup. He excitedly took a sip for a taste test, and it passed. 

All thanks to the free miso soup, we didn’t have a hard time handling his cranky mood. 

Ikebukuro Roll

One of the few things we usually try at Japanese restaurants (Philippines) is the rice rolls. And since we were hungry and couldn’t decide on which to try, we decided to try Ikebukuro Roll. 

If you love ebi tempura, then Ikebukuro Roll is a must try! The crunchy outer coating of the tempura works well with the soft ripe mango and cream cheese. And for an added protein, the roll also has unagi stuffing.

A teriyaki sauce adds a sweet and savory taste to your roll so all you have to add is a bit of wasabi to complete your Ikebukuro Roll experience. It’s something you must order when you’re in search of great Clark restaurants! 

Usuyaki Beef

We learned about Usuyaki Beef when we ate at Teppanya MOA. And when my eyes laid upon the appetizer on the menu, I couldn’t help but reminisce about our lunch out at the teppanyaki buffet.

So, we immediately added it to our orders. 

But the only funny thing was that Usuyaki Beef, which was supposed to be an appetizer, came out last. Nonetheless, we were happy about the last food to arrive, because the beef strips drenched in savory and buttery sauce were perfect with the mushroom pieces. 

Katsu Curry

My obsession with curry didn’t stop me from ordering Katsu Curry at Ikebukuro Japanese Restaurant Clark. But we requested to separate the curry sauce from the rice because our toddler isn’t a fan of curry sauce.

The thick katsu slices dipped in curry sauce took me to heaven! Adding that the curry sauce included sliced potatoes and carrots, it also has some beef strips, which other Japanese restaurants here didn’t have.

To sum up, you should try Ikebukuro Japanese Resto Bar’s curry, and you can choose among katsu, ebi fry, and chicken karaage. All these fried foods pair so well with the tasty curry sauce. And don’t be afraid if you don’t like spicy things, because the curry isn’t. 

Tori Karaage

What else is left for us to order is our toddler’s ever favorite Chicken Karaage. Thankfully, he was excited to eat his food even if he was a bit sleepy and cranky during the time. Soon after, his chicken karaage came and I immediately cut up the pieces so he can eat. 

And just like any other authentic Japanese restaurant, the Ikebukuro Japanese Resto Bar owner didn’t let us down. Its Tori Karaage had that hint of gingery taste and the crunchy 

outer coating. And while our toddler didn’t finish them all, he was very happy with them. 

Ikebukuro Japanese Resto Bar Review Conclusion

The wide selection of food at Ikebukuro Japanese Resto Clark menu didn’t make it hard for us to choose our favorite dishes. We’ll surely try out other dishes the next time we go back. 

You must be looking for the best Japanese restaurants in Clark which is why you’re here. But for you to be ready, you can check out the Ikebukuro menu (Philippines) before you go. 

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