This is Your Sign To Try Teppanya Restaurant

Teppanya Restaurant, SM MOA – I’ve passed by Teppanya – SM North many times, but my first time to try it was when Teppanya MOA opened. And what we can say is that the food served in Teppanya is worth the price. 

I called in advance for a reservation at Teppanya near me because we expect it to be full house especially since we planned to go there on a Saturday. And while there weren’t people lining up outside, the restaurant was almost full when we dined.

Currently, there are 4 Teppanya branches available, SM North, Evia, SM Clark, and SM Mall of Asia. And the latter has just recently opened, so we decided to give it a try. 

Teppanya buffet price

You can choose between deluxe or premium buffet packages depending on your cravings. For deluxe, lunch is PHP 1988+, and dinner or holidays is PHP 2188+. The price already includes Angus steak, ribeye, and even seafood. 

However, if you wish to eat rock lobsters and scallops, you should choose to upgrade to premium and pay PHP 3188+ for lunch. For dinner and holidays, you’d have to pay PHP 3388+. For me, the Teppanya menu prices are worth it. 

Teppanya menu

First-timers might be intimidated by the food included in the Teppanya menu. There are so many foods to choose from and if you’re hungry, you might just order everything you see because they are all too tempting. 

However, what we always do is check the whole menu out before placing our orders so as not to waste any food. And when something passes our tastebuds, that’s the time we order the second and third rounds.

Teppanya offers a wide variety of teppanyaki (obviously!) and they are all cooked the same way and right in front of you. The chef will even execute shows to amaze customers so make sure to get your cameras ready when you go dine at Teppanya. 

Besides teppanyaki, you can also order nigiri, temaki, sashimi, and aburi. Makimono also have a space on the menu and so do curries, grilled meats, and baked scallops. There are also donburis, rice, and ramen.

Appetizers, vegetables, desserts, and drinks are also on the list. Do take note that sodas included in the unlimited packages are served from the vendo machines, while a la carte orders get them in cans. 

What we love about Teppanya

We tried a lot of dishes at Teppanya and we have some that we loved the most. Of course, I didn’t forget to take photos of them even though I was tempted to have a bite before capturing them. 

Ebi Tempura

Not all buffet restaurants offer authentic Ebi Tempura, and by that, I meant using prawns and coating them in tempura batter. We were surprised that Teppanya makes use of large prawns for their tempura. 

We ordered 3 plates of the Ebi Tempura, so need I say more? 

Salmon Sashimi

Another dish that we usually check out at a Japanese Restaurant is Salmon Sashimi. Teppanya serves good salmon sashimi, however, we were more inclined to eat beef than salmon, so we ordered only one plate. 

We usually judge the salmon sashimi’s freshness according to its color and taste. And on the photo, you’ll see how bright the orange coloring of each piece is, and the taste was superb. So, if you are craving salmon sashimi, Teppanya is the place to be. 

Chicken Karaage

Well, what can you say? Seems like chicken karaage will always be a part of our order list until the time when our toddler gets tired of eating it. But Teppanya’s chicken karaage easily makes people fall in love. 

Even hubby couldn’t help but a piece or 2 from our toddler’s plate. We ended up ordering 2 plates to satisfy our toddler’s hunger. 

California Maki and Philadephia Roll

Among the makimonos, what appealed most to us is the California Maki and Philadelphia Roll. The California Maki is one of the first few maki one may have heard of since you can easily find it in most Japanese restaurants here. 

The simplicity of the California Maki is what makes it appealing to people. But what we love about the Philadelphia Roll is the cream cheese inside. However, we were disappointed with the Philadelphia Roll that came to our table. 

It seems there was some mistake with the order because it didn’t contain cream cheese inside. And what’s worse is that hubby got turned off by the spicy topping it had. The chef probably gave it to us by mistake. 

Usuyaki Beef Roll

Usuyaki Beef Roll is by far one of our favorites at Teppanya Restaurant. Chopped mushrooms are rolled into thin strips of beef and then cooked right in front of you by the chef. The smell of the beef roll cooking will make you more hungry.

And once the chef served it to us, we let it cool a little bit and we each had one which delighted us. The sweet and savory flavor of the teppanyaki sauce was absorbed by both the beef strips and mushrooms.

This is a great appetizer, especially if this is your first time trying Teppanya Buffet Restaurant. 

Ribeye and Tenderloin

Another 2 types of meat that will be cooked in front of you are ribeye and tenderloin. We ordered them both to see which one is better. And the latter won because of its more tender meat. I’m not sure which variant of ribeye we got because that’s what the chef told us.

However, we were sure that the ribeye wasn’t overcooked, hence, we can’t explain why the meat was tougher. So, if you prefer tender meat, better go for the tenderloin, because as the name implies, it is tender. 

Beef Sukiyaki Cut

The Beef Sukiyaki Cut is one of those dishes that’s great to eat with rice, plain or fried. The strips are very thin so you won’t have problems chewing on them. Plus, the sauce is very tasty, so it’s a great rice topping.

Squid Teppanyaki

The chef offered us the Squid Teppanyaki, saying it’s one of their bestsellers. And true enough, it tastes great along with the creamy sauce. Don’t be afraid that the squid rings are tough because they were definitely easy to chew even for very young children. 

Prawn and Lobster

We seldom order seafood because hubby is not so much of a fan. However, I think we’d be adding this to our order list every time we’ll be back at Teppanya. The juicy meat of both prawn and lobster will make anyone who hates seafood love them. 

Teppanya Restaurant Review Conclusion

All I can say is that the Teppanya price is all worth it especially when you go in very hungry! As much as possible, try to order everything you think you can finish on the first order so you won’t have to wait a long time for the food to arrive. 

The next time we go back, we already know what to order first and maybe try some other food that we haven’t tried during our first time. Which one is your favorite? I’d love to try any food suggestions you may give. 

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