What You Should Know About Umi Matsu

Umi Matsu Japanese Restaurant – Many Malate restaurants serve Korean dishes, but what many don’t know is that there are also authentic Japanese restaurants that should not be taken for granted, and one of them is the Umi Matsu Japanese Restaurant. 

To be honest, it’s hard to find authentic Japanese restaurants near me because a lot are claiming for their quality dishes, but they don’t. 

So for this Umi Matsu review, I’d like to share with you the dishes we’d be returning to, plus some of which we wouldn’t recommend you to try. 

In the same building, you’ll also find Chung Dam Malate Korean Restaurant, which we also frequent because of its quality meat. See my review here

Umi Matsu Menu Price

Upon checking the Umi Matsu Malate menu, I couldn’t help but doubt whether where we entered was an authentic Japanese restaurant. But since we were already inside, it’s a shame if we’d left without giving it a chance. 

The server gave us 2 booklets with their menu on it. And we were confused about which one to order since there was a lot to choose. However, you don’t have to because you can check the Umi Matsu Japanese Restaurant menu in the comforts of your home right now. 

Authentic Japanese Restaurant in Malate

One thing we love about traveling to Japan is the good food that we enjoy every meal. Whether it be from a convenience store or at a pricey restaurant, we know we’d be enjoying more than regretting. 

Thankfully, if we miss the Japanese taste that we truly enjoy, we can have them without having to book a flight to Japan. What we noticed about the Umi Matsu menu (Philippines) is that it’s a Japanese fusion restaurant. 

Normally, Japanese fusion food doesn’t offer quality food based on our experience. But we realized we shouldn’t be judgmental because Umi Matsu didn’t want to fail us customers. 

But let’s not wait further and jump to my Umi Matsu Japanese restaurant Malate review. 

Katsu Curry

If you’ve been following me in my blogging journey, you must know that I’ve been craving curry dishes most of the time when we’re eating at a Japanese restaurant. I used to not like it until I’ve tried it. 

And at Umi Matsu menu, you can choose whether to have tonkatsu or ebi tempura with your curry sauce. We chose tonkatsu and then ordered a separate ebi tempura. 

We liked how the pork tonkatsu had more lean meat than fat, because we’re lean meat eaters. However, you have to consider that lean meats might be a bit tough compared to those with fats. 

Nonetheless, we enjoyed every tonkatsu slice along with its curry dipping sauce. 

Sukiyaki Set

The next thing that caught my eye on the Umi Matsu Malate menu was the Sukiyaki Set. In the set, you’ll get yourself full because a generous serving of sukiyaki soup comes with a bowl of plain rice, miso soup, chawan mushi (or Japanese steamed egg), mashed sweet potato, and pickles. 

One can definitely leave Umi Matsu happy and satisfied. 

Chicken Karaage

I guess we’ll never ever forget to order Chicken Karaage when dining at a Japanese restaurant because it’s something that gets our child excited eating. 

Five big pieces of fried chicken thighs topped with a slice of lemon will be served to you when you order the Tori Karaage. Alongside is a bowl of Japanese mayo to compliment the crunchy and savory Japanese fried chicken. 

Our son savored every bit of the authentic Japanse fried chicken served at Umi Matsu. It’s something you should order if you’re looking for great-tasting fried chicken that’s at par with the Chicken Karaages in Japan. 

Shrimp Tempura 

Another thing that makes our son happy is the Ebi Tempura. We decided to try it out at Umi Matsu because we want to see if it’s something worth reordering should we go back. 

And I’m happy to tell you that what’s inside the tempura batter is a large tasty shrimp that’s worth every penny!

Rainbow Roll

On our 2nd visit to Umi Matsu Malate, we saw a promotional menu about some of their best-selling makis. And we got enticed by the Rainbow Roll on the picture menu. However, we were saddened upon seeing the maki, as it was very different from what we expected. 

The one on the menu was way better than the actual maki. Although each slice of the Rainbow Roll had a fresh tuna and salmon sashimi, and avocado slices, it also had a white dressing which wasn’t present on the menu.  

Sure you may try the Rainbow Roll, but just don’t be surprised by what you’d get when your orders arrive. 

Tonkatsu Set

Next thing to avoid when you’re on a diet is the Tonkatsu Set. Because not only you get a good serving of pork tonkatsu slices and a cup of rice, but you’ll also have a bowl of udon soup on the side. 

Best of all, you also have a sampler of 3 nigiris (salmon, tuna, and squid). But just beware of the ika (or squid) nigiri, if you haven’t tried before, because it’s a bit chewy compared to its fish counterpart. 

The set also comes with pickles and mashed sweet potato for that palate cleanser as you indulge in your meal. 

Cold Noodle

I learned about cold noodles because of Korean series. And it’s hard to stay fit when you’re watching kdramas in the middle of the night, because either their eating ramen or samgyuepsal that will surely make you drool. 

However, I once tasted a cold noodle in Korea and I can’t help but want to find an authentic Korean restaurant here in the Philippines to bring back that memory I had during my visit to Goryeo. 

And as expected, Umi Matsu’s cold noodles easily became something I’d be looking for for times when I’d be craving them. 

If you’re as adventurous as me, you should add it to your order when you visit Umi Matsu. 

Umi Matsu Branches

Currently, you’ll see only 2 Umi Matsu locations. One in Malate, and another one in Parqal. However, do watch out for the new branch that’s about to open in BGC on April 12, 2024. 

Get 50% discount on selected makis until April 30 by dining at Umi Matsu BGC. You can find it in 28th Street in Taguig. 

Umi Matsu Reviews Conclusion

Umi Matsu is one of the Malate Japanese restaurants that’s a hidden gem. However, I have yet to check whether it also serves authentic Japanese ramen, but next time, I’ll try it and leave a review for you. 

I hope that this Umi Matsu Japanese restaurant review has helped you decide what food to order during your visit. 

What’s your favorite among the Umi Matsu menu? Let me know your thoughts in the comments section! 

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