Cafe Roo: An Undiscovered Tranquil and Dreamy Coffee Shop

Cafe Roo, Tomas Morato – We were looking for a coffee shop and found Cafe Roo from a Facebook Group. So, we decided to try it out, and it was a good idea because the place had a great ambiance and nice coffee.

It was 10 in the evening when we arrived at Cafe Roo, Tomas Morato. The place had a lively vibe especially since it’s located at a place where people don’t sleep early. I even checked Cafe Roo’s Facebook first to know its opening hours. 

Thankfully, it isn’t closing soon so we wouldn’t have to worry about owners telling us to go home. The coffee shop is open from 10:30 AM until 6 AM daily, so you can go there in the middle of the day until dawn.

You can easily find Cafe Roo because of the distinct design on its rooftop. The structure is even lighted so you will surely find your way to that coffee shop. The parking lot is very limited, but you can get valet parking. 

The staff on the ground floor will ask how many will dine at Cafe Roo, then he will check with the staff at the cafe if there are available seats for you before they let you in. It’s great they have this kind of arrangement so you are sure to find seats before you place your orders. 

Cafe Roo, Premium Rooftop Cafe Menu

Upon reaching the second floor (where the coffee shop is located), the coffee bar will immediately greet you. Once you find your seats, a server comes to you to give you the menu. The menu has a lot so you may take time to choose. 

On the Cafe Roo, Tomas Morato, menu, you will find lots of good stuff. There’s a whole bunch of coffee drinks and non-coffee-based beverages. You’ll find salads, all-day breakfasts, pica pica, and main dishes.

There are also pizzas, pasta, burgers, and platters. Other drinks such as fresh fruit shakes, ades, and teas are also available on the second page of beverages. Sharing with you the menu so you can check them before you go!

Cafe Roo Pastries

On the glass display, you’ll see different cakes and pastries that will delight not only your eyes but even your tummies. Cafe Roo has Chocolate Cake, Sebastian Cheese Cake, and Strawberry Cake.

You can also order Strawberry Cheesecake or Matcha Cheesecake if you want more variety for your cheesecake. However, since we were still full during our visit, we didn’t try any of the cakes, but maybe we would on our next visit.

Next to the cakes, you’ll find different breads and cookies. Cookie lovers might like to try a Lotus Oatmeal Cookie, White Chocolate Cookie, or Chocolate Cookie. They all look homemade and delectable!

On the other hand, bread fanatics might drool over Pizza Bread, Matcha Croissants, Oreo Chocolate Croissants, Almond Croissants, or Pork Floss Bread. And if it’s not enough, you can have Salt Bread, Brioche Cream Bun, or even Cheese Roll.

We tried Cafe Roo Cheese Roll because that’s what pique our son’s interest. However, we were disappointed with the texture of the bread because it seemed not freshly baked. But, we were impressed with how generous the cafe was with the cheese inside.

The cream on top is also another thing to take note of with the Cheese Roll. It made the bread more flavorful. Our son loved every bit of the Cheese Roll, so we couldn’t complain more.

We also ordered Dark Mocha Frappe without whipped cream and with less syrup. We loved it! However, the chocolate bits inside tasted like inexpensive chocolate bits and there was this aftertaste after drinking them, so maybe I’ll try another drink the next time we go back.

Cafe Roo QC Interior

What caught my attention is the very nice interior of Cafe Roo. The bright yellow lights used inside the cafe add a very relaxing vibe and the cool airconditioning ensures the customers enjoy even the hottest drinks. 

There are even fake plants to add to the pleasantries inside the cafe. For some reason, plants (even fake ones) help make me feel good. Now, I understand why plantitos and plantitas love growing plants in their backyards!

I also loved the traditional look and feel of the chairs inside the cafe. It reminds me of the old and sturdy chairs we had at home 20 years ago. And they are indeed very nice when sat at, which is why designers are bringing back designs of the past.

If you want fresh air while sipping your hot cup of coffee, you can choose to sit on the veranda. You’ll even have a nice view of the city when you go there. I checked the al fresco area, and I almost wanted to stay there if it were not for hubby and our son.

Cafe Roo Tomas Morato Review Conclusion

A vast coffee shop menu is what you’ll find when you visit Cafe Roo, Tomas Morato. Besides the many different types of coffee it offers, it also has many good food you can try and share with families and friends.

The next time we go back, I will try a different drink than the one we had. Have you been to Cafe Roo? What are your favorites?

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