Sun Cafe: An Unexplored Coffee Shop in the City

Updated: February 1, 2024

Sun Cafe, Binondo – Most people love visiting trending coffee shops without knowing there are other underrated cafes in the area. And Sun Cafe Binondo coffee shop is among the few who deserve some love, too. 

We’ve passed by the Sun Cafe Manila a few times already and weren’t sure if it was really a coffee shop since the front of the store indicates Sun Wu Business Manpower Solutions

Thankfully, they have changed the logo in front, so it’s more visible as a coffee shop in Manila.

One late evening, we drove past the store slowly to check the coffee shop’s name. Upon seeing Sun Cafe written inside the store, we checked the store’s social media accounts, only to affirm our guess that it is indeed a store selling coffee drinks. 

Sun Cafe Opening Hours

Sun Cafe Binondo coffee shop opening hours: 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM

We might have visited Sun Cafe many times at night, but you can go there as early as 7:30 AM. The store accepts customers until 10 PM, so you have a lot of time to choose when you plan to visit it. 

But, where exactly is the Sun Cafe location? 

If you are familiar with Binondo Church, stand in front of it, turn right, and you’ll see the Sun Cafe at the corner of the building next to the church. 

One evening, when we were driving home after eating dinner, we decided to try out Sun Cafe. And since we weren’t sure if we could park anywhere near the area, we just ordered a takeout drink.

Hubby parked in front of the drugstore beside Sun Cafe, and had me order while they waited in the car. As usual, we tried their version of cafe mocha, which is called Yin Yang Mocha in the Binondo coffee shop menu. 

We loved how the iced mocha wasn’t too sweet and had the flavor we were looking for: the mixture of coffee and chocolate but without diabetes saying hello to us.

But to get the best experience, we returned to Sun Cafe and took the chance to enjoy the pleasing aesthetics of the store. A few days after we first had our Sun Cafe Manila coffee shop, we came back, but this time, we had our orders “for here.” 

You can park anywhere in the area..

For the parking, I asked the server during my first visit about where it’d be best to park our car. He said that we could park anywhere in the area. 

I even asked if it was safe to park just anywhere, and he said it’d be fine because the area is well-lit and the people around are all nice beings.

So, if ever you bring a car, you now know you’re vehicle is safe.

Sun Cafe Ambiance

Looking from the store’s exterior, you’d never know that a great ambiance awaits you inside. The Sun Cafe owner was very intentional in creating a very comfy space for all coffee lovers.

The bright lights of the Manila cafe added a vibrant vibe to the classy space they decorated. I love how the marble tables and wooden chairs put an elegant finish to the overall look of Sun Cafe. 

The cool breeze from the air conditioning units ensures that the customers are not hot even during the hot weather. So, you don’t have to worry about sweating if ever you plan on ordering something hot. 

Sun Cafe Manila Menu

Don’t be fooled by the name Sun Cafe, into thinking that they only sell coffee drinks. Because more than caffeine drinks, Sun Cafe menu also has hot meals and pastries. Not to mention having smoothies and iced shaken teas too!

For food, expect to find starters, salads, breakfasts, and even noodles. Sun Cafe also has chicken wings and sandwiches. So, don’t be afraid to go there with a grumbling stomach.

However, if you are not that famished, snacks are also available for light eaters. On the counter, you’ll find pastries such as breads, cakes, and cookies. Don’t be afraid to try some since the Sun Cafe Binondo coffee shop menu price isn’t overwhelming at all.

I was fascinated by the wide variety of pastries Sun Cafe has. It will surely cater to anyone’s wants. Surely, even picky eater kids would love at least one of Sun Cafe’s sweets. 

From the many beverages sold by Sun Cafe, I chose Buon Giorno, Macchiato!, which is also equivalent to caramel macchiato. I missed drinking my coffee with caramel, and it surely brought me back to the times when I often ordered my caramelized coffee.

Hubby ordered Yin Yang Mocha again but with an extra espresso shot. 

Dieters don’t have to be afraid of the cafe mocha because the barista said they don’t add any sweetener to the drink.

For our toddler, we ordered Ensaymada, but he seemed to not enjoy his food. When I tasted it, I figured that the slightly pungent odor of the cheese was what turned him off. Still, it’s worth the try, especially for ensaymada lovers.

One great thing about Sun Cafe is that you can work while having coffee because I found an outlet where you can charge your laptop or tablet.

Make sure you’re not bringing any outside food to the cafe.

Sun Cafe Review Conclusion

It was great to be able to find coffee shops other than the most crowded ones. And we like how less sweet Sun Cafe’s Yin Yang Mocha is. The Buon Giorno, Macchiato was on the sweeter side, uhm, well, due to the caramel included in the drink. 

The next time we go back, I’ll try another drink too so I can compare it with others again. In the meantime, care to share what food and drinks appealed to you? Write in the comments section if you have coffee suggestions for us to try!

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