Unnies and Oppas, It’s Time You Visit Cafe B.O.M.

Cafe B.O.M. Clark Pampanga – On the last day of our Pampanga trip, we decided to feel like unnies and oppas by having lunch at Cafe B.O.M. We love how inviting Cafe B.O.M. was (just like Cafe Dia) and we all enjoyed our last hurrah before we got back to reality. 

At 11 AM, we checked out of Widus Hotel & Casino and made sure that no things were left behind. After 20 minutes, we already arrived at Cafe B.O.M. and our friends already went in before us. 

Our toddler was having tantrums because he knew that we were going back home and reality hit him differently. He must have felt sepanx upon saying goodbyes to his friends because he knows that it will be a while till he meets them again.

Thankfully, after taking his time inside the car, he finally decided to be with his friends one last time before going home. Hubby took our orders when he went in first, so when me and my little one went in, we only waited a little for our orders to arrive. 

Cafe B.O.M. Ambiance

The interior of Cafe B.O.M., Clark, Pampanga.
I just love how the inside of Cafe B.O.M. looks!

Upon entering, you will immediately feel a nice aura because of the lighting and temperature of the Cafe B.O.M. restaurant. The place wasn’t crowded and there weren’t too many tables and chairs making it easier to move. 

The yellow lights bring about a warm and relaxing vibe making you feel at home. The cool breeze from the air conditioning unit was enough to counter the heat of the weather so Cafe B.O.M. is definitely a great place to unwind and catch up with friends.

A stage for photoshoot at the Cafe B.O.M., Clark.
Don’t forget to take selfies or even groufies as souvenir!

There’s a stage in the middle of the cafe where you can have your pictures taken. Since there weren’t many customers on the day of our visit, we grabbed the chance to take groufies to remind us of the good ‘ol days in the future. 

Cafe B.O.M. Menu Clark Pampanga

Lots of food choices!

Cafe B.O.M. menu prices are posted in front of the counter so you wouldn’t have a hard time looking at the pricelist posted behind the cashier. It offers a wide array of food selections and many different kinds of drinks to fit any cravings you have. 

On the Cafe B.O.M. pricelist, you’ll find All-day breakfasts like sandwiches, rice meals, and noodles. You can have clubhouse or paninis, beef tapa or English breakfast, and even Pad Thai noodles if you wish.

Pizzas and pasta are also available and you can have Margherita pizza or pepperoni pizza, but vegetarians can get ultimate veggie lover pizza. There’s also a whole lot of pasta to choose from – from white sauce to red sauce, and even olive oil-based pasta. 

However, if you opt to have a light lunch or snack, you can also choose from the bread selections on the other counter. There’s cheese bread, cinnamon rolls, and garlic cream cheese bread (definitely Korean!).

Cheese Bread
Cheese breads are great for breakfast!
Cinnamon Roll
The cinnamon roll might look sad but sometimes, looks can be deceiving!
Garlic Cream Cheese
I was almost tempted to buy garlic cream cheese for take out!

On the other side of the table, you can get fresh cream croffle, Nutella cream croffle, and ube ensaymada. Of course, we bought ube ensaymada for our son, because he loves ube! The ensaymada might become handy when he suddenly gets hungry during our trip home.

Fresh Cream Croffle, Nutella Cream Croffle
Croffle might mean croissant and waffle in one?
Ube Ensaymada
This ube ensaymada is a thumbs up! It has cheese and ube filling!

There’s even a space for cakes to satisfy your sweet tooth cravings! They all look delectable, however, we couldn’t try them out since we were already too full from the food that we ordered.

Many choices of cakes.
There are lots of cakes too!

To flush down all the food we ordered, we also ordered cold drinks (because it was so hot in Pampanga!). Hubby ordered Honey Citron Tea and I grabbed the chance to order Green Mint Mocha because it’s not often found in other coffee shops.

The Honey Citron Tea had a very refreshing taste and it’s great for when you want to quench your thirst. The not-too-sweet drink had a kick because of the citron syrup added to it, and a mild sweet taste due to the honey. 

My Green Mint Mocha tasted like Peppermint Mocha and it really made my soul happy. The drink wasn’t too sweet either (hubby probably requested to lessen the sweetener because we don’t like our drinks too sweet). 

But I love how the minty flavor adds a more cooling sensation to the throat followed by the mocha taste. It’s the main reason I also enjoy mint chocolates, mint ice cream, and well, mint candies (but I only eat candies occasionally).

Cafe B.O.M. Food

Creamy Bacon and Spinach Pizza

We ordered Creamy Bacon and Spinach Pizza and Chicken Alfredo because hubby was not too hungry, considering he wasn’t too satisfied with his dinner at Spanglish. Even though there wasn’t too much spinach, the Creamy Bacon and Spinach Pizza was superb!

Chicken Alfredo

The pizza was indeed creamy and it had a generous serving of bacon pieces. The crust was hand-tossed so it wasn’t tough to eat. Best of all, our toddler loved it and ate 2 slices! However, since he finished the last piece of Chickenjoy earlier at the hotel, the 2 slices were enough to make him full.

Beef Tapa

The Chicken Alfredo was seasoned well and the sauce was enough to ensure that each piece of the fettuccine was covered. So, the pasta made our lunch complete. However, my son didn’t appreciate the thick noodles, so he only ate the pizza.

B.O.M. Meat Lover Pizza

Our friends ordered Beef Tapa, Native Pork Longanisa, and B.O.M. Meat Lover Pizza. We had a taste of the B.O.M. Meat Lover Pizza, and I was impressed too! The combination of 3 types of meat – ground beef, ham, and pepperoni – made each slice of pizza very flavorful.

Native Pork Longanisa

Cafe B.O.M. Review Conclusion

We had fun checking out the different cafes and restaurants at Clark, Pampanga. Sure there were some mishaps during our stay, but it wasn’t enough for us to hate going to Pampanga entirely. 

The experience at SOUQ Pampanga, Chiba Japanese Restaurant, Cafe Dia, Spanglish, and Cafe B.O.M. are some of the reasons for us to go back again in the future. Apart from the relaxation we felt at Pampanga, the restaurants we dined at made our tummies really happy. 

Have you been to Cafe B.O.M.? What were your favorites during your visit? I’d love to hear them in the comments section below! 

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