Health is Wealth

Last night was our badminton day. Most of the time, we would rent only one court, and then exchange games with one another. For example, the first four players would play, and then when they are done, the next four will then occupy the empty court, allowing the first players to take their rest.

Normally, I would feel really tired and restless during my turn. And I would be reluctant to run over to reach for the shuttlecock. However, last night, I felt that I have more energy than my usual self. I remember what my husband told me during out gym session: “…surely, if the weights have become a habit, and you gain more muscle, your performance in badminton will become better..” Is this really it? I mean, I only had one session of weight lifting only, and yet results were already noticeable. Can’t believe it, though I think I am starting to like going to the gym and say hello to my friendly weights.

I hope my body can get used to doing such stuff and hope I can achieve great results. And as they say that hard work reaps rewards.

Soon, I will try my best to eat healthy, and to make my immunity more resilient to the viruses and bacteria that keep visiting my system. Recently, I have been catching colds and flu very easily, which I am not sure if this is caused by my unhealthy eating habits, lack of sleep, stress from overworking, or due to the sudden drop in temperature, or maybe, all of these factors added themselves up attacking my weakened body.

So from today onwards, I have to keep up and make everything balanced. I will try my best to eat healthy (try to get away from all the junk foods that keep poking me 🙁 ) and do workouts more frequently. I will take a rest and go into deep sleep whenever I have to, and try to stay away and keep myself from stressing over stuffs especially at work. Though I know that it will be impossible to run away, I hope that I can manage my time well in office.

I think I need to stock up on healthy stuffs at home to resist being called out by unhealthy snacks. Thank goodness that I have outgrown my love for fatty and oily chips. There are times when I see those bag of chips, I would get tempted to buy them, however, recently, whenever I did, after opening the big bag of trans fat, I would find myself eating few pieces of it, and then I would ask myself, “why am I stuffing on these? They don’t even please my palate..” I would feel weird, and then in the end, being unable to finish them, and then store the leftover in the fridge until such time that they would taste even worse that I have to throw them away. So in the end, whenever I would meet them again in the grocery aisle, they would receive cold shoulder. Haha, :)) Bye bye oily and fattening chips. Hello to a healthier goods. 🙂

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