See an Unconventional Cafe When You Visit Apologue Coffee & Pastry

Apologue Coffee & Pastry, Philippines – We’re always on the lookout for the best coffee shops in Manila, and one day, we learned about the newly opened Apologue Coffee Shop. And while we have only ordered from them to go, we know for sure that we’ll drop by the shop if given the time. 

After scrolling through Facebook, we found there’s a new coffee shop in Manila, specifically in Binondo. So one evening, we decided to try Apologue Coffee & Pastry on our way home after a long day at the mall. 

We had to drive slowly to find the coffee shop in Chinatown as it wasn’t as visible as any other mainstream cafe. Showing only a small lighted logo in front of the store, you wouldn’t think it’s a coffee shop.

But after checking, we knew it was the Apologue coffee shop (Philippines) we’d been looking for. Judging by its exterior, you’d think it was some old restaurant in Binondo since most vloggers almost only feature Binondo food trips.

But once you’re inside, you’ll know for sure you’re in for a caffeine treat!

Besides Apologue Coffee & Pastry, Sun Cafe also falls under the best coffee shop in Manila (at least in our opinion), so you should check it out too!

Apologue Coffee Shop Menu

A food trip in Binondo can’t be complete without a glass of coffee before you go home. And Apologue Coffee Philippines is just waiting for anyone who wants to have a cozy afternoon (or night) while sipping a hot or cold cup of coffee. 

After browsing the Apologue Coffee & Pastry menu, we decided to try out its signature drink, Binondo Latte. And this drink isn’t just your ordinary coffee.

The unique purple and brown liquid dancing as you collect your order from the bar is a mixture of espresso and purple yam. With my first sip, it felt a bit weird having both coffee and purple yam in my tastebuds.

But as I drank some more, I found the drink to be quite amusing. 

For some reason, the earthy flavor of the yam helps to neutralize the acidity of the coffee. And with the milk adding a creamy flavor, you’ll soon find yourself asking for more. 

If you love purple yam, more commonly known as “ube,” the Binondo Latte should be the next on your bucket list! 

But of course, we wouldn’t forget to try our favorite drink from most cafes in Manila, the Iced Mocha.

And while the drink might just look like a typical one, Apologue Coffee & Pastry’s version didn’t let us down. As always, we wanted our drink to be less sweet, and the barista granted our wish, making us enjoy every drop of our Mocha. 

Among the pastries, what caught our attention was the Ube Ensaymada.

But we wouldn’t choose it if our son will not like it. Thankfully, we did! 

It was a great choice because the ube ensaymada is even stuffed with ube filling inside. No wonder it’s famous among Apologue Coffee & Pastry’s customers. 

The next time we go back, we’ll surely try a different drink and pastry from the Apologue Binondo menu so I can leave more reviews for you. 

Here are some of the Apologue pastry menu when I visited:

The Ambiance

What I love about Apologue is the homey ambiance it has. Upon entering, I was immediately transported to the times when you get to dine at a classic Binondo restaurant we had back in the old days.

The cream-colored walls blended with the black-dotted traditional tiles on the floor. As a plus, the mahogany-colored tables and chairs complemented the old-fashioned look that old Binondo restaurants had back in the day.

There’s even a semi-private space where you can enjoy your family or friend’s company without worrying about others overhearing your thoughts. Well, of course, others can still hear you when you talk loudly.

On the side of the semi-private space, you’ll see a bunch of Apologue Coffee & Pastry merch, like shirts. You’ll also see some other coffee-making tools should you decide to make coffee at home. 

Apologue Coffee & Pastry Opening Hours

Starting November 13, 2023, Apologue Binondo cafe opening hours have changed. It will be operating from 9 AM to 11 PM daily. That means that more customers can enjoy its coffee and pastries. 

Apologue Coffee & Pastry Review Conclusion

Not all Manila cafes are the same. Apologue Coffee & Pastry is just one of those whom people with different wants can visit. And it’s highly likely that we’ll visit them again in the future for urgent caffeine cravings. 

What have you tried from the Apologue coffee shop menu? Tell me about your favorite drink in the comment section below! 

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