Grounded by Coffee

Ahh.. ☕️ The aroma of coffee always makes me want to inject caffeine into my veins. The way the bed calls me every night I come home from work to go to sleep. And how I always gets all cramped up upon hearing the growling of my empty stomach. I love drinking coffee. And sad to say, I think I am addicted to it. Only one is to blame here. Let us call it by the name ‘caffeine’.

Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant. It is a chemical that triggers our body on being alert and awake. I have read that too much of this is bad (really bad!) for our health. It is said that a person is only allowed to drink for a maximum of 4 cups a day, and taking in more than that — who knows what might happen to you? By 4 cups, it does not mean 4 orders of venti frapuccino. A cup only measures 250 milliliters, and a tall cup consist of 355 milliliters already. So do the math and see for yourself if you exceed this limit. If you do, then you might as well try to control yourself or get ready to receive palpitations from your buddy caffeine.

I am not saying that I do comply to the teachings of our health experts, gosh… I know I am guilty of taking too much caffeine. Thankfully, my subconscious self is kind of disciplined (by ‘kind of’ I mean I do 70% of the time, and 30% of the time– uh well yeah.. I break rules). As much as I crave coffee, I try my best to drink water instead to make myself feeling full and trying to stay away from the evil temptation that’s been calling me from our office vending machine. Coffee in our company is free of charge, and now they even added a new feature – brewed instead of instant (uh oh!). For the longest time, the most that I drink is only 3 cups a day. And now the brewed one tastes even better than the instant.

It stopped me the other day because after ingesting 2 cups, I felt a bit nauseus. What could have caused that? I really am not sure. But a friend of mine also felt the same. After that we did not drink again. I am not sure though for next week. I think we could still be having our coffee session again. Oh for the love of coffee!

So anyway, I think we will still be visiting our friendly coffee shop sooner than later despite what we felt the other day. Hihi 🙂

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