Kaffeine+ Coffee Shop’s Best-Kept Secrets Exposed

Kaffeine+ Coffee Shop – Finding a place to stay and chill while waiting for your car to be cleaned will never be a problem when you go to Kaffeine+ coffee shop. It’s one of the reasons why hubby loves going back to Hyper5 to have his car washed. 

We have been to other carwash before and had trouble finding a place to stay as we wait for the service to be done. Thankfully, we learned about Hyper5, so we need not find somewhere else to go whenever it’s cleaning time for our car. 

Kaffeine+ Coffee Shop menu

A coffee shop menu isn’t complete without coffee, obviously. But Kaffeine+ offers more than that. Besides having espresso and ice-blended coffee drinks, it also has flavored ice beverages like strawberry, caramel, chocolate, and matcha

However, if these drinks don’t appeal to you, you can also have other non-coffee-based drinks. There’s hot or iced tea and even soda on the menu. But I haven’t tried Kaffeine+’s iced tea yet, so I’m not sure how good it is. 

Iced Americano

Hubby loves iced black coffee so he ordered Iced Americano. Kaffeine+’s Iced Americano will surely fix your caffeine craving without taking your sleep even if you drink it late in the afternoon. The mild coffee taste is great to pair with sweet pastries Kaffeine+ sells.

The Iced Americano doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste you sometimes get from other black coffees. So, it’s a great drink especially when you just want a stress reliever, and as a bonus, there’s no guilty feeling because it’s totally healthy!

Matcha Espresso

Matcha lovers, raise your hand! Matcha has easily become a trend in the past few months because of its health benefits and great taste. But even before it became famous among other drinkers, I have already fallen in love with it. 

Now that matcha has gained popularity, it is almost always present on the menu in coffee shops everywhere I go. But what’s great about this drink that I ordered is that it has the best of both worlds: matcha and coffee!

With Matcha Espresso, you get a good dose of caffeine to perk you up plus the goodness of matcha all in one drink! Best of all, the drink also has milk so the creamy taste compliments both coffee and matcha. 

Kaffeine+ Pastries and Rice Meals

If you are looking for a good place with meals that offers great coffee, that coffee shop you’ve been looking for is Kaffeine+. You can have rice meals like Korean Beef Stew, Giant Swedish Meatballs, Pork Sisig, or Chicken Teriyaki. 

However, make sure to check availability with the staff first before choosing your orders to avoid getting excited over nothing. But rest assured that you can have pastries, which are already displayed on the counter if your choice of rice meal is not available. 

You can choose among Chicken Pot Pie, Korean Garlic Cream Cheese, Corned Beef Pandesal, Waffle, Cinnamon Roll, or Muffin. For the Waffle, you can have strawberry, chocolate, or caramel sauce, but you can also have it plain. 

Kaffeine+ coffee shop interior

When I first entered Kaffeine+, it reminded me of its ancestor. The previous store (Serenity) had the same interior as that of Kaffeine’s. The only difference is that the place is now offering coffee drinks instead of milk tea. 

But I love how simple the Kaffeine+ coffee shop design is. The white walls and ceiling give that clean vibe, plus the bright lights are enough to ensure you can work or study without killing your eyes.

There’s a wide space in between tables ensuring customers can have social distancing while enjoying a cup of coffee and food. Best of all, there’s free WIFI and socket so you won’t have to worry about an internet connection and low battery for seamless work. 

Macchina Espresso Manila Coffee Machines

Besides the clean overall look and feel, another thing that added to Kaffeine+’s coffee shop design is the coffee machines and grinders displayed on a sidebar table. I don’t know about you, but I love seeing coffee machines as I sip my coffee and chill.

Why are they there? Because Kaffeine+ is affiliated with Macchina Espresso Manila and is showcasing different coffee machines. So you can choose and have a demonstration of the coffee machines before you buy them.

Board games and merch

Bring your friends along when you visit Kaffeine+ and you won’t have to be bored by swiping through your phones as you wait for your car. Because you can enjoy board games such as Monopoly, Scrabble, chess, and Boggle during your wait.

There’s even a deck of cards so you can enjoy different kinds of card games if you still have more time. And how about buying matching keychains, coffee cup holders, and other leather goods from the store?

Kaffeine+ Review Conclusion

Kaffeine+ Coffee Shop’s menu and design will surely make us come back again. Thanks to Kaffeine+, no need to find somewhere else to stay when it’s time for the carwash. Where do you have your car cleaned?

Does it also have a good place to chill and relax? Let me know in the comments!

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