Experience Only the Best Meat Quality at Chung Dam Restaurant

Chung Dam Restaurant – We discovered Chung Dam years back when it was still called Tong Keun So. And now, along with its name enhancement, its menu has been upgraded too. Sharing with you the set meal we ordered to get you drooling. 

Located in Remedios Street, Malate, Chung Dam serves high-quality meat along with authentic Korean side dishes. We used to frequent the place (when it was still Tong Keun So) for a quick Korean BBQ grill fix. 

However, since the pandemic happened and I gave birth to our son, we weren’t able to visit the place again for quite a while. And after 2 years, it was a whole new restaurant with better aesthetic and food quality.

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I’m unsure if Tong Keun So had King Crab on their menu because we had never tried ordering it before. But now, upon reaching Chung Dam Restaurant, you will instantly know that you can avail of the King Crab. 

A large crab is displayed in front of the restaurant, so you know you have reached Chung Dam. If you have been to Dotonbori, Osaka, you have an idea how the large crab sign looks like. It’s a sad thing I wasn’t able to take a photo of it because I was afraid someone might snatch my phone outside the resto. 

Regardless, you are safe while inside Chung Dam Restaurant, so it’s not scary to eat there. Upon entering the restaurant, you need to take the stairs to get to its entrance. Before, you can immediately see the whole restaurant upon entering the 2nd floor, but now, they are all separated into private rooms. 

The servers led us to the 3rd floor, which was also composed of private rooms. It’s great that they have separated the dining place especially if you are still afraid of mingling with the other customers. 

However, the only downside is that the servers are not wearing face masks when serving their food. Nevertheless, you can request them to wear face masks when they will be delivering your food.

We ordered VIP Chung Dam Set A for lunch one Sunday. The set consists of a prime short rib, chuck flap tail, and rib eye that all weigh 500 grams. Doenjang stew is also included in the set and is cooked on the table.

Chung dam restaurant, chung dam, korean bbq grill
VIP Chung Dam Set A

What I liked about prime short ribs is that even if you slightly overcook the meat, they do not become tough. No one wants to chew on their beef forever, so this is certainly worth a try. 

Chuck flap tail will not allow getting left behind. Well-marbled and rich in flavor, the chuck flap tail is great for grills, especially when cut across the grain. Its rich, beefy flavor blends so well with the ssamjang sauce and lettuce wrap. 

The ribeye is a tender and juicy steak that comes from the ribs. Eat them immediately after cooking on the grill for the best experience. I like to dip them in sesame oil with salt and pepper, then followed through with a sip of the doenjang stew. 

And how can I forget the Hanwoo Yuk-Hwe (or Yuk-Hoe) that was also a part of the set menu we ordered? It was an experience I would surely want to go back to. Hanwoo Yuk-Hwe is also known as Korean seasoned raw meat.

Hanwoo yukhwe, yukhoe, raw meat, korean raw meat
Hanwoo Yuk-Hwe is a must try for adventurous eaters!

It was my first time trying raw beef, and I was not disappointed after trying it out. The raw meat dish is another addition to my fave Korean dish, and will definitely try it when I go back to Korea! If you are afraid of getting sick, you can add a little bit of wasabi (included in your sauce plate) when you eat the Hanwoo Yuk-Hwe.

Soft, chewy, and stringy – that’s how I can describe Hanwoo Yuk-Hwe. You will not taste rawness upon eating Korean raw meat. Probably because the marinate has masked the smell of raw meat.

The marinate has made the raw meat very tasty. If you tried it with your eyes blindfolded, it would not feel like you are eating raw beef. Instead, a burst of flavors will fill your mouth with a bit of the spiciness the wasabi brings.

Of course, a Korean dining experience will never be complete without “banchan” or side dishes. Korean side dishes that Chung Dam served mashed potato, kimchi, white kimchi, japchae, Korean salad, and caramelized potato balls.

Banchan, korean side dishes, authentic korean side dishes, side dishes
Authentic Korean side dishes (or banchan) is a must for the best Korean dinjng experience!

We enjoyed ssambap (or Korean lettuce wrap) because the resto also serves sesame leaves besides lettuce. We seldom see restaurants offering sesame leaves for wrapping.

You can also ask the servers for sesame oil to season your meat. Or you may also add the oil to your salt and pepper for dipping. Whatever you choose to do, just remember to enjoy your meal!

Japchae, korean japchae, korean noodles, korean glass noodles
Chung Dam Japchae is really good!

Each set is good for 3 to 4 persons, but it can get even 4 to 5 people really full, especially since you can enjoy many authentic Korean side dishes. There were some leftover side dishes because we were all so full with the set.

We even thought of adding a la carte meat if ever the set was not enough, however, we did not have any additional orders in the end. And yes, the restaurant also serves plain rice along with the set, so rice lovers do not have to worry about not getting stuffed. 

Korean bbq grill, quality beef, chung dam restaurant
Look at the meat sizzling on the grill! Aren’t they delectable?

If you plan to dine at Chung Dam Restaurant, be sure to have a reservation and arrive there early. They have very limited parking space so you might have to walk far if you plan to celebrate the festive season there. 


We love the change that Tong Keun So has made. Besides upgrading the place into a more private dining experience, we also got to enjoy quality meat. Best of all, Chung Dam Restaurant serves authentic Korean side dishes, so you don’t have to fly to Korea to try them. 

If you want to have authentic Korean BBQ grilled meat and side dishes, make sure to drop by Chung Dam, and I assure you that you will come out feeling satisfied. Tell me your Chung Dam story in the comment section below!

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