New and Improved Starbucks Green Tea Latte

Starbucks Green Tea Latte – Green tea latte is on the list of my favorite Starbucks drinks after I tried it once many years back. Since then, I have tried its iced and frappuccino versions, and they were all on my fave list. 

However, I tried Starbucks’ number one competitor (at least in my opinion) Coffee Bean Tea Leaves’ matcha and I found that it’s less sweet than Starbucks’. Even so, I still order Starbucks’ but I just request the barista to lessen my order’s sweetness. 

I am not so much of a fan of sweets, yet there are times I crave them. And when I do, I try to eat only a few pieces of chocolate chip cookies or just small portions of chocolate and then stop because I feel like I am inviting sickness into my body. 

And since I resigned from my previous job, I found that my sweet cravings have decreased. And I am glad it happened because eating too many sweets not only will make me fatter, but it also is not good for my health. 

New and Improved Starbucks Green tea latte

Yesterday, I went out and was in front of the Starbucks menu looking for a drink to order. So, I decided I would order a green tea latte because it was so long since I last had that drink. While waiting for my turn, I checked the beverage menu to see how much my drink would cost. 

And it took me a while to find a different name that replaced my old-time fave green tea latte. I even thought that Starbucks removed the drink from its menu, yet after glancing back and forth, I found the name to be “Pure Matcha” instead. 

It made me think that their drink formula must have changed since the name also changed. So when it was my turn to order, I said Pure Matcha and requested the order-taker to lessen my drink’s sweetness. 

The order-taker agreed and she even warned me that what they use for Pure Matcha Latte was literally pure matcha so if they lessen its sweetness, the matcha flavor might be too strong. But then, I was confident I want my drink to have lesser sugar, so I nodded in agreement. 

When my order arrived, I opened my cup lid and a dark green foam greeted me. Immediately, I smelled the grassy flavor of my drink. It was that familiar smell of an old Starbucks green tea latte. I took a sip after letting my drink cool for a while. 

And, I was not disappointed with my order. Kudos to Starbucks for improving their drink! Not only does the drink taste better, but it is also better for our health! So, matcha lovers, make sure to try out Starbucks’ Pure Matcha Latte (hot or iced). 

You will surely like the new and improved Starbucks green tea latte. I don’t know when Starbucks changed its green tea drink formula. I might be late to try the Pure Matcha drink, but what’s important is that companies improve their products to satisfy their customers’ wants. 

At the end of the day, customers will likely stay and come back if they like your services. I will try the Pure Matcha Latte over ice the next time I visit Starbucks. Hopefully, it tastes better than their old version too!

A little background about matcha

Do you love matcha but are unsure what it is or where it comes from? You might be wondering why matcha-flavored drinks or desserts are expensive. So here’s a little trivia about matcha to give you an idea about your favorite drink. 

What is matcha? 

matcha, matcha health benefits
Matcha is grown and produced in a different manner than other green tea leaves.

Matcha is a type of green tea but was grown and produced differently than its other tea counterparts. Matcha green tea leaves are grown under shaded areas thereby producing a different flavor and chemical makeup. 

Unlike other green tea leaves, matcha is produced by letting the leaves dry flat to become what is called tencha. Once the tea leaves are ready for stone milling, the leaves are stripped from their stems before they get milled to become smooth powder. 

Matcha health benefits

You can see matcha-flavored drinks, ice cream, cakes, and many different desserts nowadays. Matcha has become famous due to its natural health benefits. Other than that, many have loved its rich, creamy, and wheatgrass flavor. 

> Caffeine without the jittery feeling

Coffee fanatics can suffer from jittery feelings after consuming too much coffee in a day. Matcha also provides the same level (or even better) of alertness without leaving that nervousness that coffee brings. 

> Better mood

matcha, matcha health benefits, mood swings, mood regulator
Matcha has been shown to improve people’s moods.

I mentioned earlier that matcha is produced in a shaded environment. The shading has helped matcha to have a different chemical content than other green tea leaves. One of the chemical components that matcha has is L-theanine which has been shown to regulate our mood

> Better brain performance

The same study that concluded about the mood-regulating activity of matcha also showed better brain performance in its subjects. The combination of both L-theanine and caffeine has helped the study’s subjects to have better attention-switching tasks and alertness. 

> 100x antioxidant effects than other green teas

We are exposed to many different sources of oxidants in our daily lives. These oxidants are harmful to our bodies causing chronic diseases. By taking in antioxidants, we are protecting our bodies from free radicals so we can live longer lives. 

And matcha can provide you with 137 times more antioxidants than other green tea leaves. So, don’t be shy and order that same matcha drink or dessert for the nth time!

> Many other health benefits

Besides providing our bodies with high levels of antioxidants, matcha also has anti-inflammatory, cardioprotective, and antiviral properties. Not only that but matcha has also been shown to prevent brain function degeneration.

The takeaway

The once-unknown matcha green tea has paved its way to fame not only because of its great taste but also due to its many health benefits. I hope this post has helped you to want to try out matcha if you haven’t yet. Enjoy matcha-ing!

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