Dining Offers at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort: Compelling Reasons To Buy

Dining offers at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort – When we planned our Hong Kong Disneyland Resort visit, we saw that there are HK Disneyland meal vouchers on Klook. And it was a great decision to purchase them because of the quality of the food we got!

Besides buying Disneyland meal vouchers, we also decided to stay at the Explorer’s Lodge just so we could experience what it’s like to stay at the happiest place on Earth resort. Of course, the trip wouldn’t be complete without an honest review of our stay!

But all I can say is that any Disney lover would definitely enjoy staying at one of the different Hong Kong Disneyland Hotels: Disneyland Hotel, Explorer’s Lodge, and the Hollywood Hotel. 

The 3 different hotels showcase different themes, and they are all meticulously made to look exactly how the designer wanted them to be. Plus, you’re sure to have a good night’s rest in their comfy beds. 

But before I get lost and talk about the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, I should remind myself that this post is all about Hong Kong Disneyland dining packages. So, let’s move on and get to what you’re looking for.

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Hong Kong Disneyland Food Voucher Price

When we saw the Klook dining offers at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, we thought hard before buying them. Of course, all we want is value for our hard-earned money (who doesn’t?), so we want to make sure that there’s something we can gain out of our purchase. 

Upon checking the Klook meal voucher, we read that there’s a snack included in each coupon.

You can get either popcorn or frozen lollipop!

With each Disneyland food voucher Klook price, you can redeem a set meal worth 150 HKD (1,067.9 PHP or 19.21 USD) including either a popcorn or frozen lollipop. The frozen lollipop is 45 HKD (320.18 PHP or 5.76 USD), while the 32 oz. popcorn is worth 38 HKD (270.38 PHP or 4.87 USD).

In Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Park, we only saw caramel popcorn. In Japan, they had many different flavored popcorn.

So we got to save a little for the price that we paid, which is 169.08 HKD (1,203 PHP or 21.65 USD).

Strawberry-flavored frozen lollipop, yum!

You might think that the Klook dining offers at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort only saved us a little, but if you’re traveling with a family of 4, that’s still a lot of money! 

So, should you buy that Hong Kong Disneyland meal voucher? 

If you plan to have lunch or lunch and dinner at the theme park, then I think it’s safe to say you should go ahead and buy the meal vouchers in advance. 

What we got with the Dining offers at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort voucher

Among the Disneyland meal packages, we chose what we felt was worth our money. And you might say that we’d find none because almost all of them are pricey. 

But, you’re inside Disneyland, so what else can you expect?

The Royal Banquet Hall was jam-packed even at 1 PM!

If you decide to buy the dining offers at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort voucher, you must be sure that you’re willing to choose from the list of food choices available inside.

So, to give you an idea, yeah, we weren’t disappointed with our choice. 

One rule you must remember when traveling is to not convert the amount to your currency. 

Uhm, sure, we do, but we try our best not to sulk over overpriced stuff (of course we also do budgeting with our travel expenses) so as not to limit ourselves too much, and enjoy every bit of our travel.

You need to line up before you can enter the food court.

But going back to the Disneyland Resort meal voucher, we chose the Royal Banquet Hall among the many selections because that’s where we think our son would enjoy his food.

With the Hong Kong Disneyland meal e-voucher, you can choose among International, Asian, and Grill on the Royal Banquet Hall menu. However, the only downside is that there’s only 1 kiddie meal on the menu.

On the safe side, I ordered the Meat Lover Pizza Combo, in case my son wouldn’t like the kiddie meal, which was Grilled Chicken Steak with Rice and Mushroom Sauce.

The Grilled Chicken Steak was among the first to arrive, and my son got excited upon seeing a divider melaware plate decorated so prettily. With the butter cookies, low-fat cheesecake, shredded corn, a heart-shaped cup of plain rice, and grilled chicken.

The kiddie meal came with a bottle of water too!

He tried the Mickey-shaped butter cookies first and his eyes glimmered while looking at me. It just showed that the butter cookies are not some cheap kind, and when I tried them, they tasted really great! 

Next, he tried the grilled chicken with mushroom sauce along with rice. 

He also loved them! 

But after eating half of the Kid’s meal, my order of Meat Lover Pizza came, which made my son forget about the food he was currently eating. My son squealed with joy upon seeing my order, which he thought was his.

I was surprised to find that the Meat Lover Pizza was indeed full of meat, and you’re sure to get meat with every bite. So, if you’re hungry, it’s a great idea to order the Meat Lover Pizza. One downside is that it’s only worth 140 HKD (998.53 PHP or 17.92 USD), and you won’t be able to refund the 10 HKD (71.32 PHP or 1.28 USD) that’s worth your Dining offers at Disneyland Resort voucher. 

The pizza toppings included diced chicken breast, ground beef, luncheon meat, and pepperoni. Don’t worry about the pepperoni, because it isn’t spicy, and Disneyland did a great job at ensuring that their dishes are kid-friendly. 

Hubby ordered the Roasted Half Chicken Combo, which came with fries, fresh cherry tomatoes, and blanched beans. When I tried it, it made me wonder why the taste was familiar.

Turns out, it was cooked in the same way as the Kid’s meal sans the mushroom sauce. (The sauce was on the side.) 

Our friend ordered the Premium Mixed Grill Combo, which I believe is the most luxurious among all the Disneyland food menus. Yes, it’s also the highest priced in the Royal Banquet Hall menu, so you have to add a bit with the Dining offers at Disneyland Resort voucher.

But I assure you that after finishing that, you’re all set for the day ahead at the Disneyland Resort Park! 

At the end of the day, we decided to buy our dinner before we headed back to our room at Explorer’s Lodge. We chose Starliner since that’s one of the closest places where we were staying during that time.

We ordered a Fried Chicken Combo and the chicken pieces were seasoned perfectly, even though our son wasn’t able to finish them that night. The fries were also great to pair with the chicken, ensuring you get the right amount of carbs for your meal.

Our friend ordered Captain Marvel Beef Burger Combo which also came with fries and soda. You can see clearly that the beef burger was very thick, and while I wasn’t able to try it, it looks like it’s also delectable.

I’ll just update my post the next we go back and I’ll try out other delish food from Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. 

How to use the Hong Kong Disneyland food voucher?

It’s very easy to use the Disneyland promo code from Klook. Just show your voucher to the person at the counter and you’ll get the food that you ordered without hassle.

Dining Offers at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Review Conclusion

The Hong Kong Disneyland food voucher Klook price was all worth it! Because we decided to buy the dining offers at the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort voucher, we saved up a little, which made our stay in the park more enjoyable, especially since we had a full stomach! 

Other than that, we also availed our dinner at Starliner, which is also included in the food voucher. While we only bought the Lunch Set at Klook, I think it’s worth buying both Lunch and Dinner sets, if you plan to stay in the park the whole day. 

I hope this post has helped you decide whether you should avail the dining offers at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Enjoy!!

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