Travel Tips: Save Some, Save More

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So when was the last time that I was here? A month ago that is. Whew.. Time do fly fast. There are times that I was too busy to even notice about the present time. But it is almost 3 months since the day I become an officially married person.

And I am proud to say that finally I am quite getting used to being someone else’s wife. It is hard at first but I am glad that a lot of people beside me is helping me out on the adjustment period.

Thanks to them and most specially to my supplements, I think I am getting the hang of it. We just returned from our two week honeymoon and I want to share the experience that we learned.

I can’t say that everything was smooth during our first journey together. We had rough times (yes, we fight, a lot!), but the joys outweigh the hard times that we’ve been through.

We did our itinerary by the help of my friend. And it was all worth it. We got to go to see places that we wanted (some I have been to 3 years ago) and were able to eat lots of good food (we failed to do so before due to tightness in our schedule).

So then let me share some lessons that I learned and few tips on how to save (saving a penny each time also helps!):

  1. Plan everything ahead. The advantage of our generation now is that you can find many discounts by surfing through the browser. Some attractions and theme parks offer online selling of their tickets so you don’t have to be early to be the first in queue because you already have yours. Oh! And as a bonus, you might catch some discounts along the way!

    travel tips
    travel tips
  2. Talk to your partner on the type of places that you both want to see. Some loves riding hair-raising-up-the-spine rides, others love seeing sceneries and blossoming parks. Some I know loves shopping and window shopping. While some enjoy going down the memory lane – seeing prehistoric finds in museums. Agree on your preferences and be with each other to witness the joy on each others faces. I promise you, it will be all worth it. 😉
  3. Bring a bottle of water ALWAYS. I know it would feel like weight lifting, but you will never know when thirst will hit you. And worse, if you do not find a vending machine or convenience store. You might as well carry a heavier bag than not being able to return home hydrated.
  4. Don’t forget the umbrella too. We can now see the weather forecast for the day, but still, there are times they change without our consent. And most of the time, things like this happen when we least expect it.
  5. Eat your breakfast and bring snacks especially when planning to go to theme parks. Almost all the food in theme parks I’ve been to cost higher (sometimes they even double) than how they are being sold outside. I am not sure but some do not allow guests to bring in food. Better check reviews to prevent wastage of money.

    travel tips
    travel tips
  6. Do bring some clothing to warm you up. You are not sure when you’ll find shelter by walking down the streets. During our stay, since it was still the winter season, the heater is all up in our room. So before we head out, I know I should wear hotter, but at times I think twice because I feel hot before we depart. But after opening the doors, and feeling the cool breeze. Yep, I have to cover myself from head to toe.
  7. Bring a cable and powerbank. Nowadays, powerbanks are a must. Imagine being unable to capture that perfect image because your cell phone’s battery is dead? No fun.

    travel tips
    travel tips
  8. Bring your ever reliable eco bag. I have one which I have been using for like 5 years now and it is still good. It keeps my hand free and allows me to shop hassle free.

So there. These are things that I always take into consideration when I travel.

How about you? What are the things that you ready for when you have a travel waiting for you? 🙂

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