Things I Never Knew I Needed Until They Became Handy (Mommy Version)

Mommy version – I made a list of things I never knew I needed until they became handy exactly two weeks ago. Now, I’m making a similar post, but this time, it’s a mommy version. I’m sharing with you things that made sense now that I became a mom.

Carrying weird stuff in a bag

When I was young, I would usually buy weird things that attracted my attention. I bought a small refrigerator-lookalike toy, and when you open the door, the ref would light up. Inside are small magnets with words that you can use to form poems.

I haven’t played with it once, but my toddler has played with it for more than 15 minutes without bugging me. That’s more than enough to keep him busy while waiting for his food to arrive at a restaurant. 

I also bought a silicon coin purse that looks like a mini animal or something. Again, I did not find it so useful until my son learned about it. I added some toy coins and it kept him busy for more than 30 minutes!

Thankfully, my son gave new life to those things I never knew I would need! Kids get curious about anything (literally!) under the sun! So, the next time you think about throwing some weird thing, think twice, or even thrice! You never know but it might keep you sane when stuck in an area with an impatient toddler!

Carrying normal things

If you think only weird things catch your child’s attention, think again! My son can get really busy when he checks out the inside of my bag! I thought he only wants the weird things, but even our normal everyday things make him want to touch, look, and feel. 

As simple as a retractable pen makes him wonder why he hears a sound with every push. He also wondered why the button goes up and then goes down when he pushes it. It only kept him busy for a short while, but seeing how amazed his face was during the process made it all worth the while.

A big bag

Bringing a toddler with you means you are ready for any unexpected happenings to occur. It means that you have a set of clothes within easy access if in case your child accidentally spills her drink wetting her pants. Wet tissues are definitely a must-have for times when you need to clean your and your child’s hands in case a washroom is not available. 

Nappies are one of the essentials when your child is not yet potty-trained. And if you want your child always to have clean drinking water, a water bottle is your best friend. You wouldn’t want to pay for a bottle of water at a convenience store everytime your child suddenly gets thirsty!


Having 100% alertness level as to what might happen outside of the bathroom while taking a shower? Easy peasy. Singing nursery rhymes while researching places to go over the weekend? Of course, I can. Being your child’s horse while wiping the dirt off the floor? No sweat. 

Learning how to multitask can help you go a long way into motherhood. Not yet an expert? Send me a message, and I’ll teach you starting from the basics. I never knew how important it is to multitask until my son became a toddler. 

Children want their parents’ attention most of the time, so it’s really hard to finish daily tasks and chores within the 24 hour period. I salute all the parents who can work, care for the children, and keep the house looking good all at the same time. 

A handy carrier

Get this for only 790 PHP (13.87 USD)!

I learned about babywearing from a mommy group and couldn’t help but become overly dependent on it. It’s definitely one of every parent’s must-haves because it frees your hands while carrying your baby so you can do chores and other stuff. 

However, all I heard about were hipseats, ring slings, and the like. One day, I saw posts on a social media app about a handy carrier that I wish I bought sooner. Because it was very helpful especially now that my toddler has become heavier and grown bigger. 

But I only bought a knock-off because I was afraid that my toddler might not want to sit on it. After a few days of checking out my cart through an online shop, it finally arrived. Lo and behold, it was the best decision I made!

Now, I can carry my son longer without achy arms, and as a plus, I can even carry other stuff with my hands. My son sits on the handy carrier while hugging me as I fully use my both hands. If you are afraid your child might fall, you can always use one hand to support your child. 

The handy carrier can carry up to 20kg according to the seller, but I still check the stitches every now and then. I just want to make sure that my child is safe as I use the carrier. I’ll surely bring it to strolls and travels especially when my husband is not around!

Mattress protector

Mattress protector saves your bed from unwanted spills and wetness. Price starts at 709 PHP (12.45 USD).

The creator of bed or mattress protectors sure has the best intentions of its customers in mind. Having one protects your mattress from accidental spills or any leakage from your child’s diapers. 

We have been using mattress protectors even before our child was born and it’s kept our mattress from getting wet. Thus, saving us money from having to replace our five-year-old bed. Bed of all, we wouldn’t have to spend the night on a wet bed from accidents.  

If you plan to buy a protector for your mattress, make sure to buy another set so you can have a replacement for washing. It might be a bit pricey, but it’s better than having to pay for another mattress, which is even pricier than the mattress protector. 

Nursing pillow

For only 479 PHP (8.41 USD), you can breastfeed your baby without pain!

When I was pregnant, I’ve seen lots of posts in mommy groups about how a nursing pillow has helped them get through the breastfeeding stage. And I was almost tempted to buy one for myself so I wouldn’t have a hard time when I have to breastfeed my child. 

Thankfully, I didn’t buy one because a U-shaped pillow came along with the hospital kit. It gave me the support I needed especially during the first few months of breastfeeding. It has helped lift the weight off my arms whenever my son just keeps on breastfeeding for hours. 

Soon, when my son became too big to be cradled, the same U-shaped pillow has become a support to my back. I placed it on my back as I breastfed my son through the side-lying position. I’m forever thankful for the pillow for preventing my back to hurt from the side-lying position. 

Nursing bra

I thought that breastfeeding moms who wore nursing bras only wanted one just because. But it was definitely a lifesaver when you are breastfeeding a very hungry and grumpy newborn! The easy access to breasts made it very easy for the adjustment for me and my baby. 

Once you have a baby, all you’d want is to make your child happy, and having a nursing bra is one of the breastfeeding essentials. The second best thing is to have breastfeeding dresses or shirts so you don’t have to lift your shirt up. 

The takeaway

What I’ve listed above are the things I never knew I needed until they became handy mommy version. I also did a same one two weeks ago, but for other people who aren’t moms (or dads). You might want to check it out, as it might help you too!

What are the things you never knew you needed until they became handy? I’d love to hear about them so please share them in the comments section below!

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