Weekend Dine in and Chill At The Perfect Pint

The Perfect Pint, Molito – Finding a place to dine in and chill in this fast-paced world is not easy. Thankfully, we found The Perfect Pint in Molito, where we could enjoy scrumptious food while catching up with our friend whom we had never seen for quite a while. 

We met with a family friend last weekend because she came back to the Philippines after being locked in her country for two years. As we were looking for a place to eat, I searched through a famous Facebook group to find where to eat in Alabang. 

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The Perfect Pint Review

I found The Perfect Pint, and the commenter said it can be found in front of the Alabang Town Center. However, we were not sure about what our family friend would like to eat, so we decided to ask her what she was craving at that moment. 

We met and had some chitchat, and when it was finally time for lunch, our family friend let us decide where to eat. So we decided to check out Molito Lifestyle Center to see where we could find a place to dine and chill. 

Since the sun was scorching hot and they could not decide what cuisine to eat, I suggested trying out The Perfect Pint. When we entered the restaurant, they still had empty seats even though it was lunchtime. 

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However, when we were looking for a space, the server suggested we sit upstairs. But since they have yet to turn the air conditioning unit on, we waited downstairs as they set up the tables upstairs. 

Service: 5 stars

And as we were waiting, a table became available after a group of customers left. So the server advised us to occupy the emptied table. After they cleared the table, we sat and started checking The Perfect Pint menu. 

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We ordered Beef Salpicao and Mozzarella Balls for appetizers, and Peri Peri Chicken, Pork Knuckles, and Paella Marinara for our main dishes. And as we wait, the servers placed the plates and cutleries for us. We liked that they covered each plate set for sanitation purposes. 

Their strategy is to ensure that we are eating on a plate that is free from the infectious COVID. So, if you are still afraid of the virus, but want to eat out, this is a place to go to make you feel at ease. 

the perfect pint, plates, cutleries
Plates and cutleries are wrapped in plastic

The Beef Salpicao arrived after about 15 minutes of waiting, and we immediately tried it out. The garlicky soy sauce flavor of the beef cubes is a great way to start your meal. Dip the toasted bread into the remaining sauce to get your gastric juices working up. 

beef salpicao, appetizer
Beef Salpicao

Child-friendly: 4 stars

The next appetizer, Mozzarella Balls, arrived. Topped with marinara sauce, the chewy mozzarella balls made their way into our stomachs in no time. My toddler especially loved the mozzarella balls, he even asked for more!

mozzarella, appetizer
Mozzarella Balls

Served in an aluminum pan, the Paella Marinara is unexpectedly with many other toppings other than seafood. Besides shrimp, mussels, and squid, the Spanish rice dish was also topped with egg and bacon. 

The Perfect Pint’s Paella was not dry and had the right amount of flavor. Even a spoonful of rice alone is very tasty. The seafood was not overcooked, and the bacon on top was very crunchy. You can easily forget eating a lot of carbs when you order their paella. 

paella, spanish dish, spanish cuisine, rice
Paella Marinara

Food: 5 stars

Then came the Peri Peri Chicken with grilled corn on a cob and two dipping sauces. After getting a part, I tried the chicken without adding any sauce. The aroma of herbs instantly reached my olfactory nerves as I savor each bite. 

I got curious about the two sauces included on the plate. So I tried the first one, which looked like an ordinary soy sauce with floating oil bubbles. To my surprise, it was a bit spicy and had a salty flavor. The sesame oil added a nutty flavor to the spicy soy sauce. 

peri peri, chicken, roasted chicken, corn
Peri Peri Chicken

The other one (the right sauce in the photo) had a bit unusual appearance, which looked like a bagoong (fish paste) sauce. However, upon tasting it, its taste was similar to guacamole but had a bit of a sour flavor. 

Anyhow, I tried to mix both sauces with a piece of chicken, and they tasted great. I was hesitant to try both sauces at first because they both looked weird, but they were actually satisfying! 

Price: 5 stars

The last to arrive was the Pork Knuckle which was probably the highlight (well, as far as my toddler is concerned) of the lunch. Upon seeing the texture of the skin (which is the best part of the dish), you can instantly feel the “crunch.” 

I got a small part at first to try out how the pork knuckle tasted. The chef marinated it with the right amount of salt and pepper, and the skin was indeed very crunchy! Then I tried out the two sides included. 

crispy pata, pork, fried pork
Pork Knuckle

The first (left on the photo) was a green mango atchara, and is definitely not for people who do not like the sour taste. Since I am a fan of green mangoes, I liked it because it felt so refreshing and helped to cleanse your palate. 

The second sauce plate was a sauce for the Pork Knuckle. And just like the sauces of the chicken, this one also looked unfamiliar, so it is very risky for people who are not adventurous to try. 

When I tasted the second sauce, I also could not figure out what it is made of. All I know is that it was spicy. But in my opinion, the spicy sauce did not blend so well with the crispy Pork Knuckle, so I just ate the pork without it. 

I let my toddler try the pork skin, and he loved it! He crunched through the skin bits slowly using his tiny baby teeth and was very happy about them. He even glanced at the plate asking for more.

Ambience: 4 stars

All in all, we were satisfied with the food. They were not so pricy, yet they were great. The ambience was cool, however, the only downside was that you had to walk under the heat of the sun before you could reach the resto. 

But one thing I want to take note of is that The Perfect Pint is a great place for friends and family gatherings. That even if the sun was shining so brightly, you can enjoy eating and catching up without suffering from the hot temperature outside. 

Conclusion – The Perfect Pint

The Perfect Pint, Molito, was one great find, especially for adventurous foodies. If you want to try out a classic fusion dish with a bit of a twist, why not head on to Alabang and let your taste buds taste something new? 

If you are familiar with the Alabang Town Center, all you have to do is to pass through the Madrigal exit. Walk across the road (make sure to use the pedestrian lane!), and you will find the Molito Lifestyle Center in front. 

Walk past the bank offices, and you will find many restaurants to choose from. The Perfect Pint is found in the left-side corner. I can’t wait to hear your comments once you have tried it out!

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