Highway Ribbery Grille

 I was not a fan of ribs before. But then I found myself trying different rib steak houses recently. We visited Highway Ribbery Grille last night. And all I could say that they have an authentic taste in their menu. After entering their place, we thought that it would be hot inside since they were open air, and no air conditioning unit, just giant fans and some fresh air. Good thing it was not summer anymore else we’ll be smelling like sweat. 

We ordered their spud skin for appetizer even if it arrived later than their main course. I initially didn’t plan to try it but then later on ordered one since I was too hungry while waiting for our food. Hihi. Their potatoes are smudged with tzatziki sauce- which after tasting, I still couldn’t figure out what it’s made of. But it tasted somewhat like aioli sauce but much lighter.


Obviously one of the things we tried was their famous barbequed baby back ribs due to, well, this is their specialty. I think it tasted good – but nothing really special, but it can be considered cheap for their price. Ü 


Then we also tried their 6 pieces wings covered with teriyaki sauce. For me, the taste is so so due to some slightly sour taste. But maybe it could be their flavoring I guess. Maybe next time we’ll try other sauce. Since they also have barbeque sauce – uhh but not together with the ribs. Haha 


Oh before I forget, their homemade iced tea had a slight hint of lemon, which blended well with the tea. All in all, their food is not bad. Considering after running for only about 4 months. We might recommend this to our friends to try too. 😉

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