Know Why We Chose Single Origin over the Other Restaurants

Single Origin, Greenbelt 5 – Western has influenced our country in many ways. And one of the things that we have adapted is their cuisine. Single Origin is where you can have that Western cuisine fixed. It offers burgers, pasta, and pizza at a fair price, so you should check it out when you go to Greenbelt 5. 

After two years of not seeing my friends, we finally decided to meet to celebrate the festive season. And while I was searching for places to dine out with friends, one of them suggested we try Single Origin. 

Trying out Single Origin

Of course, the first thing I checked in the Single Origin menu to see if our son has something to eat. Needless to say, I found quite a few child-friendly foods, so we decided to give Single Origin a try. 

We were curious as to why we haven’t seen Single Origin despite that we go to Greenbelt quite frequently in the past few months. The place has been our go-to since it wasn’t as crowded as other malls in town. 

Turns out, it is beside Shake Shack, which is a spot where we never visited. That area seemed to be a part where people can enjoy a relaxing Saturday or a place where youngsters (yes, admittedly, I am past that age group already) spend a night until dawn. 

Thankfully, even though it was already December and a Saturday night, we did not get stuck in a traffic jam. We arrived at about seven, and were shocked by the number of cars in the parking lot. 

By God’s grace, a car parked near the mall entrance left, so we immediately occupied its space. Our friends were already at Single Origin when we arrived since Saturday was their day off from work. 

I was so glad to finally meet with my longtime friends. I met them at my previous office work, and we stuck by each other’s noses ever since. However, since they were all still working, and the pandemic happened, I seldom see them. 

Single Origin has just the right amount of food on the menu. Besides having pasta and pizza, it also offers waffles, pancakes, and brunch plates. If you miss your mom’s hearty meals, you can have them when you dine at Single Origin. 

My friends ordered Crab Fat Pasta, Pasta Negra Frutti de Mare, and Grilled Salmon and Red Rice. We chose Truffle Mac and Cheese and SO Burger. For the kids, we decided to try Chicken and Fries. 

Crab Fat Pasta

crab fat pasta, italian, crab sauce
Look at that greasy Crab Fat sauce in their pasta!

We were busy catching up when the Crab Fat Pasta arrived. It seemed to be just like any red sauce pasta but you can immediately tell the difference when the crab fat essence reaches your olfactory nerves. 

Greasy and savory, you can instantly taste crab fat from every noodle. The Crab Fat Pasta is great for adventurous eaters because it is not commonly seen in any other Italian restaurant. And it is especially good for seafood or crab lovers. 

A slice of lemon is topped on the pasta to cleanse your palate of the crab fat grease. Squeeze and mix the juice with the noodles to enjoy a refreshing taste. 

SO Burger

SO burger, cheeseburger, truffle fries, salad, single origin burger
Cheese partially melted on top of the SO burger is the most appetizing for me!

The food that arrived next were the SO Burger and Pasta Negra Frutti de Mare. At first look, the SO Burger looks very appetizing with its cheese clinging onto the top of the burger patty. The golden brown fries are spiced with truffle flavor with pickles on the side to balance the savory meal. 

The burger was evenly seasoned and was cooked with the right amount of doneness. Soft and chewy, the SO Burger matches well with the truffle fries. The side salad topped with a pickle slice works both as a great appetizer and burger ender. 

Pasta Negra Frutti de Mare

black squid ink, squid ink pasta, seafood pasta, single origin pasta
Beware that the squid ink pasta turns your teeth black!

When my friend ordered the Pasta Negra Frutti de Mare, I was delighted because I am quite a fan of squid ink-sauced dishes. The black pasta was amusing because it had a bit spicy taste. 

The shrimp and mussel toppings were just right to complete the seafood experience for Pasta Negra Frutti de Mare. If you fancy squid ink flavor, use your toasted garlic bread to mop the remaining sauce on the plate so as not to waste any drop of the sauce. 

Truffle Mac and Cheese

truffle mac n cheese, mac n cheese, macaroni, single origin
Truffle mac and cheese is your best bet for that nostalgia feel!

Mac and cheese will always be one of the comfort food that one could swear by. And when truffle meets mac and cheese, you know you are getting the best of both worlds. Single Origin’s Truffle Mac and Cheese can easily be anyone’s favorite. 

Served on a hot plate, their version of mac n cheese will awaken your tastebuds with the umami flavor of truffle mushroom. The crunchy bacon bits blend so well with the soft salad macaroni making you scoop for more. 

The ground parmesan cheese adds a tangy and sharp flavor overall. So, if you are feeling kinda blue, and just want to munch on something to make you feel good, the Truffle Mac and Cheese is your best bet! 

Grilled Salmon and Red Rice

salmon rice, grilled salmon
Go lite with Grilled Salmon and Red Rice.

Simple and healthy, that is how I would describe Single Origin’s Grilled Salmon and Red Rice. About 100 grams of salmon sitting on a bed of red rice, this dish is what you need if you want a filling meal without worrying about adding weight. 

Of course, lemon juice helps eliminate that fishy odor, so a slice was included in the plate. The chef knew how to handle salmon without drying its meat, so you are getting what you paid for when you order Single Origin’s salmon and red rice. 

Chicken and Fries

fried chicken, fries, french fries, truffle fries
Fried chicken and fries is great for the young and young at heart!

One of my friends brought one of her sons, and I also brought mine. Without coordinating, we both ordered the same meal for our sons – Chicken and Fries. Well, I bet you haven’t seen a kid who despises fried chicken, have you? 

Three large pieces of chicken parts that are coated and deep-fried made our sons full that night. Surely, the kiddos savored the fries on their plate. It’s just that the side salad turned invisible to my toddler’s eyes. 

But to avoid wastage, me and hubby ate the fresh greens (and purple and orange) that are topped with honey vinaigrette. We sure ate until there was no more space in our tummies!

Chocolate Milkshake

My friend’s son also ordered Chocolate Milkshake, which I failed to take a photo of. Anyhow, it looked like any other milkshake, but it seemed so yummy for my friend’s child. He even asked his mom to come back again for the milkshake! 

18-Hour Cold Processed Iced Coffee

After eating, we chatted some more, and while hubby was waiting for us, he tried Single Origin’s 18-hour Cold Processed Iced Coffee. I taste-tested hubby’s coffee, and I found it not too strong, yet very bold. 

Iced americano lovers should give it a try. However, for non-black coffee drinkers, don’t order it as you might not be able to sleep at night. But if you are an avid fan, try it and enjoy the night along with the live band. 

Live Band

live band, single origin ambience
Chillin’ while listening to the live band at Single Origin.

A server asked us if we have any song requests because their live band would want to play it for us. However, when we suggested Baby Shark, he seemed to have taken the joke lightly because we did not hear the song. 

Since it was the Christmas season, we enjoyed some good ‘ol Christmas songs played by the resto’s band. The next time we go back to Single Origin we might prepare some songs to have their live band play. 


Not only does Single Origin’s venue bring out a nostalgic vibe, but even the food they serve provides comfort to their customers. If you want a chillaxing night, you can try out Single Origin located near you. 

It has 5 branches: Greenbelt 5, BGC, Molito Lifestyle Center Alabang, Ikea Pasay, and Salcedo. Tell me about your Single Origin experience in the comments section below! Enjoy!

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