I Ditched Disposable Pads, Now, I’m Happier with Period Undies

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Period Undies – Growing up, I was used to wearing disposable period pads monthly. When I learned about more sustainable period products, such as menstrual cup use and reusable menstrual pads, I knew I wouldn’t be switching back to one-time-use pads again.

When we were trying to get pregnant with our firstborn, I read about period cups and bought one because I heard good reviews. However, since I was new to the use of menstrual cups, I needed a backup period pad to avoid getting stains. 

Why I made the switch

I started researching menstrual cycle products that protect Mother Earth. 

Cloth pads.

Period undies. 

Menstrual cups.

Menstrual discs. 

The list of menstrual product list in my vocabulary broadened with the help of research. I found there are many ways we can do to help save the planet that we’re living in. 

Only if we’re open to switching from the old ways to newer and better ways. 

You might ask me, “Why need to change when it’s easier to do the traditional ways?” I did because I believe that future generations will thank me for helping to protect the only living planet we have. 

Not only that, I found that the reusable feminine pads provide less irritation to my skin. And not having to buy sanitary pads monthly helps me (my husband, rather) save money. 

Still unconvinced? 

You need to know more!

Period Undies

The blue bag is included in my purchase so I won’t have a hard time keeping my period undies.

Before learning about period undies, I first learned about reusable cloth pads. So, I tried buying cloth pads from an online shop. 

They worked perfectly well, however, they are a bit bulky, just like disposable pads. I was using them for a few months until I learned that there are different period products that are less obvious when worn. 

Until, Lily of the Valley showed up on my Instagram, seemingly reading my mind.

I checked it out because I found they make products locally, and somehow, it hits differently when you know you are supporting local sellers. Probably, I felt empathy because I myself have a small business that I handcraft manually. 

It’s a great feeling when I know I can help fellow entrepreneurs in my own small ways. And the first thing I do is by buying their products and providing honest reviews. 

What caught my eye from Lily of the Valley is its Moderate Absorbency Period Undies. Instead of both underwear and pad, I only have to wash one during monthly periods. This means I will consume less detergent, water, and time. 

So, I made my first purchase a few months back. 

I felt empathy because I myself have a small business that I handcraft manually.

Of course, I had to use them first before writing a review. And since periods only happen once a month, it took me quite a while before I can finally say that Lily of the Valley period undies is worth the purchase!

Here’s why: 

  1. The super absorbent lining absorbs up to 6 teaspoons of wetness. 
  2. The leak-proof cotton lining ensures you are protected from embarrassing moments. 
  3. The double front panel helps tuck our tummies in, which adds support if you want a few inches off your waistline measurement. 
  4. The floral lace design makes you feel confident about your body!
  5. The soft feel of the nylon and elastane combination provides great elasticity and stretchability, ensuring perfect body fit.
  6. The middle part – which is made of 70% bamboo and 30% cotton – ensures great absorbency. Thanks to bamboo, which is 40% more absorbent than cotton, you will stay dry faster and protected from leaks.
  7. Period undies are free from chemicals, unlike disposable sanitary pads, so you are sure that what you’re wearing is not bad for you and your private part. (More about this in the next paragraph)
  8. The cotton lining causes less irritation to the skin, thereby preventing (or even reversing, based on my experience) skin darkening. 
This is how the package looked like after unboxing. 🙂

After using my period undies for 10 months, there are minimal stains in the lining. As long as you follow the washing instructions properly, you can surely use your products longer. 

Sanitary Pads Disadvantage

I get it. 

It’s very tiring, and believe me, I too, sometimes feel very lazy that I still have to wash my period undies after using them. 

But, whenever I feel like going back to my old routine, I’m always reminded of how my action might impact our future. Yes, I might be just one of the many women who menstruate monthly, but I know I’m doing this to help the world. 

So, going back to the title of this part, I want to share with you what I have read online. 

It’s about a study conducted in 2019 wherein the researchers found how harmful disposable pads are to us. The researchers learned that menstrual pads and even diapers contained more phthalates than commercial plastic products. 

Can you imagine? You are avoiding plastic cups, plates, and cutleries use so you don’t digest phthalates, but are allowing the same chemical to enter your body unconsciously? 

Many of us probably know how dangerous phthalates are to our bodies. We are even avoiding them in cosmetics that we use. But we unknowingly put ourselves in danger by allowing bad chemicals into our bodies monthly. 

It’s time you wake up and make the switch!

500 coupon from Lily of the Valley

If you’ve reached this part, it might mean you have slightly changed a part of your mind about period products. To help you further, here’s a 500 coupon for your purchase. You’re welcome!

Other Lily of the Valley Products

If you are still not into period undies, you can still enjoy the discount coupon to buy other stuff. Lily of the Valley also sells cloth pads, pumping and breastfeeding bras, corsets, bodysuits, and lounges. 

If you are afraid about sizing, you can always ask for help from the Lily of Valley by sending a message.

Period Undies Review Conclusion

I never knew how happy I’d be after switching from disposable pads to reusable and more sustainable period undies. Besides caring for myself, I’m also doing my part to protect the world we are living in. 

I hope you have finally decided to change an old habit for a better and safer you. But if not, then that’s okay! I’d love to hear how you protect yourself during your monthly period in the comment section below!

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