UltraFresh Diaper: An Invisible Yet Super Absorbent Diaper

UltraFresh Diaper – When I got pregnant 3 years ago, I was one of those parents who was researching nonstop. Besides looking for adorable and affordable baby stuff, I was also in search of the best diaper for babies (Philippines), and that’s when I learned about UltraFresh Diapers. 

After attending different seminars about giving birth and how to care for a newborn baby, I saw that there’s a diaper that’s different. UltraFresh Diaper was displayed on a shelf in The Parenting Emporium and was advertised as the thinnest diaper in town. 

I got curious and decided to check it out. The package read that UltraFresh Diaper is lightweight and flexible. Not only that, each piece provides 12 hours of protection, so you know your child is dry even overnight. 

It was my first time seeing UltraFresh, so I debated about whether to use that for my child or to depend on the more famous ones. But since I haven’t given birth yet during that time, I decided I should think about other stuff first. 

So I thought I’d buy UltraFresh Diapers when my child was born. However, since a pack of a different brand was included in the hospital after I gave birth, the thought of UltraFresh diapers was forgotten. I did not want to waste the packs of diapers I got from the seminars I attended too, so I used all of them first. 

When I finished my stash of diapers, I checked for what I would like to use on my son. I forgot all about UltraFresh after checking online stores and bought a different diaper for a few months. 

I moved to another brand because they performed better without encountering diaper rash or leaks. Then, as I was browsing through a mommy group, I saw UltraFresh and remembered how I wanted to buy that one brand for my son. 

It also reminded me that I got a freebie of UltraFresh Diapers, which I have kept somewhere in the house. So I rummaged through my stuff and found my last set of freebie diapers. During one of the visits to the doctor, I tried UltraFresh Diaper on my child. 

And to my amazement, when I let him wear his outer pants, I noticed how flat his bum was and it seemed he wasn’t wearing nappies! I was impressed by how thin it really is! I compared its thickness with other diapers and thought it should be included among the best-rated diapers for babies! 

Can you see how thin UltraFresh diaper is?

So I researched the brand and where to locate its products. Thankfully, they were available at the online stores (Shopee and Lazada) because that was the height of the pandemic, and we preferred to purchase online. 

Of course, I had to check for the eligibility of online stores before purchasing from them. I don’t like to get scammed for paying for something and without getting what I need, so I made sure to check for reviews (oh, but take note that not all reviews are legit so you also have to be vigilant!).

Thankfully, UltraFresh Diapers have an official store so you know you will get what you pay for. So I added 4 packs of 30 pieces of small size to my cart and checked them out. After a few days, the parcel arrived. 

Oftentimes, online stores offer discounts when the competition is high. So I prefer to shop during those times to save a bit every month. I like that I can spend less and still get good quality items like UltraFresh Diapers. 

You can also check out other authorized dealers on their websites if you do not want to use online shopping apps. 

UltraFresh Diaper Review

When my son was still using nappies, UltraFresh did not have the training pants variant yet. However, I still continued using the taped diapers even though my son was running away when it’s time to change nappies. 

Besides being thinner, UltraFresh Diapers are very absorbent, so we did not experience leaks. I even use them at night because they absorb very well even when my son oversleeps. It’s a different story if he drank too much water before sleeping though. 

ultrafresh sizing
Here’s a sizing guide, so you have an idea on what size fits your child.

We go out at least once a week because we want our son to breathe fresh air. Of course, one of the most important stuff to bring when traveling with a baby is diapers. I did not buy a diaper bag because I don’t bring formula or bottles as I breastfeed my baby

And with UltraFresh Diapers, I can pack many at once without worrying about carrying a bulky bag. I use a small backpack, and inside that, I brought 6 to 8 pieces of UltraFresh Diapers. I squeezed them all into a plastic bag to keep them organized and flat. 

diaper comparison
5 pieces of other brand diapers vs 7 pieces of UltraFresh diapers. 🙂

Along with the diapers, I also have a pair of changing clothes, a big pack of dry and wet tissuse, a bottle of water (forgot to include in the photo), a mini fan, mosquito repellent, hat, extra face masks, and a baby carrier. See how much I can carry? That’s because the bag has more space compared to when using another brand of diapers. 

UltraFresh diaper, travel essentials
Imagine how I can pack all of these inside the mini backpack?

Another thing that I like to take note of, is that my son does not have to be bothered by the bulk he has to carry on his bottom. It makes him move better and that’s what you want your child to be, carefree and happy!

Here’s a quick video to show you how I pack everything into my mini backpack. Enjoy! 

The takeaway

If you are looking for the best diaper brand, you might want to consider trying out UltraFresh Diapers. Luckily, if you are only discovering the thinnest diaper in town now, you can now enjoy training pants, which is the best diaper for babies on the move. 

We already brought the training pants, but sadly, we weren’t able to try them out on my toddler. He was already potty trained when we bought 2 packs. I hope this review has helped you decide to try out UltraFresh. Enjoy diapering!

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