Mitsukoshi Mall: A Glimpse of the New Japanese Mall in BGC

Updated on: September 17, 2023

Mitsukoshi Mall, BGC – On November 18, 2022, Mitsukoshi Mall opened in BGC, and I can’t help but be intrigued about what’s inside. As advertised, Mitsukoshi Mall is a Japanese-inspired mall that houses many restaurants, and beauty and goods stores that can be found in Japan.

We’ve checked out Mitsukoshi BGC stores, so you need not leave the house to know what’s inside. While many were still not yet open, we found quite a few stores that might interest you. Here’s a glance at what you can see when you visit Mitsukoshi Mall.

Mitsukoshi Mall BGC Wall Design

mitsukoshi mall, bgc, mitsukoshi mall bgc

You will immediately know once you’ve reached Mitsukoshi Mall store when you see a peculiar design on its building. Highlighting the hemp pattern, the Mitsukoshi Mall wall makes up of equilateral triangles and square combinations.

Designer Asao Tokolo worked together with the Torafu Architects, Koichi Suzuno and Shinya Kamuro, to come up with the final output. And now we have what we see in BGC, a Japanese-inspired building named Mitsukoshi Mall. 

Mistukoshi Mall Parking

mitsukoshi mall, bgc, mitsukoshi mall bgc, parking

Upon entering the mall, we found there weren’t too many parking spaces for customers. Thankfully, we found a customer leaving the mall, so we need not wait long. The mall management requires customers to pay their parking fee before they ride the car.

mitsukoshi mall, bgc, mitsukoshi mall bgc, parking

We found a lot of parking signs indicating that there are no payments at the exit. So, remember to visit the payment station found in basement 2 before exiting the mall. However, since it is only Mitsukoshi Mall’s soft opening, no fees need to be settled yet.

mitsukoshi mall, bgc, mitsukoshi mall bgc, parking


grocery, mitsukoshi fresh
Replenish your kitchen goods from Mitsukoshi FRESH!
grocery, mitsukoshi fresh

The escalator from the basement parking will lead you to Mitsukoshi FRESH, a grocery store where you can find necessities. Inside the grocery, you will find many local and imported goods, so you can buy what you need to replenish your kitchen.

bens cookies, cookies

There is also a gelato store to cool yourself as you stroll along the mall. You can also buy snacks like Ben’s Cookies, and Bread Talk, which are found right across Mitsukoshi FRESH. After walking past Bread Talk, you will find a small True Value store.

bread talk, bread
Snacks are available before you start strolling.
true value, diy, handyman
Catch the items on sale at True Value.

Itadaki Food Court – where Mitsukoshi Mall Restaurants reside

itadaki food court, food court,

If you keep walking further, you will find Itadaki Food Court. In it, you will see many restaurants of Filipino, Chinese, Western, and of course, Japanese cuisine. We found not too many tables for customers, but during our visit, it was just enough for the amount of customers dining.

food court, itadaki food court
Many options to choose from!
food court, itadaki food court, bad bird

There are also milk tea bars, like GongCha and Kurimi. Dessert bars, like Avocadoria, Nama Doughnut, and Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory, are found before you leave for the ground floor. And that was all we found on the basement 1 floor.

gong cha, milk tea, fruit tea
Did you miss Gong Cha?
Or would you like to try Kurimi?
avocadoria, avocado, healthy
How about go healthy with Avocadoria?
tokyo milk cheese factory, cheese, milk
Milk and cheese lovers still couldn’t get over Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory!
bbk, hey bbk
A new resto to try!
There’s Mediterranean food too!
Of course, a Japanese quick fix is present at the food court.

Key Coffee

key coffee

On the ground floor, you can have a cup of coffee as Key Coffee greets you at the end of the escalator. Unlike other coffee shops, Key Coffee didn’t have that signature coffee scent. We weren’t able to try its coffee yet, because we’re busy checking Mitsukoshi Mall stores at the moment. 

But, we might try it out when we get back again some other time. The pop-up store had a different vibe than other cafes, and there were only a few seats available for customers. But Key Coffee offers snacks and, instant and for brewing bags of coffee so you can make your own at home. 

Nespresso Cafe

nespresso cafe, nespresso

If you’ve already tried Key Coffee, and want to try coffee from another cafe, you can order your cup from Nespresso Cafe. The cafe uses Nespresso capsules in making its customer’s coffee, so if you have a Nespresso machine at home, you can choose your favorite variant without the hassle of cleaning up. 

We’ve tried Nespresso capsules before, and I can say every cup has the aroma to tickle any coffee lover’s taste buds. So, don’t be shy and try Nespresso and see for yourself to know if their coffee is to your liking.

The Matcha Tokyo

the matcha tokyo, matcha tokyo, matcha
Look at the long queue!

I have seen The Matcha Tokyo on social media and while I like matcha, I was hesitant to line up at Mitsukoshi Mall. And now that we’ve seen how long the queue was, I think I might try it much later when the hype has died down. 

In The Matcha Tokyo BGC outlet, you can see how your matcha drink is being carefully handcrafted for you as you wait for your order. The powdered green tea is mixed with milk to form the famous matcha latte that many enjoy now. 



In front of The Matcha Tokyo, you will see the Shisheido store, which sells beauty products made in Japan. I have tried using Shisheido and if the brand isn’t pricey, I’d surely buy from it again. Japanese brands will really make anyone wow with their products’ quality.

So, if you want to beautify yourself and have some spare cash, might as well try out Shisheido and see for yourself how your skin will glow. 

Mitsukoshi Beauty

mitsukoshi beauty

If you don’t want to spend bucks at Shisheido, you can try checking out Mitsukoshi Beauty.  In it, you’ll find lots of beauty products that suit any skin type. Much like any beauty store, you can get the body and beauty care that you need. 

Fino Leather and Una Ricci

una ricci, fino, leather, dress

If you’re looking for great leather finds, Fino Leather is your best bet. The brand offers genuine leather goods like wallets, bags, and even belts. You’ll immediately know quality leather when you see Fino. 

An OOTD wouldn’t be complete without a pretty dress, and you’ll only need to walk a few steps from Fino to get your outfit from Una Ricci. Una Ricci is our very own brand so by purchasing, you are helping a fellow Filipino! 


daiso, japan goods, cheap japan goods

When we were done checking out the ground floor, we headed to the second floor and Daiso greeted us. Containing cheap Japanese goods, Daiso offers snacks, drinks, and many different products not found in many other stores. 

It wasn’t surprising to see a long queue at the Daiso cashier, as I often see other branches with a lot of people shopping. I also visit Daiso stores very often as I find many amusing things inside not found in other stores. 

Fully Booked x Books Kinokuniya

fully booked, kinokuniya, books

A bright store containing books caught my eye and I was glad to see Fully Booked in Mitsukoshi Mall. Fully Booked shares the same space as Books Kinokuniya, a Japanese bookstore found in many different countries. 

I was saddened upon seeing many Fully Booked with decreased collections due to the merge of online books. And I was glad that Mitsukoshi Mall has opened Fully Booked with fully occupied shelves. 

CO. The Collectible Store

co, collectibles

In the middle of the floor, we found CO. The Collectible Store. Collectible enthusiasts and hobbyists surely wouldn’t mind getting lost in CO. as it houses many collectibles like Funko Pop and anime figures. 

Urban Athletics

urban athletics, shoes, sneakers, adidas, nike

Calling out sneaker-lovers! Urban Athletics is your go-to place when you want to find the coolest sneakers from different brands. So, if you are looking to replace your worn-out shoes, you might want to check out Urban Athletics located on the second floor of the Mitsukoshi Mall. 


mamas&papas, baby, strollers, crib, high chair

A mall wouldn’t be complete if there is no section for baby things. And Mitsukoshi Mall BGC made sure that your little ones will be happy too when you visit. Mamas&Papas has a big space enough to display what every mom might need

They have strollers, carriers, boosters, and cots. There are also playmats, rocking horses, and high chairs. Mamas&Papas also showcases different outfits for your little one. Soon-to-be mamas can enjoy shopping for newborn clothes and other necessities.

@ Tokyo Store

tokyo store ph, tokyo store, anello

If you’ve ever been to any Tokyo Store, you’ll know that the store sells Anello bags and all sorts of other Japan-made goods. In Mitsukoshi Mall, you’ll find many different Anello bags and women’s accessories. 

The branch also sells Waterfront umbrellas of varied colors and designs. If you need a handy umbrella for your commute or just want to collect them, Mitsukoshi Mall is the place to go! 

Mendokoro Ramenba

mendokoro ramenba, mendokoro, ramen, bgc, ramen bgc

If you’re looking for the best restaurant, BGC offers a lot more than what you expect.

The largest Mendokoro Ramenba can be found in the newest Japanese mall in BGC. Just a few steps outside of the Mitsukoshi Mall department store, you’ll find a long queue and you’ll soon realize that the people are lining up for a bowl of ramen. 

We didn’t get the chance to try it out because it would take us a long time to get our food and it was not even mealtime yet when we saw the long line of people. Maybe we’ll give it a try next time. 

Mitsukoshi Mall BGC Review Conclusion

temple, lantern, japanese lantern

Our visit to the Mitsukoshi Mall BGC was worth our while. It’s a nice new sight and we had fun checking out the open stores. Thankfully, it wasn’t very crowded when we went there, else we would have left the mall very quickly. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed my quick tour of Mitsukoshi Mall. Have you been there too? What do you think about the new Japanese mall? I’d love to hear about your comments below!

Mitsukoshi Mall in Japan

One of the Mitsukoshi locations you need to find is the one in Japan.

Mitsukoshi Mall, Japan – We’ve traveled to Japan and found that there is indeed Mitsukoshi Mall. So, I decided to check what’s inside. The interior looks so much like what we can find here in the Philippines, the only difference is the stores.

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