Thrilling Snow Activities We Did at Bibai Snowland Sapporo

Bibai Snowland, Hokkaido – Many free things to do in Sapporo are enjoyable, however, some you need to pay for a different experience like no other. Here’s why you should include a visit to Bibai Hokkaido in your Sapporo winter itinerary.

When I was looking for things to do in Hokkaido in February, I never thought about playing in snow just like how I see other people do. Little did I know that, I’d be one of the adults who would go gaga over every snowfall or that I’d be kicking through every pile of snow on the road. 

If you’d ask me “How many days do you need for Sapporo?” I’d say, for as long as you want! Coming from someone who doesn’t experience snow in our country, I couldn’t help but be excited about what winter brings for me. 

So, for our Manila to Sapporo itinerary, I chose the best child-friendly places to visit in Sapporo, because we couldn’t say when our next winter trip would be. 

Bibai Hokkaido Things to Do

What is Hokkaido famous for? 

When I first heard about Hokkaido, I learned it’s a great place for outdoor snow activities. Due to the Hokkaido weather that’s too cold during the winter months, many go there for that winter experience that’s hard to find in other places. 

If you have children, you must be looking for winter activities for kids that even adults will enjoy. Bibai Snowland is the place to go if you want to have fun without getting bored. And since it’s my first going to a place with snow, I surely enjoyed every bit of our time there. 

We were afraid that our son would not be able to play the snow activities with us. Thankfully, the staff allows young children to be accompanied by an adult so they too can enjoy their winter wonderland Sapporo visit.

So here is our Bibai Snow Land experience in Hokkaido for you to check out!

4-Wheeled Dune Buggy

The first winter activity ride we saw was the 4-wheeled dune buggy and the child in me instantly came to life! Children 6 years old and up can ride the buggy on their own, but I had to drive with my son since he’s still below 6. 

The tour guide told us to wear helmets so we could start playing in the snow. We hopped on and the guide taught me how to drive the buggy, and off we went! The cool wind was super nice at first, but it felt as if my fingers would soon be having frostbite during our ride.

Bibai Snowland offers helmets for free!

It reminded me that I had forgotten to wear my gloves! So, if you’re going to Bibai Snowland to play, make sure to bring wind and waterproof gloves for a more enjoyable experience. 

We ran many laps since we got lucky that there weren’t many people when we visited Bibai. 

Mini Snow Mobiling

We moved on to the next snow ride, Mini Snow Mobiling, so we could try others first before the time was up. The guide said we could play all we wanted in the Bibai Snowland for 2 hours. 

A little bit faster than the 4-wheeled Dune Buggy, the Mini Snow Mobiling was just as fun as the former ride. And just like that, we rode until we were satisfied.

Snow Rafting

We walked further and saw a banana boat being pulled by a snowmobile. The family ahead of us told us that Snow Rafting in Bibai Snowland was a very fun activity so we should try it. 

On our first ride, it was fun, but since we had a young child with us, I think the person pulling us was a bit gentler, he didn’t want to scare the young one. Later on, we tried the ride again and the driver didn’t think twice about driving us to a higher snow lump. 

It did scare my son a bit, but we had fun on our second try! We could’ve ridden it again if we weren’t stuck in the sledding part. Make sure to try Bibai Snowland Snow Rafting during your visit! 

Snowmobiling Touring

Snowmobiling Touring, as the name suggests, is covered for group tours only. However, you can also enjoy them by paying a fee. But if you have some cash, why not try this snowmobile Hokkaido has to offer?

Fat Bike

After leaving the helmet area, hubby tried the Fat Bike ride that was parked on the side. I also wanted to but the scaredy cat in me didn’t let me. Even though I learned to ride the bike when I was younger, the huge bike wheels were stopping me from balancing myself in the snow. 

Nonetheless, I believe it’s a must especially for sporty people! 

Bubble Ball

If you’re a fan of low-intensity games, one of the things to do in Hokkaido (winter edition) is the Bubble Ball. We found only one bubble ball in the area during our visit, so we didn’t know what to do with it. 

But you can have a bubble ball fight if there are 2 or 3 of them. And you need not be scared of falling face flat on the snow floor as you’re bubbled inside the air-filled ball. 

Sledding on a Large Pool Float

We were a bit tired after enjoying the winter outdoor activities for adults (and kids), so we decided to take a short break in the rest area. After recharging with a few snacks and water, we went back outside and enjoyed the rest of the time sledding on a large pool float. 

At first, our son didn’t like to go alone. I, too, was hesitant to let him sled alone. 

But hubby was confident our son could do it. In the end, we all did it even if bringing the large pool float required energy especially since the slope was a bit slippery due to the melting ice. We were blessed because we got the whole place all to ourselves! 

Snow Gear Rental

If you didn’t bring snow gear with you, no need to worry! At Bibai Snowland, you can rent them during your stay! We rented waterproof pants so our pants don’t get wet as we play in the snow. But they have gloves and snow boots too!

Each pair of pants is worth 500 JPY (186.43 PHP or 3.33 USD) which is fairly cheap instead of buying winter accessories you might use only once or twice.

Bibai Snowland How to Get There from Sapporo

Bibai City Snowpark is 40 minutes away from Sapporo. And the best way to get to Bibai Snowland is by riding a limited express or a local train for tourists. 

Whether you choose the reserved or non-reserved seats, it’s best to arrive at the station at least 10 to 15 minutes before your departure time so you have ample time should you get lost in the Sapporo train station.

Even with non-reserved seats, we were able to sit because Sapporo station was the first stop.

We booked non-reserved seats and were able to sit because Sapporo station was the first stop. Choose between the Lilac Kamui Limited Express train (2,970 JPY or 1,114.21 PHP or 19.83 USD) or the Hakodate Line Local (1,290 JPY or 483.93 PHP or 8.61 USD). 

While the Limited Express train can get you to Bibai station in 35 minutes, with the local train, you can get there after traveling for 1 hour and 11 minutes. So, you choose which one suits your schedule and pocket money. 

Bibai Snowland Price

There are different plans to choose from if you want to book the Bibai Snowland Experience in Hokkaido. We chose the Bronze Plan worth 5,880 JPY (2,205.08 PHP or 39.29 USD) including the set of rides on top, excluding Snowmobile Touring. 

However, you can choose to include a seafood hotpot meal or lunch at the Art Museum and Caffe, and Snowmobile Touring.

Bibai Snowland Opening Hours

If you are like us who did our Sapporo itinerary (7 days) from scratch, it’s a must to know the the opening and closing hours of places you’ll be visiting. And your visit to my page won’t be a waste, because I did my homework so you don’t have to!

Bibai Snowland operating hours: 9 AM to 3:30 PM (the last admission is 2 PM)

Our Klook snowmobile Sapporo was quite short (only 120 minutes) but sweet. I’d not exchange our snow experience at Bibai for something else.

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Bibai Snowland Reviews Conclusion

If you’re planning to make your Sapporo itinerary, winter is the best time because that’s what Hokkaido is famous for! And I’m sure you’ll never regret the winter experience in the world of Sapporo, especially for those who only have summer and rainy seasons in their countries!

I did my best to capture the best Bibai Snowland photos so I can convince you to try out these thrilling things to do in winters. If you haven’t decided what Hokkaido things to do (winter season), follow me for more low-intensity activities we included in our Hokkaido itinerary. 

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