Absolutely Powerful Ways to Help Your Baby Learn to Talk

baby learn to speak

When my son was almost one, that was the time when he started talking. I was alarmed at first at how late he started talking. Now, he is talking nonstop! I will share with you secrets on how to help your baby learn to talk early.

One of the most effective ways to encourage a baby to talk is by starting even before she is born. Babies hear their parents’ voices inside the womb. They recognize their parents’ voices and will try to communicate through babbling. 

How do babies learn to talk

Even as young as 0 months, babies are very sociable and love to communicate with the people around them. You will notice baby talk (cooing) starts when you make eye contact with your baby and talk. 

The earlier you start talking to your baby, the earlier you will hear your baby’s first words. In the same way, singing to babies is one of the best exercises to help a baby learn to talk. 

Ways to help baby learn to talk

There is not one definite answer as to what age should a child start talking clearly. However, there are many ways you can do to encourage a very active toddler not talking to speak. 

Talk to your baby in the womb

If you are reading this, it might be too late already to follow this step. However, you will never know when you might need this information in the future. Talking to babies while inside the womb can help them not only recognize their parents’ voices but also help them talk. 

A study has proven that when pregnant mothers talked to their unborn babies, the babies’ brain development has expanded. The researchers theorized that by talking to the babies in the womb, the mother is exercising their babies’ hearing and language development. 

So if you are an expectant mother, make sure to talk to your baby all the time! 

Sing a song to baby

One of the benefits of singing to your baby in the womb (or even outside) is to help her talk. Researchers predicted that parents singing to their babies can help baby learn to talk. Worried you are out of tune? No problem! Parents’ voices will always be music to their babies’ ears (pun intended)!  

Besides helping with language development, another essential benefit of singing a song to the baby is by making her calm. It helps that your baby is calm especially if you want to get her ready to sleep. So why not make it a routine to sing a song to your baby?

Allow quiet baby times

It might sound counterintuitive, but one of the powerful ways to help a baby learn to talk is by allowing quiet baby time. By not talking always, parents can help their babies talk to initiate communication. 

You are giving your baby the freedom to call your attention for play during quiet times. Similarly, toddlers and older children need quiet time for them to talk. 

Start talking to the baby early

You might think talking to your newborn is useless, but it helps in many ways. To help your baby learn to talk early, start talking even if it does not look like she understands you. 

Babies hearing words and sounds is the first step to learning to talk. After a few months of talking, you will notice your baby start babbling while trying to imitate you. So do not lose hope, your child will learn a lot from hearing you talk. 

Imitate baby babbling

When parents are imitating baby sounds, it shows the baby that she can communicate with her parents. A study has proven that when parents respond to their baby’s babbling, it helps the infant learn the complex sounds of speech. 

So do not be afraid to respond with your baby’s babbling. It might just be the best way for us to help the baby learn to talk. Not only that but doing so also makes your baby feel connected with you. 

Introduce words to baby

I try to introduce words to my toddler as much as I can to help teach him different words. For example, if I cook broccoli with cheese, I will ask my child, “Do you want to try broccoli with cheese?,” while pointing to the food. 

And if he likes it, I will say, “broccoli with cheese is yummy!” Looking for ways on how to teach a stubborn toddler to talk is hard. So I believe being a little persistent with talking to toddlers is easier than bringing them to a devped to talk. 

Talking to babies like adults

I have heard that to help a baby learn to talk is by talking to them like adults. By talking like adults, I meant that there should be no baby-talk. Baby-talk is not the same as imitating baby babbling. 

For example, your baby might say “mik” when she means “milk.” By saying “milk” instead of “mik,” you are teaching your child the right way to say milk. Baby talk is when adults imitate the word “mik” instead of saying the right word “milk.” 

Sometimes, adults find it adorable when children say the words using baby language. However, when we baby-talk our children, it does not help them use the correct words. While it might be cute to imitate their version of words, it will not be helpful with your baby’s speech development.

Tell babies about your daily activities

I started telling my baby what we were doing when he was about six months old. Whenever we would be eating, I am going to say, “Let’s eat!” Likewise, during bathtime, I would say, “Let’s take a bath!” 

I found that babies learn the meaning of words even before they talk. I have seen how my son reacts when I talk to him. And it meant he understood them even though he only learned to speak after he turned one. 

A useful way to help the baby learn to talk is by telling her the actions that you will be doing. I found it has helped my son to become more talkative now. So, the next time you do something with your baby, try saying it out loud. 

The takeaway on how to help your baby learn to talk

I was afraid my baby started talking too late after seeing other babies talking very early. However, I always try to remind myself not to compare my toddler with others as they all have their timeline. 

I hope you found this post useful on how to help your baby learn to talk. Don’t forget to share with your families and friends!

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