How to Enjoy a Sumptuous Meal at Gaja Susukino (Bonus: Sapporo Trip Tips!!)

Gaja Susukino – When traveling, we’re always on the lookout for the best yakiniku buffet that’s worth the price. Of course, we couldn’t let Gaja Susukino Sapporo go unnoticed, especially since it’s near the Sapporo TV Tower!

It was almost 5 PM when we reached Cyber City after visiting the Maruyama Zoo. We immediately went up the building to the 3rd level to check if the Sapporo buffet restaurant was open. 

When the time was right, a staff came out and welcomed us in. She handed out a Gaja Susukino English menu so we could understand how the yakiniku buffet rules work.


Gaja Susukino Menu

The Standard Plan includes lots of good Susukino food already, so we opted to try it out. For the Gaja Susukino price of 3,980 JPY (1,479.66 PHP or 26.30 USD), you can eat all you can for 90 minutes. Do note that tax is not yet included in the price. 

You can place your orders through the Gaja Susukino mobile app by scanning the QR code.

Children ages 0 to 3 can eat for free, other than that, you have to pay for a little amount for older kids to enjoy the food. 

So what’s included in the Gaja Susukino standard plan? 

Pork neck meat, Japanese pork tongue, beef short plate, boneless ribs, rib finger, beef loin, and hanging tender are already included in the standard plan. There’s also chicken, mutton, lamb, scallops, squid, octopus, and vegetables in the plan. 

But if you want to try the Wagyu beef in Sapporo, you just have to pay an additional 900 JPY (334.66 PHP or 5.95 USD). 

Side dishes and rice (plain and stone pot) are also available in the standard plan as well as soups, drinks, and desserts. Alcoholic beverages have an additional charge, which you can see in the Gaja Susukino Sapporo menu app. 

All You Can Eat Sapporo

If you want to know how much does yakiniku cost in Sapporo, you have to consider the quality of meat you want to spend on. Of course, the higher you are willing to pay for a yakiniku buffet price, the better the quality of meat you can get, not only in Sapporo but in any place you go. 

At Gaja Susukino, you can eat with gusto as long as you don’t go over the allotted time, which is 90 minutes. For this time limit, you can order food for the first 90 minutes, then you can still finish everything you ordered until the end of the 120 minutes.

On the Gaja menu app, you can see the time when your dining will end, so you better to keep track of the time to avoid the servers having to drive you out of the place! 

If you’re curious if the Gaja buffet price is worth it, then I won’t let you wait any further to show you what we enjoyed during our dinner!

Hanging Tender

Our favorite among the Gaja buffet menu was the hanging tender, and we couldn’t help but order plate after plate. The soft, grainy texture of the hanging tender was enough for us to forget all about the other meat choices on the menu. 

As a plus, Gaja had it unmarinated so the grill brings out the best-tasting flavor of the meat slices. Definitely a must-try if you visit Gaja Susukino! 

Hanging Tender Sushi

Another thing that was superb in our orders was the Hanging Tender Sushi. 

A generous size of meat on top of the Japanese rice roll was a great way to satisfy your hunger. The medium well meat blends so well with the wasabi and a little bit of soy sauce. It’s not normal to find this type of great food in any other yakiniku buffet restaurants, so it’s a nice deviation from what we’ve eaten. 

So if you’re looking for a Sapporo Susukino yakiniku buffet restaurant, don’t forget about Gaja Susukino!

Stone Pot Cheese Bibimbap

Everything tastes better with cheese, so we gave in to the temptation by trying out the Stone Pot Cheese Bibimbap. 

Topped with meat, veggies, and lots of cheese, the Stone Pot Cheese Bibimbap will give you that warm and relaxing sensation, especially after walking through that cold weather outside.

Just be careful to let each spoonful of bibimbap cool first before taking that first bite!

Drinks Bar

Soda, juices, tea, coffee, hot cocoa (yes! They even have hot chocolate!), and milk tea are all available on the drinks bar. Don’t be afraid to get drowned in the many drink choices for you because you can drink all you can!

Ice Cream Bar and Pastries

Are you one of the people who always have room for dessert in their stomachs? 

Many different flavored ice creams are included in the Gaja Susukino buffet price, so you don’t have to look for something sweet after your meal. Apart from that, there are also different cakes beside the ice cream bar, so you choose which one to satisfy your sugar cravings!

We preferred the ice creams over the pastries, as we think that almost all the cakes tasted alike. 

Ice Cream with Cinnamon Stick

Aside from the ice cream bar, you can order ice cream with toppings on the Gaja grill buffet Sapporo menu. We tried it and it included vanilla ice cream with 2 cinnamon sticks. 

While our toddler didn’t fancy the cinnamon stick toppings, I liked them! Just remember to order them within the first 90 minutes. 

Cutleries Set for Kids

I find restaurants that offer special cutleries set for kids more appealing than those that do not. It makes me want to go back because I know that they treat my child with special care because of how they make mealtime more fun for kids

My son gets all excited when he sees the cartoony plate and cutleries the staff gives him. It makes him want to eat more especially since he enjoys the tools he’s using. I hope many other restaurants in our country also do the same to help children enjoy mealtime. 

You can also request the kid’s cutleries set on the app FREE of charge!

Gaja Susukino Yakiniku Buffet Review

During our search for a Hokkaido buffet menu that offers unlimited yakiniku, we found Gaja on the suggestions. Sadly, there wasn’t any grill buffet Sapporo review relating to Gaja Susukino, so I decided to write about it in case anyone else would love an honest review of our experience. 

I did my best to take Gaja Susukino Sapporo photos so you can have a glimpse of our eating experience at one of Sapporo yakiniku restaurants. Please bear with some blurred pictures as I was in a hurry so we can maximize the 120 minutes for eating. 

There are still many other Sapporo yakiniku buffets out there that we haven’t tried. Maybe we’ll do so if we visit the place again. 

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Things to do in Sapporo Japan

Of course, a part of traveling with kids is making the most out of your trip! But you don’t have to worry about not booking with an agency, because now, you can do your itinerary by choosing what activities you and your family wants.

Here are some of the things to do for that Sapporo, Hokkaido trip to remember.

Bibai Snowland

Check out my review so you can have an idea of what to expect if you go there to play!

Sapporo TV Tower

Shiroi Koibito Park

Noboribetsu, Lake Toya Tour

Mt. Moiwa

Sapporo Beer Museum

Otaru Canal

Maruyama Park and Maruyama Zoo

Nakajima Park

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